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    What a weird game. Certainly better to be on the winning side of it but just a really weird game. I don’t really believe in karma but it certainly seemed from watching the game like the Cowboys weren’t meant to win that game after that week they had. I’ll take it though!

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    Reminds me of the old Buc ball. Glad to see the defense do well today. I can’t wait to see this all come together, hopefully soon. Go bucs!!!

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    Nice to win on a day when Winston was mediocre or worse. The defense played well, shutting down a good run game. A win in Philadelphia would put us in the chase for the playoffs.

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    This was a huge win and I don’t care how ugly it was at times. Defense played much better. I’ve given Lovie criticism all year and he’s deserved it. He deserves some praise for this game too though. The defense mixed it up and didn’t just sit back and let them pick us apart with slants. Nice mix of blitzes too. Pressed receivers a bit too. Just don’t understand why it takes year and a half to find couple corners capable of starting with all the practices, scrimmages, etc….

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    I’m with the fredster! By any means necessary! Bucs got a lot of breaks today. Strange weekend! Began with the invincible Ronda Rousey loss and ends with the bumbling Bucs win! Who’da thunk it? lol.
    And the Bucs chances in Philly just went up too. QB Sam Bradford left the game with what is believed to be a serious shoulder injury. As of now it looks like the Bucs will face Mark Sanchez. I wish both Sam and Ronda speedy recoveries!

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    Well, Well, Well, we finally did some blitzing and sent a LB or a DB. When you put pressure on the QB things can be stopped. It wasn’t the DB’s; it was the pressure on the QB. Now on to Philly; the ugliest and nastiest fans in football. By the way I focused on McCoy and he was man handled most times; he needs to come back next season with more muscle and weight on his body. Go Bucs!

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      Agree with your assessment of Mccoy Horse as I was watching him all day as well and he was literally being pushed around or off of the play almost every time.

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    What a game. Always a way to make us sweat. Jameis was not so sharp today, but played much bigger in the second half. The picks on those high throws will get him in trouble. But damn he made some big throws as well. When he fumbled at the one, I almost cried and then saw the flag. Great win.
    As for the defense, that is where the credit is due on this one. This secondary has played much better the last two weeks and sterling Moore has really impressed me. My question is, why the hell has he been sitting all season?
    The defensive line was very stout against the run and I think Lavonte and Alexander had nailed their gap assignments all game long. Lavonte looked inspired today. As for Qb pressure, there continued to be none, and the only time we got to cassel was with blitzing. Other than that on most passes cassel had plenty of time to throw.
    Mike only had one drop that I would count and was big again. Humpheries continues to catch first downs and Dye had a beautiful snag out of the air for that first down on the final drive I believe.
    Ugly win no doubt but well take it. Heck even Lovie didn’t missuses his timeouts in this one.
    As for Jenkins I would put a pink slip in his locker for that dumb personal foul play. As for the roughing the passer on Melton, that was just a terrible call.
    Great win!

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    We need to tighten up our offense to end the half. A first play toss with 1 TO and under 1 minute to play was terrible and pretty much ended any shot we had to score. Defense played better not sure why it took us so long to put these DBs on the field but glad it eventually happened. Lavonte showed up today and made some plays. Not sure if McCoy is playing through a tear or if he’s underweight but hopefully he finds a way to make some plays if he’s going to continue to play. I like to see that we are showing the ability to win ugly games bc once it all comes together that will be key. Good win Lovie now let’s see if we can continue making strides in Philly.

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    I think Greg Hardy brought some bad mojo to that team and if that’s the case, it couldn’t happen to a better team or its front running fans or owner.
    I never saw so many brand new jerseys in my life. I’m sure there’s not a Cowboys jersey left in any of the area stores.
    It was great to see all the front running Cowboy fans from Dover, Riverview, Gibsonton and Plant City drive home unhappy.

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      That was the best part drdneast. The Cowboys fans remain smug even with a 2 dash 6 errrr dash 7 team. They all blame the loss of Romo but that’s just one guy for whom they weren’t prepared to lose. Guess their GM (Jerry Jones) isn’t as smart as he thinks. So Cowboy fans, you have a team of high-priced free agents, first round Draft picks and Pro-Bowlers, but not having QB Tony Romo cancels out all of that? What a Texas-sized BS excuse. For crying out loud, we’ve been playing without a star QB for 40 years……until now.

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    Good to see a ‘W’ for my annual trip down from Chicago- no matter how ugly!
    It was pretty annoying sitting in a sea of blue down in the south endzone, though. Another shot at .500 this week- GoBucs!

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