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    Verner’s right, we’re in no position to take anyone lightly. I’m anticipating a defensive battle but with Koetter in the mix we should find a way to out scheme the defense and come away with a winning record. Go Bucs!

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    I’ve said it before, I will say it again, all this team needs is the confidence and swagger to be a good team.
    Put together a winning streak and those two attributes will appear.
    Last week the Bucs won a game that they would have lost a year ago which should help some of that attitude.
    Even with his limited experience I believe we have the better QB in Winston.
    Overall I think we have the better defense and offense and Winston already has the confidence the rest of this team needs to feed off of.

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    We need it! Go Bucs!!!

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    A two win streak- aim high Bucs !

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    The Texan’s are 0-2 need a win, and are playing at home. So what. We’ve been there before, and playing at home being 0- whatever didn’t help us win. Sometimes the home team feels more pressure the comfort, see or first game. The Bucs’ won’t be over confident, all they need to do is look at the line. We’re heavy underdogs.

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      I do agree that playing at home doesn’t mean much in the NFL anymore and neither does being 0-2. I don’t watch the Texans enough to have a good enough feel for them to know whether we are going to win this game or not. What I do know is that Mallett sucks, and their best RB, WR, TE, LT and 2nd round pick OG from last year are all hurt. The last time I can remember facing an offense this toothless was the opener in 2013 against the Jets…and we lost. However, the Jets needed the help of the refs with that bogus call against L. David and a stellar run defense to beat us. I suspect the Texans will need both of those to pull out a win on Sunday.

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        Agree with all you said my friend, AS the whole starting unit is practically hurt for the Texans. Strangely enough I like the fact that nobody is still predicting for us to win.
        And that call last year against the Jets was a sign of our whole future last year. Close but no cigar. Hopefully we can pull out those close wins this year.

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    Just win and keep winning and it solves everything. I’m out of the country the next three games and won’t even have a way to find out anything until I get back to the USA. I would love to see us 3-2 when I return. Go Bucs!

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    I unfortunately remember that game pinkstop and you are right except you left out one equation that favored the Jets.
    We had an apparently hung over Josh Freeman starting at QB who couldn’t even call an audible which resulted in three delay of game penalties at the start of the contest.
    Although the communication system went down resulting in our first delay of game penalty, the rest were on Josh.
    Some wanted to blame it on Schiano, but what kind of QB doesn’t know how to call at least a running play so they don’t get hit with another penalty.

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      I totally forgot about that. Ha ha . Josh was the biggest clown ever. His fade into bad habits was remarkable. And the fact that he couldn’t call a play, which we all found out afterward was a sign of his incompetence on the field.
      I always hated that lost smile and clueless look he had on his face when he came off of the field after an interception.

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