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April 21, 2011 @ 10:15 am
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Bucs, Daley Part Ways

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Bucs director of football administration Digger Daley has left the Bucs organization. His contract had expired and Daley is said to want to return to the Cincinnati area for family reasons.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers director of football administration Digger Daley is leaving the Bucs organization. Daley’s contract with the team had expired. He and his family are said to be seeking to return to the Cincinnati, OH area where they are from.

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik hired Daley in the spring of 2009. Daley did not have a background in working in the NFL, and had previously done real estate contract negotiations. Dominik and Daley were personal friends. On the team’s website Daley’s duties were detailed as working on the salary cap, contract negotiations and strategic planning. Daley was described to oversee the budgeting for football administration among other aspects of the football operations. 

Tampa Bay lost their salary cap and lead contract negotiator when Kevin Demoff left the organization to work with the St. Louis Rams shortly after Dominik was made the Buccaneers general manager. Dominik hired Daley to fill that role in his first months as general manager. It is unclear if Daley was offered a contract extension by Dominik and the organization.

The Buccaneers have not decided on an immediate replacement for Daley. One option could be staff member Mike Greenberg. Greenberg had previously worked for the New York Jets and has a background in salary cap management. A year ago Dominik hired a number of new staffers in the Bucs front office including Greenberg.
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    The salary cap guru is responsible for ticket sales? Wow, that's a stretch. Here's the main reason for the drop in season tickets. Timing. The seat deposit came due just when the team was in decline so fans and businesses who signed up for the 1998 season and for the next 10 years didn't renew. Why? because they couldn't afford/risk the investment with the uncertain economy and..........because they thought they could just watch the games on TV. Opps! The Bucs stars from the Superbowl run were aging and leaving without new fan-favorites being drafted, the fans had tired of Allen and Gruden trying to build the team with cast-offs, they were led to believe the Glazers were ready to go belly-up, were more interested in Manchester United and most importantly were practically invisible. Ours is a strange fan-base. Many aren't so much fans of the "team" as much as they become fans of certain "players." That and so many are quick to revert back to their "home-town" team at the first sign of trouble. With an improving team that is developing some new home-grown stars like Freeman, Blount, Williams and others all that's left to do is for the Glazer boys to be a little more public.
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    I hope he has a speedy return to his home area, and Tampa finds a suitable replacement
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    why is this news worthy PR? Nonesense to make this an article..
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    I dont think the front office has that much to do with the fans interest either. All they can really do is lower prices and make the fans as comfortable as they can be while there here. I think the media, such as PR, were leading contributors to the fans decline in interest of the team with all the articles suggesting the Glazers were being cheap blah blah blah.... thinking back to last offseason every other article had something to do with the Glazers and the bucs being at the bottom of the NFL in payroll (was really depressing).... not so much this offseason... thats just my 2 cents.
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    Well, if he had a role in helping to build this organization back up I'm sorry to see him go. Go Bucs!
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    The front office does not have that much to do with sellouts. Either you are winning and the fans are excited, or you are not. When the fans are excited, if they have the financial means, then they go to the games. How well the team controls the salary cap has absolutely nothing to do with a teams attendance. The Rams having zero blackouts actually proves this. There are obviously more fans in St. Louis with the financial means to attend the games.
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    With the essentials of the coaching staff coming back the Bucs are good to go. The front office isn't as important now that the roster has been built up.
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    Mark screwed up by hiring a friend. As Raheem says, "never hire your friends." If the Glazers were smart they would have hired Kevin Demoff to be the president of the team with Dominik as the general manager. Think about it. The Rams had ZERO blackouts last season coming off a terrible season that landed them the first pick in the draft. Again, the worst team in football from 2009 had ZERO blackouts in 2010. That was Demoff's leadership there. The Bucs had all 10 of theirs blacked out. Dominik is good at identifying talent. Demoff is good at managing the cap, and running a team on the business side as well as the football side. Dominik and Demoff would have been a great team in the front office.
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    I may catch a little heat for this but the reason we had the Blackouts were 2 fold: Fans did not support their team and economic conditions. It seems as if the only time the team is supported is when they have won constantly. Think about the Kansas City’s fan base during Haley’s first year the stands were full... Morris first year in Tampa not so much! Don’t continue to pass the blame to the organization when tickets are available for you to support your team if you have the means. As an FYI I do not leave locally therefore the only way I can see our team is with NFL Sunday Ticket every Sunday since 98’!
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    If I'm not mistaken, I think the caption to the pic above should read Daley (left) and Hickey (right), right? In any case, hopefully this departure has no ill effects.
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