Smith Looking For Koetter To Bring Bucs Offense A Balanced Attack
Bucs head coach Lovie Smith is excited about the hiring of OC Dirk Koetter – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Scott Reynolds

Smith Looking For Koetter To Bring Bucs Offense A Balanced Attack

- Publisher 15 comments 📅January 21, 2015 3:07 pm
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Speaking to and the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday at the Senior Bowl, Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith expressed his excitement in hiring former Atlanta offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to serve in that same capacity in Tampa Bay this year.

“Whenever a guy is able to put 59 points on you, on the other side, you have to be pretty excited about bringing him on board,” Smith said. “I’ve known Dirk Koetter a long time. He’s got a good offensive mind, competing against him and guys that I really trust that have worked with him. It was an easy hire. We had him pegged after he became available. I looked at a lot of different people and a lot of people had interest in him. Good situation we feel like we have in Tampa. It was just the perfect fit for us.”

Koetter replaces Jeff Tedford and Marcus Arroyo, both of whom are no longer with the team following a dismal 2-14 season in which Tampa Bay’s offense ranks near the bottom of the NFL in several categories, such as point production, total yards and rushing yards. The latest addition to the Bucs coaching staff is recovering from hip surgery this offseason, but Smith said he would be at work at One Buccaneer Place on Monday.

The fact that Tampa Bay has two 1,000-yard receivers in Vincent Jackson and last year’s first-round pick, Mike Evans, coupled with the number one overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, which will likely be used on either Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston or Oregon signal caller Marcus Mariota, made the job attractive to Koetter and other candidates that Smith interviewed.

“Yes, no doubt,” Smith said. “And that’s the response I got from everyone else, too. If you just look at 2-14, that doesn’t get you excited, but most guys look a little bit closer than that. If you’re just looking at us offensively, I think any offensive guy that likes a challenge and really can see being apart of something that can be turned around quickly. I would’ve taken a strong look at this, too.

“You mentioned Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, and also Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and Charles Sims, of course Doug Martin – there’s enough [to work with. I realize that we need to improve our offensive line and have some things that we need to. We’re not a finished product yet. And if there’s some beauty to being 2-14 in that you do get the first pick on the clock a little bit to be able to add some good players to our football team. So yes, I thought it would play out this way.”

Smith pointed out Koetter’s success in Jacksonville and Atlanta, in addition to head-coaching and play-calling opportunities in college as the reasons why he wanted him to fill the offensive coordinator role in Tampa Bay.

“In the coaching circles you get a chance to know people,” Smith said. “I was at Arizona State, Dirk was (also) there. You kind of follow guys that you really respect and you talk a little bit after every of the game, and you know whom you’re competing against on the other side. I felt like I knew him about as well as could someone that you haven’t worked with.”

One of Koetter’s strengths is to use existing personnel and play to the strength of the roster. Smith provided a glimpse of what the Bucs’ new offensive will look like in 2015, while implying that the offense last year, which was supposed to be directed by Tedford last year prior to his season-ending heart condition, wasn’t a true depiction of what he wanted to run in Tampa Bay.

“We didn’t show an awful lot to really get excited about last year [offensively],” Smith said. “I can just talk on what I see us being going forward. I’ve talked about having a balanced attack, and I’ll say the same thing right now. Dirk is running our offense, but what Dirk would say is that he’s running our Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense that we’re putting together and it hasn’t been run before. We’re going to put all of our ideas together with that. To win in the league, you have to be able to run the football when you want to, not just when you have to. You need to be able to pass the football because you want to, not because you have to. Right now, we’re just going to be pretty broad with that.

“I think you can go back to everybody’s history and see some things that they like to do. Looking at Dirk, in Jacksonville (2007-11), they had Maurice Jones-Drew and they were a running attack. And of course with the receivers, Matt Ryan and that crew, Devin Hester and those guys, they passed it more in Atlanta. That’s what we’re looking for. We feel like he can bring balance, and in order for us to win that’s what we need.”

With Koetter in the fold, the Bucs have at least two more openings on their coaching staff to fill. One of which is a quarterbacks coach, and the other is an assistant offensive line coach.

“Are there any other changes that I’m making?,” Smith said. “Right now I think you know the openings that we have. The coaching staff isn’t complete; we’re working on that. There’s been a great response from coaches around the league that would like to be a part of our staff.”

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    January 21, 2015  3:18 pm KINDERRT

    Can’t make chicken soup without chicken.Coaches need players like a top RB and a O-LINE that can block and pass protect. A coach can only take you so far then the players have to take you the rest of the way.

  2. macabee
    January 21, 2015  3:49 pm macabee

    Greg Auman ‏@gregauman 3h3 hours ago
    Bucs’ Lovie Smith confirmed that new OC Dirk Koetter is recovering from hip surgery. Walking again and will be in office Monday, he said.

    Oh, Oh! Here we go again. What’s next? MRSA part Deux? Just kidding! Don’t want to jinx a team that seems to have enough bad luck on it’s own. Go Bucs!

  3. mjmoody
    January 21, 2015  4:32 pm mjmoody

    “Whenever a guy is able to put 59 points on you, on the other side, you have to be pretty excited about bringing him on board,” Smith said.

    Good news Lovie, if beating the breaks off this team under your reign is a hiring criteria then the coaching pool is deep, real deep, like an abyss. You are aware though, that Koetter didn’t put up nearly that many points on ANY other team they played this year? In fact, the Falcons only won 6 games & 2 of those wins were…you know…against you. So I’m not really excited. Honestly, I kind of think this is another poor hire on your part. But hey, what do I know? Truth be told, I’m enjoying getting a new HC every 2 years, rebuilding, and going no where fast.

  4. Garv
    January 21, 2015  4:40 pm Garv

    Funny Lovie would mention ATL’s (and Koetter’s) offense as Matt Ryan and that crew, Devin Hester and those guys. I always thought Roddy White and Julio Jones had more to do with ATL’s offense even thought they never played for the Bears…..LOL

  5. 76Buc
    January 21, 2015  7:01 pm 76Buc

    Last year the offensive mantra was speed in space. We ended up with a little speed, but no space. This year it is balance. How about balanced speed in space.

  6. EastEndBoy
    January 21, 2015  8:24 pm EastEndBoy

    For the love of Mike, can we please give the balanced attack a rest….we have Evans, VJax and ASJ (remember…the Dunkaneers), and we’re about to add Mariota/Winston….throw the damn ball!

  7. 1BigOne
    January 21, 2015  11:52 pm 1BigOne

    EastEndBoy…I completely AGREE! Lol. But throw it to OUR guys, not theirs.

  8. buclover1988
    January 22, 2015  1:03 am buclover1988

    Lol eastnboy and 1bigone I agree as well. But it’s hard to be the dunkaneers when your point guard is Luke ridinour esque.

  9. scubog
    January 22, 2015  4:49 am scubog

    I’m not going to criticize the hire until he’s had a chance to do his job. I know this much. We can win 2 games and be in the bottom five of the league in nearly every offensive ranking with Elmer Fudd’s offense.

  10. fredster
    January 24, 2015  8:53 pm fredster

    Balanced attack? If you want to run the ball and be balanced you better fix this God awful mess of an O line Lovie created. What a joke they were. Pretty sure Arroyo wanted to be balanced and run plays were called they just didn’t work. At least I don’t think this offense could get worse. No moves this offseason have excited me or even begun to get the bad taste of last season out of my mouth.

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