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    How does the secondary get a D? Their job is to disrupt the passing game. Ryan was 37-45 for 400 yards. The grade should be F–, that’s eff-minus-minus… Whatever the lowest grade you could give them is what they deserve. Also, what did the D line do to earn a C? Yeah, they finally got to Ryan on the drive in OT, but that game would’ve never gone to OT if they had played above an F grade in regulation.

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    The Bucs couldn’t stop the slant passes all day. I don’t recall the Bucs sending more than four rushers on any pass play. The Bucs continue to make EVERY QB look like a Hall of Famer.

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    Ryan. like many of the QB’s we have faced this year, took short three and five step drops and got the ball out quick.
    Really didn’t see him throw a ball deeper than 10 yards.
    With that in mind, it’s tough for the defensive line to get their hands on the QB for a sack.
    A better tactic might be to rush and then get the hands up to block or tip the pass coming out.
    Because of this factor and also because they held Freeman under 100 yards, I give the DL a C.
    Also, I shouldn’t have to remind anyone of this but the Bucs employ a bend but don’t break philosophy.
    That means you are going to see a lot of yardage pile up like yesterday.
    But Lovie plays the odds and figures if he makes you complete 12 to 14 plays on a drive somewhere along the way your going to mess up and create a turnover.
    That’s actually what happened yesterday to the tune of 4 turnovers.
    At the same time, the coverage should be better but at least our DB’s were in the same time zone yesterday when the receivers caught the ball.

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    “Bend but don’t break” is for losers. You’re not going to win many games where QBs throw for 400 yards on you. How about batting down passes or challenge a receiver once in a while? This defense is one of the worst in the league. Eli will probably have another 6TD outing.

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    I agree with drdneast in employing a bend but don’t break style of defense. It works best when the bending results in FG’s instead of TD’s. Progress not Perfection is the order of the day. I think we should all remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the last 2 drafts were offensive drafts. The offense is starting to click and has improved a lot and are on their way.
    Let’s also remember that Lovie is a disciple of Tony Dungy and the Bucs went on the win the Super Bowl a year after Dungy left and Lovie was a part of those good defenses with Dungy. He has put together a Super Bowl Defense for the Rams after leaving the Bucs. Lets give this staff another year or so to build the defense up. Even though we blew a big lead the last two weeks, we were resilient this week and the defense made the plays to win in the end.
    Even though I want the Bucs to win every week, I’m to the point that i just want them to be in every game, have a chance to win and excite the Bucs Fan base.

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    I think I would break it down this way? DE D- and DT C+; Safety’s F and CB’s C-.

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    “Mike Jennings” is either a hilarious Freudian slip or the sad reality of our secondary….in either case secondary = F…who are we kidding.

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    We all should be well aware that pass defense at all three levels needs to work in unison. I know Horse focuses on the supposed lack of pass rush and at times it is weak. But the problem from my perspective is that the receivers are running uncontested routes making it an easy pitch and catch.The receiver is open so quickly, the ball is out of the QB’s hand before the linemen have a chance to touch him. Watch real quality DB’s defend and then watch ours. Easy observation.

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      Just watched Josh Norman last night and that secondary from Carolina is smacking receivers in the mouth the moment the ball is snapped. Something our guys just aren’t’ doing.

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    I don’t think anyone covered Tammy all day. He was always open. I also noticed every time Ryan got flushed out of the pocket he was able to easily find a wide open receiver. That was very frustrating too. It’s like the defensive backs just froze and looked at Ryan like he was mike Vick in his prime or something and going to rip off a 50 yard run. Lol. Secondary was just horrible as usual. I used to watch Lovies Bears years ago. Defense would get torched, but always seemed to get turnovers. Used to think how stupid. Never press much and bend but don’t break. Can’t have a defense that’s only predicated on turnovers. They will not happen every game no matter how hard you try to force them. We better get this fixed because usually 400 passing yards means 30-40 points easy.

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