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    Friggin Awesome. Doug, Jameis and Lavonte were just Friggen Awesome.

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    Now that’s what I want to see when I talk about consistency! That was an all around win, from the coaching, to Dougie to Winston to the defense all the way to special teams. That’s the best I’ve seen the Bucs play since I can remember. Go Bucs!

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    Dayumm! I predicted a win but I didn’t see that offensive juggernaut, led by Winston and the Dougernaut (a little poetry courtesy of the Jack Daniels distillery) lol.
    This was the game that showed me beyond a shadow of doubt that we are going to be a very good team moving forward. We beat a pretty good team, in their house, and in a convincing fashion.
    Adam Schefter is reporting that ASJ will be cleared to play next week, even though Cameron Brate is making the case not to rush him back now. But you could see with V-Jax back, we can use every weapon in our arsenal.

    We mess around and add a couple of Georgia porch dogs to our defense next year and we could be downright nasty! Go Bucs!

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    Good solid game! Now it’s on for 3 in a row. Go Bucs!

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    Great win! Happy Bucs fan today. Now let’s beat Cokts and get above .500. Very winnable game.

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    Sorry Lovie Haters, this begins the Buc Dynasty and Lovie wasn’t kidding when he said this team can go to the Super Bowl. Just wait til next year after Licht gets a first round DE and signs another one in free agency and uses the rest of the draft for our Defense! We couldn’t have picked a better team to rout either after all the years the Eagles have frustrated us in the playoffs.

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    Wowzas gentleman! What a game. Dougie was running like a man possessed. On a side note I think our bucs have the league record for getting caught at the 5 yard line after a big play.
    Jameis was outstanding and I saw on other sites , people were worried how he would react as tonight shows that abomination of a movie. As a noles fan I’ve seen this from him time and again. When the chips are down , he plays his best.
    It was great having Vincent back and his impact on this team can’t be stated by stats. That’s why I think it’s imperative we bring him back next year.
    Now for my plate of crow, great game by McCoy and Lovie really has this defense playing well. Lights out actually and it’s impressive. Lavonte has played like the lavonte of old these past two weeks and we’ll need him with the Kwon situation.
    Even when Sanchez had time the coverage was pretty good. This team is built right guys and Lovie is doing a much better job.
    Beats has been playing outstanding as well.
    On a final side note, I’ve been watching football for about 25 years, how in the hell was that a fumble by smith? I saw two knees and an elbow down.
    This team has got to be regretting that Washington game about now. That’s the best I’ve seen the bucs look in years!

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    Danmit!!! There goes a high quality draft pick. (I assume there is still sarcasm in FL) That 4th throw, before the half, in between under/over coverage to an average height Simms…that was special.

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    Not even an often delusional Bucs fan like me saw that coming. I must say, after the Eagles were on the receiving of that gift from the officials on Jack Smith’s re-fumble and went down to score, I thought that would make them a tad over-confident. The look on their collective faces was like the E-Trade baby’s “shocked look”. What I liked is how none of our players flinched and proceeded to do what they’d come to do; as Sapp would say, “Opened up a can of whoop ass.” Best game I’ve witnessed in years and now on my brand new 65″ big ass TV. Life is good in Scubog World.

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      I was worried there too scubog…the difference with this team now to the teams we’ve had recently…IMO…is JW….he didn’t get phased by the blown call and Phily TD…he marched the team back and got his own TD….this kid is showing some fantastic resiliency and leadership that we haven’t had for quite some time. Awesome!

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    We have never had an offensive coordinator that has the imagination and ability to call games like this. Lovie smith hasn’t either! It’s only been 10 games but its hard nnot to say that we have nwver had a great quarterback like thw one we drafted this year! Mixed with the great surprise of our offensive line, running back and our ability to now be able to draft! We are on our way bucs fans and you cant help but be excited for the rest of whats to come! Go Bucs!

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    Fun to watch. Nice to see a game where they put everything together finally. I’m not so crazy as to expect to see the same team to show up every game and know there can be let downs, but I knew they would get better as the season progressed. Now if they can become more consistent…

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