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    Well Buc Fans.I think he is the man to kick for the bucs for the next 10-15 year-Go Bucs

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    Awesome. Let’s go and win some games!

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    I have no problem with the pick as long as he is as good as he has been touted to be. if he’s here ten to 15 years and wins a slew of games for us, who will be able to argue it wasn’t a good pick.
    If not, it would be no worse that the Aerilious Been pick.

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      Oh God did you have to mention Aurelious Benn! Just ruined my afternoon.

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    Or Price or Sears or Sabby…ect.

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    He may kick for years but never worth 2 high draft picks with other needs on the team.. As a season tkt holder all we can do is hope our team stops being a bottom feeder ..

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    High scoring position on the team is worth those 2 draft picks… If he stays heathy and can be a guarantee like Gramatica was in his prime then he’ll be the MVP… Worth every penny… And it’s not about being as good as advertised it’s about being as good as he has been in his football career…

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      So if he puts up the same numbers his whole NFL career as he did last year is that worth 2 high draft picks? Is kicking 80% worth 2 high draft picks. Since his amazing freshman year he has steadily regressed. He went from kicking 95% to 90% to 80%. I just dont think there is a kicker out there worth a 3rd and 4th round pick. Kickers is one of the easiest postions to find late in the draft. Since 2005 there have been 8 pro bowl kickers taken in the 6th round or later. Thats 8 pro bowlers in the last 10 years. In the last 20 years there have only been 2 kickers taken in the first 2 rounds (Janikowski and Nugent) Those 2 kickers combined for 1 pro bowl appearance. In both of those drafts a pro bowl kicker went undrafted (Gould 2005 and graham 2000). Kickers are to easy to find late in the draft to be wasting 2 high draft picks on.

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    If the player is a major contributor I really don’t care when he was drafted or acquired. Goodness knows that over the 40 years of seeing this team draft players in the 2nd round, as noted by drdneast and bEubanks11, who fell far short of expectations. OG Bret Moritz, WR Dexter Jackson DE/DT Daquan Bowers are a few more notable 2nd round flops to add to the list. I have little doubt that this kicker will become far more valuable to the team than the aforementioned “turds”. When you have the 30th ranked kicker, as in Connor Barth, don’t tell me that the position wasn’t a need. Time to move on.

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    Anyone know when the Bucs hit the field again?

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      Last OTA days today and Thursday June 8-9. Media coverage Thursday.

      Mandatory Minicamp: June 14-16

      Training camp dates are not announced yet!

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    Wow…we really did draft some high round losers. This kid will be around for his second contract also.

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