Miller On Bucs’ Radar – Along With Every Other NFL Team’s
Braxton Miller saw his stock jump after a great week at the Senior Bowl – Photo: Getty Images
Mark Cook

Miller On Bucs’ Radar – Along With Every Other NFL Team’s

- 15 comments 📅January 31, 2016 12:46 pm
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While the Buccaneers offense finished fifth in the NFL in yards per game, there is still room to improve. New head coach Dirk Koetter and offensive coordinator Todd Monken undoubtably would love to add some explosiveness to a receivers corps that, while capable of big plays, doesn’t necessarily have a “take it to the house every play” kind of weapon.

One player who showed that ability in Mobile, Ala. last week during the Senior Bowl practices was former Ohio State quarterback and wide receiver Braxton Miller. During media night last Tuesday, Miller confirmed the Bucs have shown interest.

“Yes actually I was just texting them a little while ago,” Miller said. “I spoke with them the first day and they are staying in contact, so there might be something.” asked Miller if he has thought about catching passes from quarterback Jameis Winston.

“That’s what he needs. He needs a playmaker. I know he does.”

Unfortunately for the Buccaneers, if Miller was on their radar as Day 2 pick, Miller’s performance last week may have pushed him up as a late first rounder.
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After a quarterback logjam at Ohio State, the Buckeyes staff shifted Miller to a hybrid-type player, using him in multiple ways. Miller ran the ball 42 times for 260 yards with a touchdown and added 26 receptions for 341 yards and three touchdowns. But with his sights set on the NFL, Miller plans to prove what he can do as a receiver.

“When you are on outside it is 1-on-1, the best player against their best defensive back they have,” Miller said. “I want to be that best player on the outside. I already know I can do the inside. I never played on the outside at Ohio State so that is a big thing for me this week to show I can play inside and outside. If you can do both, it is a different kind of ball game.”

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, who’s staff coached the North team, talked about Miller last week in Mobile.

“We’re coaching these guys hard and it’s good to see how well he’s responded to that coaching,” Garrett said. “(Braxton Miller is) clearly a great athlete and a productive football player, and someone that has a lot of upside.”

Miller was asked about his days of playing quarterback and if he wonders what things might have been like had he stayed under center.

“I am just a receiver now, being a quarterback is in the past,” Miller said. “I learned a lot from playing quarterback that helps as a receiver. It is an advantage to knowing the concepts like the fronts, the linebackers lining up, I take advantage of that because I already understand the coverage before they line up.

“If the ball comes my way, I am going to do something with it. I have been praying for days like this to show it on a national level.”

Miller did just that last week, and if the Bucs, or any team for that matter, thought he would fly under the radar, he quickly changed that thought process. Miller told the media he expects to run a sub 4.3 40-time at the upcoming NFL Combine, and if that happens, Miller will most likely hear his name called by Roger Goodell on the first night of the NFL Draft.

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  1. macabee
    January 31, 2016  1:52 pm macabee

    I don’t think the Bucs will take another WR in the 1st round. I have Tyler Boyd in the 2nd round as the 3rd slot/speed WR that can stretch the field in my mock. I saw Miller at the Senior Bowl and was impressed. I know Boyd can catch the long ball, but I’ve not seen enough of Miller outside to know that he can do it all. Sub 4.3/40 at the Combine will get everybody’s attention so I’ll stay tuned!

    • georgehicks
      February 02, 2016  5:04 pm georgehicks

      I think that if miller is their I would draft him,Aldo I would drade down for a 2nd rd pick plus the team that draft who would trade up. Tampa could really get all those new player on both side of the ball

  2. flashgordon
    January 31, 2016  4:29 pm flashgordon

    Never heard of him till the Senior Bowl. I’m hearing of a Qb/Wr convert. These things happen, many times successfully. I just kind of like some d talent so much; there’s a lot of exciting Dt’s for one. Striker goes up and up my list; I heard in the senior bowl, he put on weight and it didn’t slow him down any!

    • flashgordon
      January 31, 2016  4:30 pm flashgordon

      Braxton Miller’s youtube highlights shows receiving ability, yes. But, I’m still not sure I’m seeing a Randy Moss impactfull type of player.

      • flashgordon
        January 31, 2016  4:34 pm flashgordon

        Yes, we can improve at Wr; but we can improve at Dt and a number of other areas as well. We can trade down and still get an improvement at Dt; in fact, an improvement that would be very potent for any O to stop.

    • flashgordon
      January 31, 2016  4:37 pm flashgordon

      Here’s the “Great blue north draft report”‘s all Senior bowl “all practice team”,

  3. Bucnut2
    January 31, 2016  5:14 pm Bucnut2

    This guy is going to be special. The bucs need to step up and grab him.

  4. cgmaster27
    January 31, 2016  6:35 pm cgmaster27

    There’s no doubt the guy has athletic ability but there is no way you draft a guy that has a. Never played in the outside, b. Had 300 yards receiving on the season., in the first round.
    With our receiving core , wr is one of the last things in our list. Again special talent but physical ability onky gets so far. He could be great in a couple years and he has shown the want to work.

  5. BucWild02
    February 01, 2016  4:06 am BucWild02

    Braxton Miller? Not in round 1 or 2 if I’m picking. I would take Stanford WR/KR/PR/RB Christian McCaffrey way ahead of Miller. Dude finished 2nd in all purpose yards of all time behind Barry Sanders.
    Check him out here:

  6. jme0151
    February 01, 2016  8:45 am jme0151

    BucWild02…good call. McCaffrey is really good and a proven receiver. I don’t see us going receiver till later rounds. To many needs on defense.

  7. jongruden
    February 01, 2016  10:05 am jongruden

    Here is what we need in the draft DE, Corner, DE, Corner and did I mention DE and Corner I don’t want to hear slot WR BS our defense is a joke and corner DE is a the punch line to that joke.

    • BucWild02
      February 01, 2016  3:55 pm BucWild02

      jongruden-Scheme change. New rookie players may not be as good as players we already have at CB. Stud DE would help though!

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