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Bucs Shift Practice To Tropicana Field

0 comments 📅October 1, 2014 6:16 pm

With the recent torrential downpours that have covered the central part of the state, there aren’t too many dry patches of turf to be found. The fields behind One Buc Place have also felt the effect. Combining the squishy conditions outside and the fact that Tampa Bay will be traveling to the Superdome to face the Saints this Sunday, the Bucs packed up players and coaches and headed west to the always 72 degrees Tropicana Field.

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays
Head coach Lovie Smith talked about the reasoning.

“It was a good practice for us and playing on the turf is a different feel,” Smith said. “For a couple of reasons [we’re practicing at Tropicana Field], there’s a lot of rain here and our fields are drenched but it is a different feel inside. Catching the ball, looking in the lights, change of directions, all of those things were good and then it was just a change of pace to do something different for our players. It was a good productive day, no traffic issues, just an easy in-and-out day for us down there and I liked it so much that we’ll probably go back tomorrow.”

“As a general rule, unless rain dictates us going there, we’ll practice on the grass, but we will keep that option open when we play inside. Not necessarily just when we play inside, but when we’re playing on an artificial surface.”

Offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo also spoke about the benefits of practicing in a dome.

You’re not going to create New Orleans today, but you’re going to get close and you’re going to try to do some things that are subtle to make them think and lock in a little better, absolutely because it’s going to be that way.”

QB Mike Glennon also thinks it can help iron out some communication challenges that could be coming this Sunday.

“I think any time you’re in a loud environment, whenever you’re on the road, that’s something you want to focus on and make sure things go smoothly, especially in a dome with fans like theirs,” Glennon said. “We know we’re going to have to work on it this week in practice and make sure there are no problems coming into it.”

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Arroyo Points To Self-Inflicted Wounds Last Sunday That Must Be Corrected

2 comments 📅October 1, 2014 2:42 pm

There were a number of positives to take from Sunday’s 27-24 upset win in Pittsburgh last week, but Tampa Bay also created a number of self-inflicted mistakes that easily could have cost them the game.

On Wednesday, during his weekly press conference, offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo talked about the issues and what the Bucs will do to correct them.

“Yeah that was a little bit two part,” Arroyo said. “First of all, there was a mechanical thing (problem) with our helmets, and we changed that in the second quarter. When we came out (on offense) it was dead, and it started affecting us in the second quarter. It (stadium) was loud and hostile, not hearing it exactly or me thinking I had to be louder. Cleaning that stuff up is easy. 

Having that communication in the huddle, making sure guys can hear you when you’re in (shot) gun, or a silent cadence that the guard hears it. There are a lot of things that go on with communication and getting the ball snapped on time But they can be fixed, starting with me, starting with us (coaching staff), and then moving towards players and understanding different situations.

“One instance when it comes up that the guys (players) need to understand is when you get a penalty, it goes from a 40-second clock to a 25-second clock. You have to be on that and remember that happens because nobody tells you. Penalty backup (clocks at) 25, not 40. Those things can’t happen because they’re self-inflicted wounds that have to be fixed, and that was the first thing we addressed. 

We’re excited about the way it (the game) happened and how it unfolded, and did a lot of really good things, but here’s some stuff that would’ve made you better. This stuff (self inflicted wounds) can’t happen because this stuff can be the setback between a win and a loss.

“In a lot of aspects, those things are the most we’re most focused on. Self-inflicted wounds are part of our keys to victory, just don’t beat ourselves. Don’t let the Bucs beat the Bucs. Take care of the ball, win the mental game, do those things and you put yourself in position. Fortunately they happened and didn’t cost us the game, but they could’ve and we need to fix them.”

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Bucs Add WR And TE To Practice Squad

1 comment 📅October 1, 2014 11:33 am

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced on Wednesday that they have signed wide receiver Kevin Cone and tight end Taylor Sloat to the practice squad.

Cone (6-2, 218) originally entered the NFL as a college free agent with the Atlanta Falcons in 2011. The Georgia Tech product has spent the past three seasons (2011-13) with the Falcons, playing in 29 games with one reception for 12 yards, while also adding 10 special teams tackles. Cone has also played in one postseason contest (2011).

Sloat (6-3, 245), a college free agent out of UC-Davis, took part in Tampa Bay’s rookie mini-camp this past offseason.

The team also announced that they have waived linebacker Carlos Fields and tight end Ian Thompson from their practice squad.

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Foster Getting Closer To Being Back On The Field

4 comments 📅September 30, 2014 4:18 pm

Tampa Bay got a big boost from the injured ranks last week in Pittsburgh with the return of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive end Michael Johnson who between them combined for three sacks and a forced fumble. This week Tampa Bay is hoping middle linebacker Mason Foster can also return after missing the last two games with a shoulder injury.
Mason Foster(59) ws injured in the Rams game – Photo by: Mark Lomoglio/PR
On Tuesday Foster spoke about this status for Tampa Bay’s second road trip in a row, this week at New Orleans on Sunday.

“I don’t know yet, we’ll see how it goes,” Foster said. “This is a big week to see how everything goes, but we’ll know better tomorrow and see how I do each and every day.”

Foster then was asked about being able to finally get some mobility back.

“Yeah definitely. I got to move around a little bit, and see how it’s (shoulder) feeling. I can move it a little more. We’ll see how it goes, taking it a day at a time.”

The Bucs defense has struggled to learn and execute defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier’s scheme so far through four games, and are currently ranked 25th in the NFL, giving up an average of 387.8 yards a game. The former 2011 third-rounder from Washington said being injured and not being able to participate is driving him crazy.

“It’s killing me, I live to play football,” Foster said. “It’s tough watching from the sidelines, but I’m just doing what I can to help the team win even if it’s holding a clipboard or telling people what I see. But I can’t wait to play again.”

Foster is trying to make the most of the down time and even said he has learned some things from being on the sideline.

“Having to spend most of your time just watching film and practice, and remembering key points to go over has helped me a lot,” Foster said. “I’m just talking to coach Hardy (Nickerson), coach Frazier, and continuing to prepare like I’m going to play. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and keep working.

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Smith Won’t Name Glennon Starter Just Yet

21 comments 📅September 29, 2014 4:39 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Glennon was the second-half star of Sunday’s upset win over the Steelers, going 21-of-42 for 302 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Glennon showed poise for most of the afternoon, stood tall in the pocket, and directed a late fourth quarter drive that ended with a five-yard TD reception to Vincent Jackson and their first ever franchise win in Pittsburgh.

But even with the late game heroics, Smith on Monday told the local media that he isn’t ready to hand the starting job over to Glennon just yet, after being asked who would be the starter when McCown returns from a sprained thumb ligament.

“You’re asking me to name my starting quarterback right now,” Smith said. “What I do is look at who’s available at the time and at who gives us the best chance to win at all positions. We’ll do the same when Josh gets back. He’s not back yet, though.”

The Bucs head coach talked about Glennon’s performance and if he thought maybe he should have been the starter all along.

“I don’t have any regrets. We let things play out. I tell guys you start off with a group, and eventually, wherever you belong, that’s where you’ll end up. No regrets at all.

“Yesterday’s game was good to see, but I saw the same guy I’ve seen with everything else I’ve asked him to do. Poise, confident player that can play football. When you’re labeled the QB of the future, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you com tout. The future was in front of us a little earlier than the initial plan, but you need to be ready at all times.

“How he handled it right there at the end, having to make that final throw, kind of said it all.”

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Bucs-Steelers Live Blog; Share Your Thoughts As The Game Happens

12 comments 📅September 28, 2014 11:09 am

NFL: SEP 14 Rams at Buccaneers
With the new website, we are trying a new feature and starting a live game thread for readers to share their thoughts as the game happens. Feel free to join in and have your voice heard during and after the game.

The staff will also be jumping in from time to time and adding our two cents. We know when watching games live emotions runs high at times but please keep the comments clean and no personal attacks on fellow posters and readers.

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Bucs and Steelers Prediction Contest

39 comments 📅September 27, 2014 11:33 pm

A new game week feature will be a Buccaneers score prediction contest. Give us your prediction on the winner and the score before kickoff and the person who gets it right, or comes closest, will win a t-shirt plus bragging rights.
Here are the staff predictions for Sunday’s Bucs and Steelers game.

Scott Reynolds: Steelers, 27-16
Mark Cook: Steelers, 30-17
Eric Horchy: Steelers, 31-27
Eric Dellaratta: Steelers, 33-14
Andrew Scavelli: Steelers, 34-21
Zach Shapiro: Steelers, 27-17

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(PODCAST) Cook Talks Bucs And Steelers Matchup On 98.7 The Fan

1 comment 📅September 26, 2014 9:43 pm

Mark Cook from Pewter Report talked to Marc Ryan and Greg Linnelli about the Bucs matchup this weekend in Pittsburgh. Cook said there’s not much the Bucs can do to regain fan support except to say that they need to be patient and give them time. They just have to win, it’s the only way to sell this football team.

As far as moving the ball down the field, Cook said the Bucs have to loosen up the defenses by taking some shots. Cook said more than anything, fans want to see improvement.

So how do the Bucs beat the Steelers? Cook said that they have to play mistake free football.

To hear the full interview, click here.

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Bucs-Steelers Final Injury Report 9-26

1 comment 📅September 26, 2014 4:31 pm


Larry English – Hamstring – Out
Mason Foster – Shoulder – Out
William Gholston – Shoulder – Probable
Vincent Jackson – Wrist – Probable
Michael Johnson – Ankle – Questionable
Doug Martin – Knee – Probable
Josh McCown – Thumb – Doubtful
Gerald McCoy – Hand – Probable
Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Ankle – Probable

Dri Archer – Ankle – Probable
Ramon Foster – Ankle – Questionable
Darius Heyward-Bey – Illness – Probable
Brett Keisel – Not injury related – Probable
Heath Miller – Not injury related – Probable
Troy Polamalu – Not injury related – Probable
Ben Roethlisberger – Not injury related – Probable
Ryan Shazier – Knee – Out
Ike Taylor – Forearm – Out

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Bucs-Steelers Injury Report 9-25

1 comment 📅September 25, 2014 6:16 pm

The Bucs and Steelers released their injury reports on Thursday afternoon. Below are the full reports for both teams.


Larry English – Hamstring – Did Not Participate
Mason Foster – Shoulder – Did Not Participate
William Gholston – Shoulder – Full Participation
Vincent Jackson – Wrist – Full Participation
Michael Johnson – Ankle – Limited Participation
Doug Martin – Knee – Full Participation
Josh McCown – Thumb – Did Not Participate
Gerald McCoy – Hand – Limited Participation
Austin Seferian-Jenkins – Ankle – Limited Participation


Dri Archer – Ankle – Full Participation
Ramon Foster – Ankle – Full Participation
Darius Heyward-Bey – Illness – Full Participation
Brett Keisel – Not injury related – Full Participation
Heath Miller – Not injury related – Full Participation
Troy Polamalu – Not injury related Full Participation
Ryan Shazier – Knee – Out
Ike Taylor – Forearm – Out

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