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    We need to consider moving on from ASJ and looking at another TE in the draft. This guy is hurt way too much for the kind of production we get out of him. JMO.

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      I’m normally a wait and see kind of guy. After all injuries happen, but when you know what McCoy has been doing with his injury and then what Evans did when he was sick on the sidelines I find it hard for a man whose making good money to just sit and wait till he’s 100%. Our recieving core is so depleted and all this guy can say is I want to wait till I’m fully recovered? Weak and soft. I had high hopes for this guy when the bucs drafted him and I hope he rights whatever is wronging him because I’m starting to sense this guy is no good for this team.

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    Deacon Blues

    ASJ needs to pull off the panties and man-up. No player is 100% 8 weeks in. He soft and mushy like a boobie. You tackle him once and he’s hurt.

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    The Kwon Alexander effort given the circumstances he was playing under in Atlanta was extraordinary. That brings me to examine the effort that players give under usual and ordinary circumstances during the season.

    I am now beginning to question the resolve of Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (ASJ) and his commitment to “win or die” football for the Bucs. I saw Mike Evans throwing up his guts and writhing in pain on the sideline from cramps, but putting forth a gallant effort to stay on the field and come home with the win! At this point in the season, pretty much everybody has some kind of nick or ding that they could easily ask for a red card.

    I am going off the grid in my assumptions here because I have no medical facts that explain the extent of ASJ’s injuries or even words from other experts that suggest that ASJ is not giving his all to stay on the field or get back on when injured. So I admit, I could be totally in left field here.

    There are those players who believe that the NFL will use you up and then throw you away and come into the league determined to not let that happen to them. I am uncomfortable even framing such an accusation but ASJ has been eligible to play in 23 games and has only played in 11. When he has played I have seen self-promotion, when he hasn’t played, I have seen self-preservation. He is either fragile or not possessed to give his all – playing through pain and injury. Either way, the cut of his jib may not be in the pirate way. In other words, he may not sweat pewter and red.

    I would be happy to be way off base here, but I’ve been around long enough to have accumulated a few Buccaneer barnacles. I have a bad feeling about this one and will only be relieved if he gets back to the field and stays there long enough to show the production we all expected when he was drafted in the 2nd round. Prove me wrong ASJ and do it the Buccaneer way! Go Bucs!

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      Well said, and you took the words right out of my head. Just look at Drew Brees, who also suffered a shoulder injury that same game. When his situation was discussed on the NFL Network by one of the doctors who comes on those shows ( I don’t remember which one) He said Brees’ shoulder injury was one of the most painful to deal with. But that didn’t stop Brees. He missed one game, and he is a QB who uses his injured shoulder much more throughout a game than what ASJ does. So I’m really beginning to question this guy’s mentality.

      Obviously we don’t know if ASJ has the same kind of injury that Brees has, but painful, is painful, and there isn’t much different when you are at the highest pain level. It just comes down to who wants to win more, and how much are you willing to suffer for a victory.

      This is the problem that has plagued this team over the last number of years. They don’t have guys with the ‘win at all costs’ mentality. This team lacks that killer instinct. ASJ is beginning to reveal that he is only here for a paycheck.

      Like you, I hope I am wrong about this, but so far it is what it is, and the games missed tell the tale of ASJ. Especially when you compare him to other players who have played through similar injuries, willing their teams to victories. These are the players we have missed around here for some time now.

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    McCoy has been playing with a bad shoulder since the second game of the season. Has taken some heat because of his play but he is out there every week doing battle with his brothers because he knows they need him.
    Then we have the sissy Jenkins.
    Somehow if this guy gets a hangnail he would take himself out of a game.
    Wish we could get something for him in a trade but he hasn’t played enough for anyone to be interested in him so we are stuck with him.
    Brandon Myers and Cameron Brate are both very capable pass catchers. Time to start incorporating them into the game more like they did last week,

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    Well said macabee. Forgot about the effort Evans put in last week. Truly memorable.
    Wish Jenkins could take some inspiration and lessons from McCoy, Evans and Alexander.

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    Dy-nasty D

    He says he’s 100% to his coaches, but they hold him back.

    I don’t know what the rest of you were reading….

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    In Nam we had guys you couldn’t get out of the bush regardless of their wounds. Then we had guys that sat on the perimeter with their arms held high hoping to catch a small piece of shrapnel (3 and out.) Jenkins reminds me of the latter.

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    If your shoulder isn’t ready to go after 6 weeks then he should have been put on IR and had surgery. I am assuming, but this appears to be a shoulder separation and be won’t be a 100% until he has surgery. I feel the same as others; time to man up Jenkins and get out there and play thru the pain. Been there done that. You’re doing your team no good sitting on the sidelines looking pretty.

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    Wow you guys are really tough on a guy whose injury or its’ severity, you know virtually nothing about. Given the comments here, we Bucs fans must have piled up the unused sick days at our places of employment. I’m pretty sure the medical staff at least has some input whether it’s advisable for ASJ to play and not just him being afraid to work at his chosen profession. I suppose the Giants fans are equally upset with the ailing Victor Cruz and Cowboys fans are just as annoyed with some guy named Romo, whose absence has left them impotent on offense. Hurt? We don’t care…..just get out there.

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      Romo’s a broken collar bone is on schedule to return shortly. Shoulder injury’s are usually fixed via rest to the injured area or surgery. I had no payed sick days as I was my own boss and dealt with it for decades. I did separate my shoulder and dislocate it numerous times before opting some 30 years later to have it reconstructed. I’m just giving you what I know about shoulder injury. There’s been no talk of a broken shoulder so it has to be socket, muscle/ligament/tendon tear of some sorts. at some point you have to try it out to see if your reach is still there and you can still block. They various straps thatcan help restrict the concerned area.

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    It would be nice if they gave us the info on his shoulder. Sprain….tear….????? All I have seen is his shoulder is hurt. Hard to determine the guys desire when you don’t know the total picture.

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    He will return when healthy and perform like he was prior to the injury. Moving on from is the last thing we need to do. For those praising McCoy for playing through his current injury must have forgotten the injuries that plagues him earlier in his career that had ppl questioning his heart. It’s just an unfortuante start to what can still end up a long and promising career. Losing talent is the last thing this roster needs, get healthy and help the Bucs ASJ!

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    I’m with @scubog and @stlbucsfan…the guy is hurt, the medical staff are on it, he has given no indication of not wanting to play when he was suited-up (@martini, that would be the equivalent of your colleagues from nam sticking their arms in the air). Injuries happen – sometimes they are annoying injuries that guys play through (like GMC this year) and sometimes the doctors tell you sorry man but you’re not playing (like GMC in his first two years). Let’s all calm down on the ASJ is a bust talk please.

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      McCoys injuries were due to muscle tear and required surgery; we were told that from the get go. I don’t know why Smith is so secretive about an injury. He could help the cause by giving the doctor’s description of the injury. they have to provide it to the NFL anyway.

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        I gave up on Lovie’s descriptions of injuries long ago…according to him Banks could have gone back in the Tex game, but instead he sat out 3 weeks…what sort of injury is harmless enough that it won’t slow you at all right now, but if you give it a few hours it will debilitate you for a month…

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    Trade him while we can. He’s another “hot tubber” ala Wally Chambers. Let’s name him the “Admiral”. Lol.

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      The “Admiral” that’s too funny! I will forever call him the “Admiral!”

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    I can’t comment on the severity of his injury, and I do not think he should be traded. The problem is that he and Lovie keeps saying he is close to returning. That just gets the fans hopes up that he will play, and then he doesn’t. The original timeline when he got injured was for him to come back against Washington after the bye week. That entire week there were quotes from ASJ and Lovie that ASJ was close to being 100% and that he could play against Washington. That was two weeks ago. How are you close to being healthy, but two full weeks isn’t enough time to get you fully there? There is a lie somewhere. Either you were not close then, or you are ready now and just choosing not to play. Whats going on? My prediction, all this is a lie. He doesn’t play the rest of the season and has surgery in the offseason.


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