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    You have the secondary guys also listed as TE’s. I like Grimes, but I have trouble believing he’s been to 4 Pro Bowls as a Tight End.

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      Looks like a copy-paste error.

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        Eric Horchy

        Definitely copy-and-paste error. Thanks for pointing it out. It would be nice if the number was four, though.

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    Lack of Pro Bowlers indicates a serious lack of talent in the drafting process.
    Hopefully this will improve as the players Licht has selected mature, improve and make a name for themselves as time goes on.

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    Safety is still an issue for me and I’m keeping my fingers crossed at the DE spots. Go Bucs!

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      Absolutely Horse. You just don’t hear much said about our safeties. Didn’t show much last year and seems we are rerunning with the same group. Hope we can pick up some help there after cut downs.

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    Well, Major wright still has his locker full of junk at One Buc, as I was there last week and noticed. You don’t even hear whether he is even on the team but I think that is telling. I don’t think he is necessarily a bad player but he just has health issues or staying healthy should I say. I am really excited all around this year and I don’t think one bad penalty in the opening game is going to set the tone for this season. Lovie LET that happen last year and it added to his dismise. How can you let your defense turtle up like that after a bad penalty. lavonte said it changed the whole rest of the game for the D. Never again should that happen.

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