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Lane Suspended By The NFL For 2 Games; Bucs Sign CB Frey

2 comments 📅October 15, 2014 11:15 am

Fullback Jorvorskie Lane of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been suspended without pay for the team’s next two games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

Lane’s suspension begins immediately. He will be eligible to return to the Buccaneers’ active roster on Monday, November 3 following the team’s November 2 game against the Cleveland Browns.

The Buccaneers on Tuesday announced they had signed fullback Lonnie Pryor who was with the team since last season but was cut by Tampa Bay during the team’s final roster moves in August. Pryor had been with the Bills since being released by Tampa Bay, but was cut from Buffalo’s practice squad last weekend.

Lane has been the starting fullback for the Bucs this year, with two rushing attempts for 56 yards, including a 54-yard burst against the Panthers in Week 1.

To fill the vacant roster spot, the Bucs signed former Bears cornerback Isaiah Frey, who will wear No. 32. Frey was a sixth-round draft pick by Bucs head coach Lovie Smith in Chicago in 2012. After being on the Bears’ practice squad during the 2012 season, the 6-foot, 190-pound Frey played in all 16 games last year with six starts at nickel cornerback.

This season he played in three games with one start, and has 58 tackles, one pass defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery in the 19 NFL games he’s played in.

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Arroyo Talks Bucs Struggles And Going Forward

5 comments 📅October 14, 2014 1:45 pm

Offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo spoke to the media on Tuesday and discussed the Bucs struggles and plans going forward. Below is a transcript from his press conference.

(On Glennon’s overall play)
“There were some spots where he did some good things again. We just got done looking at some of the tape. We’ve looked at it the last two days and obviously he’s looked at it on his own. And there were some spots where he thought he could’ve been a little bit better here or (thrown) a better ball here and some things there. There are some things I can do better to help him out. There’s a couple of those. But for the most part, he did some really good things under first off, a great defense and under duress some of the times.”

(On what has to be addressed this week to improve offense)
“I think you just go through what you’ve done with a fine tooth comb and find out where you can be more successful as you approach keys to victory. You have to be calculating that because it can get expansive. You can spend your whole time just combing over, getting really finite when in fact you need to make sure the bullet points in our opinion are in order. Parts being for example, ‘what are we doing well offensively as far as scheme?’ ‘Where are we going to be?’ ‘What’s protection look like?’ ‘Where are some things that are sticking out?’ ‘How to we get off to a better start and make the start of our game look more like the second half of our games?’ Right now it’s manic. Lets really get into it and find out what it is. Is it mental? What do we ask our guys? What is it about the second half that mentally, physically, or schematically (were better)? Because we’re not changing the game plan. The game plan doesn’t change in the second half. Whatever it is, we need to find it out to give us a little more spark. It’s been manic. We have to stay on the field. We can’t drop third downs. We can’t have execution errors and some of the things that are setting us back. Another bullet point is turnovers. These keys to victory are sticking out all of the time. What are we doing with the ball? How are we doing in critical situations? How’s our mental game? And when you get through those first three bullet points, you get some things to find out. Penalties: you look back on some of those games and thing, ‘Did we do a better job with penalties?’ Did we execute and give ourselves a chance?’ And keep ourselves in manageable situation. Third downs for us, in manageable situations have been good. Our percentages (in manageable third downs) are good. When you get in the long situations, it’s tough. How did we get there? Obviously we’re very disappointed in last week in not being able to keep fighting, start fast, get through and score more points. But that was a game that kind of got us out of our game plan, having to find chucks early. You have to go. You have to address protection because you can’t just drop back (44 times). We’d rather not drop back 44 times in a game to have to keep pressing it (the ball) down the field. (If that happens) you end up in a protection world where you’re going to put things on an island at times, guys will be tired and you have to be careful. For the most part we were. There were mixed in seven man protections. There were mixed in six man protections. There were some times you were trying to help that out a little bit by mixing in the quick game, knowing the ball still had to go down the field to move it. That’s really in a nutshell, as I talk quickly before practice, I apologize, but those are the things in the last 48 hours we’ve been trying to comb through.”

(On why the Ravens were able to bring pressure all game)
“Well one, I think they’re good. Lets not get past the fact that they have a good defense. Elvis Dumerville (Terrell) Suggs (are good), and (Haloti) Ngata is very good player up front. Our offensive line did a good job up until last week. They got a lot of pressure. They just got some guys on us to get some push. I think a lot of it was good players and we have to do a good job of trying to protect our guys and mixing in more seven man protections and maybe that helps. Other than that, you can’t throw a quick game in here and there. They’re (Ravens) a good screen team because they’re good at retracting. They have stand up ends and the line of scrimmage. Schematically, and I won’t get into too much detail, but certain teams are better to throw screens against than others. You have to find ways to put the ball in space a little bit. We’ll look into all of those things. Could we have been better in the screen game? Can you throw more quick’s? And yeah, you probably could throw more quick’s just to chuck it and get a few more (plays). Hinesight is 20/20 when you’re trying to throw that fast. I’m thinking 30 points in a quarter. You’re trying, that’s what you have to do. You have to think that way. It’s tough. You have to manage that.”

(On what happened to all the bubble screens, the plays designed to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers)
“We’ve got to ramp that back up a little bit, get a little more space plays to some of those guys. Our screen game two weeks ago was good. Again, it’s finding where those spots are, and who it’s against and how you get them lined up. That’s one of the emphasis’s – finding a little more space there and that would help. It definitely would.”

(On low-percentage of balls Jackson is catching)
“Well, last week we were pretty excited with the way he played. I think he did a pretty good job last week and we built off the week-before plan. Whenever you’re targeted and you don’t get the catches you’d like, if your using just last week in general, we’ve slowly tried to find ways to get him the ball and it started, last week we had a chance to target him a little bit more but didn’t get a chance to get him the ball that much. Or it didn’t get into his hands. It’s not a lack of knowing that the ball has to go him. It’s either a coverage or a ball needs to be a little better or find another way to do it. It’s a little bit of all that.”

(On how are the rookies are doing, ASJ and Herron)
“Good. Excited about their development, excited about them continuing to get better and staying healthy. They are promising, promising guys and we’re excited to get them again today, for the chance to give them a little more stuff.”

(On why they aren’t starting faster)
“As we go through that these next couple of days that’s going to come up a little bit more. I don’t know of anyone has a real definitive answer. In the beginning we just had some dropped balls. We’ve had some missed execution. We’ve got to figure out what it is, whether we need to change up what we go after, what we put out there the first few plays. I don’t know if there’s any true exact science to that yet. I don’t know the exact answer yet. We need to find a way to, maybe we change the way we practice offensive the first little bit of practice. That’s what we’re going to do this week.”

(On if he’s had any contact with Tedford)
“Yeah, just checking in, how he’s doing. I saw Donna the other day and talked with her a little bit and just exchanged texts and see how he’s doing to check in. We don’t talk about football. Just check in to see how he’s doing. That’s all I’m interested in.”

(On what they have done well offensively)
“Well, I think our red zone is good. For the most part as we look through it. We have to find a way to build off of that success. The third downs, six and under, have been good, converting those distances. We’ve had some good chunk plays in the way we’ve designed it in the last few weeks. And again, that goes back to finding ways to get the guys the ball and building off of some of the stuff that Mike can do well. Those are just a few components.”

(On Gilkey and Omameh battling at RG)

“Just continue to find ways to press those guys and get them more reps. That group is going to be competitive and we expect that and they expect it and so getting them more reps is important.”

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Lovie Throttles Any Possibility Of A Tedford Return This Year

4 comments 📅October 13, 2014 5:33 pm

For any fans still looking for the small chance offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford will return to the Bucs any time soon, Lovie Smith quickly shot that possibility down in his Monday press conference.

“We talked about and I told you the plan with Jeff – we’re moving on like he won’t be with us anymore and that will be the case,” Smith said. “Our offensive team has done [well]. The offensive production wasn’t good yesterday, but before that, in the previous two games, it’s been pretty good. We’re looking at all areas, but that probably won’t be one of them.”

Tedford suffered a health ailment during Week 3 of the preseason that required stents in his heart, and was scheduled to return to the team as the season began. But for undisclosed reasons Tedford was unable to rejoin the Buccaneers and has since been put on an extended leave from the team. Quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo has assumed play calling duties in the interim.

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Smith Says To Give Bucs Time; Understands the Disappointment

1 comment 📅October 13, 2014 5:23 pm

The last person who envisioned the Buccaneers to be 1-5 after six games is Tampa Bay head coach Lovie Smith. On Monday, during his day-after-game press conference, Smith told the media the fans aren’t the only ones disappointed with how the season has started.

“Well a couple of things. I would say first off, I’m disappointed too,” Smith said. “That’s what I would say to them. I agree with the numbers that you threw out (56-0 & 38-0). That is disheartening. But like I would say also, when you’re in a game, you don’t crown anyone the winner of that game during the game. We’re disappointed right now is what I would say. We’re disappointed right now also. But lets let it all play out. And yeah, I’ve said that before, but the game isn’t over yet. That would be my statement. Give us time, we’ll continue to get guys back and there’s a lot of football left to go.

“If we were 6-0 right now, would you start buying your Super Bowl ticket? You have to just hold on a little bit is what I would say. And I don’t listen to talk radio, but I don’t have to alright. I know what’s out there and we’re all disappointed right now. But I’m going to keep going; I’m going to finish. We’re all disappointed what? Right now. That will change though.”

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Bucs Re-Sign Former Nole Pryor; Waive Demps

3 comments 📅October 13, 2014 4:45 pm

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced on Monday that they have signed fullback Lonnie Pryor and defensive end George Uko to the practice squad.

Pryor (6-0, 224) comes to Tampa Bay after spending the first five weeks of the season on the Buffalo Bills’ practice squad. Pryor was signed to Tampa Bay’s active roster in 2013 and was inactive for six games on the season. He also spent the 2014 offseason and preseason with the team, before being waived on August 29.

Uko (6-3, 284) originally entered the league this season as a college free agent with the New Orleans Saints. Uko, who played collegiately at USC, spent the 2014 offseason and preseason with New Orleans, before being waived on August 26.

The team also announced they have released wide receiver Kevin Cone and running back Jeff Demps from the practice squad.

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Dotson Says Everyone Including Coaches Need To Get Better

4 comments 📅October 12, 2014 5:26 pm

The Buccaneers were down to the Baltimore Ravens 28-0 before the fans first beer got warm in the nearly 90 degree sunshine on Sunday. Disbelief was everywhere, including on the sidelines, according to Tampa Bay starting right tackle Demar Dotson.

“I think we put ourselves in a bad situation getting down so early, so now we are trying to get back in the game and forces us to pass the ball, pass the ball, pass the ball trying to put points on the board,” Dotson It really it takes away from the offense because we are down so much and are trying to get in the end zone. That is good defensive line; they really came out and beat us. That defensive line versus this offensive line – they won the match big time.”

dotsonphotoDotson was caught off guard by the Bucs poor start.

“It is very surprising that we didn’t come out and play like we prepared,” Dotson said. “ Frustration, but it starts we me. And it starts with every man looking at himself and definitely starts with me, looking at myself.

“It definitely includes the coaching staff. It includes everybody on this football team, from the coaches and players.”

The former basketball-turned-football-player said the team knows what they need to do to get better.

We have a lot of work, everybody has a lot of work to do, getting better,” Dotson said. “Fortunately it is a long season, and we have been preaching that for a while now, but we all have to get better individually, collectively starting with this guy right here.”

Dotson was asked what head coach Lovie Smith told the team at halftime with the Bucs down 38-0.

“Pride, this half is going to be about pride, to see where your pride is at,” Dotson said. “That is all you can do, just go out and fight. You are backed up in a corner – we put ourselves in the corner – so the only thing you can do is just fight.

“That was probably the worst half of football I have played in my career.”

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Bucs-Ravens Score Prediction Contest

37 comments 📅October 11, 2014 10:41 am

A new game week feature will be a Buccaneers score prediction contest. Give us your prediction on the winner and the score before kickoff and the person who gets it right, or comes closest, will win a t-shirt plus bragging rights.

The score must be included in the comment section of the blog on to qualify.

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Week 6: Bucs Fantasy Football Preview – Sponsored By FanDuel

1 comment 📅October 10, 2014 3:36 pm

Heading into week six, the Buccaneers best option for fantasy purposes will be wide receiver Vincent Jackson. The veteran pass-catcher is coming off an eight reception performance against the Saints where he racked up 144 yards. Mike Glennon loves throwing the ball his way, so expect Jackson make a minimum of five catches this week against the Ravens. He’s a must start WR2 with Glennon at quarterback.

Speaking of Glennon, the second-year quarterback has put up good fantasy numbers over the last two weeks. He’s thrown two touchdowns in each game and hasn’t thrown for less than 249 yards in either contest. Glennon has some big-time red zone weapons at his disposal so his touchdown numbers should stay high. He’s a QB2 this week against the Ravens.

Rookie wide receiver Mike Evans, who was expected to miss this week’s game against the Ravens, is on track to start. Evans had a breakout game against the Steelers two weeks ago before injuring his groin, so it will be interesting to see how he produces with Mike Glennon throwing to him for an entire game. Right now, Evans is a WR4 with upside.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins had a rough game last week against the Saints but he will look to improve as the team faces Baltimore this week. The rookie played 61-of-64 snaps and has incredible upside, so he’s worth rostering as a stash bench player that could help later on in the season.

The Ravens have allowed the fifth fewest points to opposing fantasy defense this year, so it would be a wise decision to leave the Buccaneers defense out of your lineup this week. With that being said, Tampa Bay’s defense has been doing a good job of getting turnovers and creating fantasy point opportunities. They haven’t scored less than seven fantasy points in their last three matchups.

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Week 5: Bucs Fantasy Football Recap – Sponsored By FanDuel

0 comments 📅October 10, 2014 3:06 pm

Vincent Jackson owners finally got the performance that they were waiting for on Sunday against the Saints. Jackson caught 8 of his 12 targets for 144 yards and was Mike Glennon’s go-to target in the passing game. Fantasy owners should expect Jackson to continue to put up WR2 numbers as long as Glennon is at the helm.

Speaking of Glennon, the second-year signal caller threw for 249 yards, two touchdowns and an interception on the road against the Saints. He’s not much of a fantasy quarterback, as the position is chocked full of high-scoring passers, but he’s a must own in two quarterback league formats. Glennon has been very solid since taking over for Josh McCown, who is battling a thumb injury.

Anybody who was gutsy enough to start Louis Murphy last week ending up getting 35 yards and touchdown from the veteran receiver. He was targeted a healthy seven times but only hauled in three of those passes. Murphy isn’t much of a fantasy asset.

Rookie tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins dropped his first two targets of the game and ended up with just one catch for 11 yards. With that being said, he played 61-of-64 snaps and still is brimming with upside from a fantasy perspective. He’s a great dynasty prospect and has some upside as a bench tight end in redraft leagues.

The Buccaneers had 37 points scored on them against New Orleans but they picked off Drew Brees three times and returned one for a touchdown. Over the past three weeks, the Tampa Bay defense has scored 26 fantasy points. There are worse fantasy options than the Buccaneers as far as defenses are concerned.

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A Behind The Scenes Look: Taking The Buccaneers On The Road

0 comments 📅October 10, 2014 2:16 pm

Taking an NFL road trip takes months of planning and coordination by a number of behind-the-scenes faces that few Bucs fans would recognize walking down the street. CBS This Morning profiled the Buccaneers on Thursday and gave a glimpse of all that is involved in getting players, coaches, staff and 16,000 pounds of equipment to Pittsburgh.

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