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    There is an article on ESPN that’s titled – Bucs Find Formula: Don’t ask Winston to do too much!

    The article leads with these words “This script should be printed out and distributed to every office inside One Buc Place.Run the ball a ton, keep Jameis Winston’s throws manageable and watch the progress.

    I agree wholeheartedly, but I wouldn’t hold him back too much either. I thought the Bucs got conservative way too early against the Saints in the 4th qtr yesterday.

    I also noticed something yesterday – Winston is very good in play action and is accurate on the run. I recall (regrettably) our last 10 win season where Freeman thrived in rollouts using play action employing the TE (everybody remembers who that was). Winton isn’t fast but he is elusive (dude’s got moves) and the Winston/Sefarian-Jenkins play action could be huge.

    Don’t do too much, but exploit the things that work best. Still waiting to see the variety in Koetter’s offense. Not a complaint but wanting to see the first play something other than Doug Martin up the middle. #stayingpatient

    That was the plan in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 26-19 road win against the New Orleans Saints, and they should keep it until a defense forces otherwise.

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      agree completely. Martin is a good back. But, doesn’t have the durability to keep pounding it up the middle. I would like to see some changes there.

      That, and have them start selling the play-action. If Martin is a big portion of the formula, sell it and use it.

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    Winston is never going to have high stats like Mariota will our friend Pinkstob loves so much. Winston reminds me of another Doug Williams and I’ll take that every day because you know at anytime they can make a big play. He’s a rookie and has much to learn this year and the next. One game made a big difference for me as I was really was doubting Lovie Smith and his defensive scheme. It was far from perfect, but just like Winston they can make the big plays at the right time. Of course for fans it’s going to be heart attack city once again, just like the old Bucs in their heyday. This win meant a lot for me and I’m sure others as it gave me hope we are on the track to get better and wining will come easier. Go Bucs!

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    What a difference a day makes, not to mention a week. I picked Cleveland this week, figuring Pettine would not make our same mistakes, and Mariota would get his NFL moment. His stat line looked good, but the one that matters W, was missing. People were so quick to define careers after one game. I do agree with Mac, we need to loosen the reins on Winston. He himself alluded to that. They want me to be a game manager, but we’ll see what the future holds. The future looks bright.

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    Great to see a win. I haven’t posted much because their first loss was so devastating that any thing I had to say would have been piling on. I too agree with mac, bring Winston along gradually. Run the ball and play good defense but don’t overload the rookie with more than he can handle . I believe Koetter understands this. I disagree with Pewter assessment of Evans. He was on a limited basis and for that reason it’s not fair to rate him as a disappointment. I like the way they are using Martin. Keep him healthy, it’s a long season. Go Bucs

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    He’s still going to have good and bad games the entire season… That’s what rookies do. He is willing to learn, work hard and he will mature as a person and a player. Aikman went 1-15 his first year, Eli looked like a bust for the first five years of his career. Rodgers sat on the bench for years before getting his chance to start. Let’s play the long game with Winston. He’s got all of the attributes and tools to be a good/great QB in the NFL. As Bucs fans, we are the only team not to have a QB who has won 40 games with the Bucs. That is a franchise with no understanding of patience. Let him be a rookie. As for Mariota, I wish him well too… He’s in the AFC, so there’s no reason to need lock Winston & Mariota together in this never ending comparison battle throughout their careers. Their success and failure are dependent on a million different factors as time moves forward. Football is a team game. Just because one is more successful, doesn’t mean that his success would have been guaranteed on the other team. I’m happier now than I’ve been in years since we have drafted Winston. I just hope the franchise has the patience to see it through this time.

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    Well Buc Fans This is a great win in week 2. I think James Winston May Be the Real Deal. Everyone played great. Next stop Texans and Ryan Mallet. Regardless of the rest of the season games I see Promise young qb. And Next year through the draft Tampa will get their Pass Rusher of the future.Go Bucs

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    I agree with Mac. Thought the coaches went too conservative too early. Stay patient with this offense. Good things will come.

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    Pass rusher of the future, Martinii?
    Isn’t 3 sacks yesterday and four on the season a good indication we already have one?
    Everyone keeps lamenting the loss of Michael Bennett but he had yet to crack the 10 sack a year barrier and he’s up in Seattle demanding a raise.
    However, I do agree with you about the development of Winston.
    There is no reason to start throwing the ball all around the field. Develop the young man slowly.
    It appears he has put his youthful indiscretions and behavior behind him and lets not forget, he’s barely 21 yo.
    Loved the way the defense responded yesterday.
    I thought for sure we were going to give away another 4th quarter lead but thanks to two FA acquisitions in Henry Melton and Chris Conte, who many morons questioned, we were able to hold onto the win.
    Go Bucs!

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    Lovie coached to win the game which I’m ok with. The defense was playing well and there was no need to risk throwing the ball with a young QB, late on the road in a game we had under control. The playbook will gradually open up once Evans is back full speed and Jameis gets more comfortable. Good win and lets start scheming up the Texans, its on to Week 3.

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    Let’s wait and see what he does against a Texans’ 3-4 defense that has JJ Watt going up against our rookie LT. Will he stay level headed or resort to his bad habits of throwing off if his back foot and forcing the football?

  12. 11


    We performed much better across the board yesterday. The o-line was protecting Winston and opening holes for Martin/Sims, d-line was pressuring Brees, LBs and Secondary were good in coverage. Great performance all around! I too, am waiting for the day we see Koetter open up the playbook. I’m good with being patient and letting Winston develop first though. Next week will be a test of our offense but our defense should have a great chance at having a good game and keeping us in there if the offense struggles. Go Bucs!

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    what a difference a week makes
    Go Bucs!!!

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    I thought Lovie got a little conservative in the 4th quarter but he probably didn’t expect to give the Saints the opportunities that came with Winston’s and Martin’s fumbles. Speaking of fumbles. Anyone notice the three Mariota had on Sunday? For those enamored with the Titans QB. Why don’t those count against him? A turnover is still a turnover.

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