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October 13, 2011 @ 3:48 pm
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Olson: I Can Coach Better, We Can Play Better

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Greg Olson addressed the media Thursday and spoke about the problems that have plagued the Tampa Bay offense so far this season. Olson commented the problems don't solely fall on the shoulders of Josh Freeman or Mike Williams.

As the 3-2 Buccaneers approach Sunday’s game with the New Orleans Saints, much has been made of Tampa Bay’s passing game or perceived lack thereof. But through the first five games the Buccaneers are actually outpacing the 2010 squad in that statistical category, averaging almost 16 more yards through the air (225.8) than last season (210.1).

Part of the reason for the perceived gloom and doom is the Buccaneers inability to get their wide receivers more involved in the offense. Running back Earnest Graham is the team’s leading receiver (23 catches, 143 yards), followed by tight end Kellen Winslow (22 receptions, 217 yards).

2010 rookie sensation Mike Williams is admittedly having a poor season compared to his 2010 numbers, where he was second on the team in receptions with 65 and led with 964 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson admires Williams’ willingness to fall on the sword, but says lots of factors are hampering the development of the passing game.

“Mike has big broad shoulders but for Mike to put that all on himself ... we win and lose as a team,” Olson said. “There are a number of reasons why his production is down. It doesn’t just fall on Mike playing poorly. For him to step up and say that, I admire that. Of course everybody in that room feels that way, coaching staff including. We all have got to be better. I certainly admire a guy who would step up and say something like that but that’s not all on Mike Williams.

“We can all play better. I can coach better. I can call better plays. And we will have to in order for us to get better.”

One who also admits he needs to play better is quarterback Josh Freeman. During the entire 16 games of 2010, Freeman threw just six interceptions. Through five games this season the Bucs signal caller has already matched that mark.

"If you’re going to be taking shots down the field, you have to know when to take your chances and when not to,” Freeman said. “It’s something I’m working on. The good thing is it’s not like I’m just throwing blind into coverage. I see everything that I throw and it’s something that’s easily fixable.”

Just like in the case of Mike Williams, Olson refused to throw his player under the bus.

“It falls on everybody, even the two interceptions that were thrown this week,” Olson said. “If you replay it you’ll see there was pressure on him at the time that he threw the ball. But again, it’s about decision-making and us as a coaching staff helping him out in those situations somewhat."

“So there’s still some trial by fire there with him,” Olson went on to say. “He’s still learning the throws he can and can’t make in certain situations and understanding the game and where we’re at in the game; when it’s time to really force the play or not force the play. But we have to help him out. Everyone has to help him out: the linemen up front, the receivers downfield, the backs behind him, the coaches. Everybody. We’re all involved in that.”

Olson continued to reiterate that Freeman’s struggles can be attributed to everyone on the offensive side of the ball.

“It’s really easy when you look at the turnovers last week to look at Josh Freeman,” Olson said. “But when you put in the tape you have to look at the depth of the route [and] the protection up front. There’s a lot that goes into that.”

Decision making – not being too aggressive – is the problem according to Olson.

“We never want to take away his aggressiveness,” Olson said. “But it’s still all about the development of No. 5. We always talk about that. You look at all those guys that he aspires to be -- the Drew Brees, Tom Bradys, Aaron Rodgers -- you never want to take away their aggressiveness. It’s just about making smart decisions. He’s still learning and he’ll be better for it.”

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    Some of you are really funny. San Francisco is no different than us last year? We caught some teams off guard and they didn't realize that we were just good enough to come back and beat them at the last minute. You can look at Mike Williams last year and now Mike Williams this year and they now know how to stop him. Josh is the same way right now? What worked last year is not working this year. I think many fans have said it right; no OTA's and access to the Buc Facility has hurt where we are right now. My biggest concern is that we do not go back to PRE Toney Dungy Era where we were starting to gather talent andwe had no coaching to take that talent and do something with it. After this season Raheem has to make a decision? Do you want to be a Head Coach or a Defensive Coordinator. I think Raheem can be a good Head Coach with some additional coaching help. I think some of the fans are way expecting too much. It's too soon; we still need help and they aren't on the team yet in order to be a consistent winning team. Go Bucs! Go player's and coaches; get better!
  • avatar

    Wow Olson, you can coach so your offense scores more than 3 points? Maybe this week we can get a whole 7!!!! I think Olson is gone after this year, like a previous poster said, he sucks at calling plays that already suck. You can sit and home and literally call every play that's about to happen. We're completely predictable. The only reason we got away with it before is because our line can run block and Blount is a freak. Olson might be in serious trouble this week without Blount to bail him out. New OC in 2012!
  • avatar

    The play calling is way too predictable. May of us would agree that we can see the play call before it even happens. If we, the fans can see it, then defense is already figuring out how to make us one dimensional. This is what happened last week. See, teams don’t have to beat us; we beat ourselves by having Olson as our play caller. If he can’t come up with new plays, well then it’s time for him to go.
  • avatar

    Olson can say Freeman is still learning which is true but he needs to address the real issue which is Cam Newtons high number performances.. The league is full of ego's and Freeman, tho I truly love having him as our QB, is no exception. He was the "big man" in the south last year and Cam stole that spotlight quickly. I think that is putting unnecessary pressure on Freeman to force things, he is not Cam, he is better b/c he is smarter, more accurate and a stronger leader. Cam has the glam with the huge arm and play making skills but he isn't winning games by throwing 400 yards, in fact only Brady & Rodgers have won with 400 yard games, which were shootouts.
  • avatar

    Hey Olsen, if other teams know all of your tendencies, then run plays you have never run before. I hope you haven't used up your whole playbook already? WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!
  • avatar

    trade for steve slaton for a change of pace back and he can catch
  • avatar

    The crowd at Tampa all 21,000 of them just came out and said it is all their fault. "Sometimes I cheer 'Go Defense' and didn't notice the Bucs were on offense". Another fan said "A huge sack happened right when I was drinking my beer, and when I tried to cheer, I just couldn't swallow fast enough." And still another fan said "The hot chick in the pink John Lynch jersey two rows in front of me kept doing that hair flip thing, I couldn't take my eyes off of her and missed the entire 3rd quarter. My bad". Quite frankly, excuses are a bad road to go down; taking on all the blame is a very Romo thing to do. I expect to see a bounceback against New Orleans, maybe not a win, but a great effort.
  • avatar

    I think we can all agree that the coaching and playing couldnt get much worse, logically then its a given that it CAN be better, whether it WILL be better is a different discussion.
  • avatar

    You can do better than having more penalties than points scored? Looking forward to it.
  • avatar

    I said it before, Olsen should play Madden before each game and write down the plays from every team. Fire, this guy and bring in Andy Reid (lol) Olsen, give Gruden his playbook back ASAP. Dink and Donk, Three and out, is alive and well in Tampa. Not one reverse, flea-flicker, option, wishebone, give us something!
  • avatar

    @QueDogg86.. He gave us the wild cat for no reason in the red zone last week which amounted to nothing.. you are right, even Grunden called him out 2 weeks ago about using his old plays which haven't been successful since Rich Gannon was throwing to Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. Williams and Benn will never be that talented, which isn't a bad thing b/c Rice & Brown are among the best ever. Olson needs to go watch Nascar or something with his greasy hair and stupid go-tee.. with that Morris needs to get back to some more Tampa 2 and stop with all this man to man and blitzing, trying to make the QBs beat them.. Painter came damn close and Smith did.
  • avatar

    If I'm figuring out the next play from my living room sofa, ya think the opposing team doesn't have it figured out? duhhhhh. Olsen, your play calling is too predictable! Probably cause you use the same plays on the same downs all thie time!
  • avatar

    "Olson: I Can Coach Better, We Can Play Better" Good to know. Now just go out and prove it!
  • avatar

    I'm glad that Olsen is admitting just like the players that everybody can do better. Big game this weekend. If we keep it close, then we have a chance to win. We see what happens when we don''t. Go Bucs! Get better!
  • avatar

    What is this confessional week at One Buc? First Williams, then Freeman, now Olsen? What's next - Dominik and the Glazers come out and apologize for not doing more in free agency? I personally don't want confessionals, acts of penitence or vows of celibacy......or whatever. How about everybody stepping their game up and showing it on the field and letting that speak for itself!!
  • avatar

    But Olson, what if you just suck at calling plays that suck already?
  • avatar

    @ buctebow. I think the playbook ironically has 2 pass plays, that's it.
  • avatar

    Plus the "everybody go deep play" right!?
  • avatar

    Well the Bucs have two pass plays that have gone over 20 yards this year...which puts them at the bottom of the league...that might be something that you might want to work on, eh?
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