Bucs’ Winston Tells Koetter, “I Need To Change My Body”
Jamies Winston had zero turnovers on Sunday against the Jaguars – Photo by: Getty Images
Zach Shapiro

Bucs’ Winston Tells Koetter, “I Need To Change My Body”

- 24 comments 📅March 24, 2016 4:46 pm
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The annual NFL Owners Meeting was held this week in Boca Raton, Florida and PewterReport.com was on hand all four days. On Wednesday morning the NFC coaches met with the media for breakfast and Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter spoke to a number of local and national media regarding his team and the upcoming 2016 season.

Part of the Pro Bowl learning experience for rookies who were selected to travel to Hawaii is the chance to practice and interact with the NFL’s elite. The advantage comes not only from following their lead in game preparation, but also in seeing how veterans take care of themselves physically.

At least that’s what Jameis Winston took from it all.

The Bucs’ young quarterback came into the league with a high football I.Q. and reputation for being a quick and dedicated study, though there were questions regarding his work ethic in the gym and willingness to get into top shape. And while he proved last season that he’s more mobile and athletic than his Combine numbers would indicate, Winston still had room to improve from a conditioning standpoint.

Jameis Winston talking to the media in 2015 – Photo: Mark Cook/PR

Jameis Winston talking to the media in 2015 – Photo: Mark Cook/PR

The Pro Bowl experience, as told by his head coach, only motivated him more to train like the best players.

“When Jameis got back from the Pro Bowl that was the first thing he told me – just how impressed he was with Russell Wilson and Julio Jones, how they looked physically,” Dirk Koetter said Wednesday. “He said to me, ‘I need to change my body.’ I didn’t say anything to him about that.”

Koetter said the Bucs conditioning staff – strength coaches and nutritionists – work throughout the year with players, recommending a specific body weight and striving to meet that goal through diet and exercise. For Winston personally, though, the second-year quarterback is going the extra mile this offseason to come into training camp at his intended weight.

Along with organizing off-campus workouts with teammates, Koetter listed parachute-wind sprints at the crack of dawn as something Winston and his trainers have incorporated into his plan.

“He set very specific goals for himself. He spent a week with a personal trainer, a guy that he and his agents’ handpicked,” Koetter said. “He brought him to Tampa and spent a week with a guy who he researched, and he researched a lot of guys. And then he’s continued those workouts in the weight room and conditioning stuff at our place, (One Buc).”

Although Koetter can’t personally work with him right now, given the league’s strict policies on offseason coaching, he knows Winston’s putting the time in and working to improve in every area of his game before they’re permitted to practice as a team. And although he’ll have a different player-coach relationship with Winston once OTAs begin, he’s confident that QBs coach Mike Bajakian has everything under control as he’ll continue to work one-on-one with the 22-year old quarterback.

Jameis Winston and DIrk Kotter – Photo: Cliff Welch/PR

Jameis Winston and Dirk Kotter – Photo: Cliff Welch/PR

“Jameis knows what he needs to work on,” Koetter said. “That kid is constantly asking what he can do to get better. With the way the rules are now, unfortunately we can’t be out there or do much with him. But I see Jameis … work ethic is never a problem with that guy.

“Jameis wants to be coached hard. He tells me that, he tells Mike that. He was coached hard in college; he was coached hard by his dad when he was young. Jameis wants to be coached hard. I think that’s Mike’s job. I think Mike does a great job of knowing how to handle Jameis. I see my role as just being able to communicate with Jameis now.

“Do I get pissed at him sometimes? Yes. But I also think that my job is to, no matter what, make sure we have open communication. And he’s going to get mad at me sometimes, too. I always show him the clips of him yelling at Jimbo and you can read Jimbo’s lips going, ‘Let me call the game.’ I talk to Jameis about that all the time. Jameis wants to be coached hard and I think Mike does a really great job of that.”

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  1. e
    March 24, 2016  5:00 pm e

    I hope that Jameis doesn’t get too bulked up to where it affect his game? He could certainly use some toning though. Great to see him working so hard in the off season.

  2. Horse
    March 24, 2016  5:45 pm Horse

    You can bet on it that we see greatness in the years to come. I’m sure the Coach will provide him all the offensive players required. Go Bucs!

  3. Bschucher
    March 24, 2016  5:55 pm Bschucher

    Pictures from Ray’s game today, he looks like he def has lost weight. I believe this kid is serious about being great

  4. jongruden
    March 24, 2016  6:01 pm jongruden

    I have actually grown to love Jameis Winston his attitude is infectious and leadership is top notch, I’m proud to say he is my qb and guess what I have never said that in 30 yrs of being a Bucs Fan

    • scubog
      March 25, 2016  7:01 am scubog

      Didn’t you also say he was dumb? Didn’t you accuse us Florida folks as being “homers? Glad you’re coming around jonnyg. In two more years Pink will.

      • jongruden
        March 25, 2016  10:55 am jongruden

        scubog- maybe you didn’t see how I have said I like Winston all yr last yr or that I own his jersey, and yes at the time you guys putting down Mariotta and thinking Winston was God were homers, ha

      • Horse
        March 25, 2016  11:35 am Horse

        Scu, remember the word forgiveness. Jongruden has been coming around towards Winston for months. Welcome aboard Jon. I say spend a couple draft picks on offense and make it great, then work on the Defense in the Draft.

  5. tjbucsman
    March 24, 2016  6:33 pm tjbucsman

    It would be nice to see him ripped but not overly musclebound like The Rock. He is a tough kid but having a ripped body increases your mental and physical toughness. QB’s with guns intimidate the other opposing players. I Guess it is more of a mental thing and attitude but from my observations guys that are ripped have more confidence in their abilities to kick ass.

    • toofamiliar17
      March 25, 2016  3:12 am toofamiliar17

      “Not overly musclebound like the Rock.” lol. No need to worry about that. Not even a chance. What that guy does to look the way he does is absolutely insane. He works out for about 2.5 hours per day for 6 days per week – 1 hour of pure cardio, an hour and a half on intense weight training. He takes several different workout supplements. And, maybe most ridiculously he eats about 5,000 calories per day over the course of 7 separate meals. I mean, the guy eats a little over 2 pounds of cod per day (that’s not a joke – 36 ounces, to be exact), in addition to 8 oz of red meat, 8 oz of chicken, one dozen eggs, about 4.5 pounds of veggies/starches, and another pound or so of grains and oils.

      So…..yea. I wouldn’t worry about Jameis getting to that level. lol

  6. tjbucsman
    March 24, 2016  6:42 pm tjbucsman

    The most impressive thing about Jameis is that he has been a model citizen and role model. So far this off season he has not strayed to the darkside. He has not let the fact that being a #1 overall pick go to his head. He apparently is not hanging around with the wrong crowd. I am so glad that he has team mate mentors to keep him straight by watching him and giving him good advice. I like his progress and I am truthfully proud of his will power and resolution. Kepp it up Jameis.

  7. drdneast
    March 24, 2016  8:24 pm drdneast

    As far as Jameis’ “dark past” I will only repeat what James Carville once said, “You drag a $20 bill through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you will put out.”
    As far as Winston getting muscle bound, I’m sure that is what the trainer is for, to design specific exercises specific to his position.
    I hope Winston is also sharpening his mental aspects of the game as well. Although he won’t teach him personally, Drew Brees has one of the best training regimens going to assist him in looking off DB’s and going to his second, third and fourth reads.

  8. scubog
    March 25, 2016  7:05 am scubog

    Now that was funny drdneast. But I thought you felt sorry for those EBT card recipients and would be the one giving out those $20’s.

  9. cgmaster27
    March 25, 2016  11:26 am cgmaster27

    I’m not worried about him getting too “ripped” . I just don’t think Jameis’ body type is codusive to that. He’ll lean out a little but he’s just naturally a little stocky. The guy is a workhorse, I’ll give him that. One of the many things us “homers” saw in him from his Nole days.
    Did see an interesting trade rumor on sites. Saying the Jets would trade Muhammad Wilkerson for Glennon and swap seconds. You take that deal and run with it and not even have to worry about a tackle at 9. Glennon is going to be gone draft night, it’s only a matter of what we get for him.

  10. jshumaker
    March 25, 2016  12:48 pm jshumaker

    I love this guy. For the entire existence of the Bucs franchise we have never had a top tier QB. Right now there isn’t a team that I would trade QB’s with.

  11. WiltheBrewer
    March 25, 2016  6:04 pm WiltheBrewer

    cg- I like that trade rumor…
    As far as Winston getting in better shape- that’s great to hear, as there seemed to be few questioning his ‘football IQ’ coming coming out of college, but a number of questions about his physical shape.
    And I’ve gotta say, he made some pretty great plays w/ his legs last year

  12. drdneast
    March 25, 2016  9:09 pm drdneast

    I did indeed mean pull out, not put out Horse. These damn typos and my poor vision combine to make a sorry editor.
    Scubog, you are right, I hate to see any American starve, even if they are to lazy to work.
    Many people, including veterans who have had to endure more horrible sights and experiences than I ever have, receive those benefits as well.
    I would much rather feed a starving American than give price subsidies to big sugar companies and other types of welfare to major corporations who don’t need or deserve them, than to watch a needy person starve.
    If that makes me a soft hearted bleeding heart liberal, I can live with it.

  13. jongruden
    March 25, 2016  10:43 pm jongruden

    I believe in assistance not support or enabling laziness or addicts

  14. drdneast
    March 27, 2016  9:06 pm drdneast

    Well is providing someone with food assistance or enabling?

    • jongruden
      March 27, 2016  10:55 pm jongruden

      If they aren’t working and just asking for handouts then yes you are enabling

  15. drdneast
    March 29, 2016  5:42 pm drdneast

    So if we provide food to a war veteran who is suffering from PTSD, a medical and psychiatric disorder is to completely shattered to work we are enabling him.
    Are we enabling children by feeding them because their parents are to lazy to work.
    If that is enabling, then I am all in.
    What a cold dark place your heart must be, jongruden.

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