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November 8, 2011 @ 11:12 am
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Morris: "We Flat-Out Got Out-Physicaled"

Written by Pewter
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Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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After reviewing the game tape from Sunday's 27-16 loss to the Saints, Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris said Tampa Bay was beaten by a more physical team. Morris also talked about the self-inflicted wounds caused with numerous mistakes and penalties.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have plenty of issues, new and old, to address following Sunday’s 27-16 loss at New Orleans. Head coach Raheem Morris used Monday afternoon’s press conference to discuss them as the Bucs begin preparing for the Houston Texans’ arrival later this week.

New Orleans trampled the Bucs run defense Sunday with and without Gerald McCoy on the field and totaled 195 yards and 7.0 per attempt. That performance comes two weeks after Tampa Bay was battered by the Bears in London for 177. Morris said the defense’s overall greenness isn’t an excuse he plans to use to explain away the Bucs’ troubles.

“I don’t want to use that excuse. Yesterday we got out-physicaled, no doubt about it. Some positives came out of that game. We sent a ‘backer in there that could tackle against Chris Ivory. He had some pretty good licks in there, talking about Mason Foster. But yesterday, up front at the D-tackle position and at the ends, we got out-physicaled. We got flat-out out-physicaled and that can’t happen.

“And not because of effort or commitment. Those two Pro-Bowl guards showed why they’re Pro Bowlers and those two tackles got a lot of help by chipping backs and tight ends and things of that nature that provided them with some nice double teams that allowed them to have some success.”

Morris also touched on Tampa Bay’s recurring issues with drawing costly penalties. The Bucs tacked on nine more to its season total Sunday afternoon for a total of 80 yards.

“You’ve got a lot of stuff you wanted to get accomplished by controlling the clock, but you’ve got to score touchdowns when you have the ball for 29 minutes. You can have it longer if you don’t have the stupid penalties like the ones we’ve been talking about all season. They continue to pile up and they continue to kill us.

“Not being a finished product and being a young football team, you can’t have those things as far as penalties. We have to clean those up. It’s a must. If you don’t, you won’t win very many football games against good football teams when you play that way.”

Throughout the week leading up to Sunday’s game in New Orleans, Morris and Bucs players spoke often about how the penalty issue was being zeroed in on and running gassers after committing practice infractions. Morris said it’s going to take a deeper, individual commitment from his players to truly get past the problem.

“We actually ran them during practice. The foolish ones have to [be overcome] from inside. That has to come deeper than from running in practice. That has to be not wanting to hurt your team. That has got to be unselfishness. That has got to be all those things; that you care about winning the football game more than you care about anything else. The internal sacrifice. That’s where that has to come from.”

Later in the conference, Morris fielded questions regarding his thoughts on third-year quarterback Josh Freeman’s continued progression. Freeman finished Sunday with a 103.5 passer rating after going 27 of 37 for 281 yards and a touchdown. He bounced back from a four-interception performance in London two weeks ago by protecting the ball and not allowing New Orleans defenders to flip possession, but Morris said he needs more from Freeman in the season’s second half.

“Obviously [he’s] not playing his best football, but at the halfway point he’s got a chance to let his team go and win eight more games. All his guys believe in him and I know this whole organization does. We just want him to be great and we’re going to help him get there.”

In terms of Freeman’s leadership abilities, Morris said that while his quarterback has his team’s commitment, it’s an all-around trait that is being shared.

“He’s been very vocal with those guys. He’s been trying to evolve, but sometimes with the quarterback you really need somebody else to do that. Yesterday some of those guys did that. [Center Jeff Faine] did a nice job of stepping into the huddle and saying, ‘Everybody calm down.’ Then Josh said, ‘Cool, let’s go get this thing rolling,’ and they were able to move the football well. We just have to be able to score points and score touchdowns versus the Saints. We were able to score points. Out of eight drives they scored three, but they have to be able to score touchdowns. Can’t miss those ops.”

-Eric Horchy and Mark Cook

Last modified on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 11:23

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    I think we need to have Josh Johnson start the games first entire series with their Wildcat package. It would catch the other team off guard and we can't possibly start worst than we have with Free. I think the biggest issue with bringing him in for one play is that we always run off out of the formation and the defense is expecting that. If we bring him in for a whole series, he can throw and run so the defense doesn't know what to anticipate. JJ is a great passer as evident in his 40-1 TD/Int rate from his senior year in college.
  • avatar

    He's flat out getting outcoached. Maybe that's a new word he can pick up.
  • avatar

    Roger that, surferdudes. I wish the Bucs would tune in - the commentators could feed them the adjustments they should be making. Sad but true.
  • avatar

    Lynch did a great job pointing out our flaw's all game, he did the same during the pre season. I remember how he'd always say Watson was our best L.B., and needed to start. He correctly saw the Saints down to one corner, and like us couldn't believe we didn't go after them.To bad Lynch isn't our coach.
  • avatar

    Please show some respect "Selmon" and stop dishonoring the great #63 by your juvenile remarks that you only seem to subject us to after a loss.
  • avatar

    I started off after McCoy was drafted, moaning/groaning/complaining; but then I just decided to give the GM and HC 12 months to get this team together. This is going to be a challenge for the GM because a DC would bea nice hire and the HC could use some additional guidance. In my opinion, the HC needs to stop being the players buddy because that only gets you so far. Discipline and practicing is what improves penalties not just talk and going thru the motions. It's time for our HC to be an adult head coach. I like Raheem and I have confidence that he can make this turn. He is almost there.
  • avatar

    More absolute predictable drivel from the usual posters. "Quit being optimistic and tell it like it is Rah!" Brilliant statement! Sure, let's tell the fans and your team that you don't think it's possible to win the next eight games. That's a pick-me-up for everyone huh? It actually IS possible for any team in the NFL (Bucs included) to win the next 8 games. All it takes is execution and belief. It's only losers like yourself who don't believe it's possible. You'd make a great coach. "rolleyes" New Orleans came out and kicked our butt but let's face it, it's tough to beat a team like the Saints twice and they just flat outplayed us. It happens. Raheem was absolutely right, we moved the ball on offense until stupid penalties, missed passes or dropped passes killed us. We racked up a lot of offense but defensively we were like a leaky faucet against the run. Tackling was terrible. On the other hand, if you're saying that Rah was out coached this game then you must be admitting that he out coached Peyton the first time we played them right? Or maybe that was just luck huh? Anyway, you guys are always good for a laugh! Thanks.
  • avatar

    Yes exactly. The problem is not 100% Raheem, its the inconsistency that stems from a young team not having an identity or proper leaders on the field and in the locker room. Did you see the same passion and energy on Sunday that you saw the game at RayJay when the Bucs won? It was night and day. Just like the game plan which then was aggressive and in your face. Players were playing possessed, I saw coaches fired up and into every series. After the bye week and getting some players back, I expected the same type of intensity. We just didnt have it and I blame that on the coach. I don't accept losses simply because "they happened". The games appear alot closer than they really are and its blinding people to how much further we have to go to truly compete again.
  • avatar

    No, what's good for a laugh is this coaching staff and people who want to say it's okay to be outcoached week after week. If Rah was a good coach, he would have his team prepared at the start of a game, and change according to what is happening in the game, not follow a suspect game plan that is based on what they believe to be the opponents tendencies. Harbaugh in San Fran, he has his team fired up at the start of games, why can't we wish the coach of the team we root for does the same?
  • avatar

    Pretty much the same thing I said after the game. It just looked like the Saints wanted it more from the get go. I do think some of you are flying off the handle a bit. I'm mad we lost last week too and I placed blame where it belonged after the game just like the rest of you. But it's too early in the season to be calling for the heads of the coaches. If Olsen continues with questionable play calling then maybe he needs to go at the end of the season. Morris I like as a head coach and I also like his defensive scheme (but not always his play selection). Him I want to keep through at least the 2012 season. I want to see how he does once he has fully assembled his defense with a real WLB and a 3rd CB who is better than Biggers.
  • avatar

    I have tried to be patient but 8 games in, the wheels are officially off in my eyes. The level of detail put into each week's gameplan is clearly lacking and its costing the team games and leading to sloppy performances each week. Why doesn't anyone address the fact we run the play clock to zero every play, even when we are losing by multiple scores? That is not the two minute drill in my book. When the opposing team loses both starting CB why not put 3 WR out there and challenge them with deep throws. People challenge Biggers every week and win more often than not. We aren't we doing that? And don't tell me its the WR quality. Freakin Roy old man Williams of the Bears torched Biggers for a score in London. Its about the right route called in the huddle and the QB getting the ball there, which I think Freeman was born to do. On DEF one week we get turnovers and make plays and the other week we get gashed. It appears that sometimes we get too smart with our calls and the second we let up the pressure with blitz and press coverage we get lit up. It doesn't help that our DLine is young and banged up and our OLB are atrocious at shedding blocks. And please someone get Talib off the field. He avoids making tackles like the plague, with that much raw talent he shouldnt be that soft or lack any focus. Raheem specialty is DB yet I see Talib suck every week without repercussion. Top tier CBs make plays even when the ball is not thrown their way. Talib could care less what happens if the ball isnt thrown to his WR. I am done with him.
  • avatar

    The comments posted here are right. Still no accountability from Raheem. Keep hearing excuses that its the players making mistakes and getting "outphysicaled". Please stop making up words and focus on putting together an actual game plan for once that looks like you studied the upcoming team instead of saying stupid things like "You dont gameplan for Sproles and Graham, you try to stop Brees." Right, that worked well.
  • avatar

    Our coaches need to take responsibility for the product on the field. The Bucs are easy to game plan. We are way tooooo predictable!
  • avatar

    I don't think Raheem or Olsen should be fired. I do think Raheem should've accepted some blame for the defense though. Every week we go into a game short at a position, we seem to have the starter for that position get hurt. ie Bears game and saints game. We wonder why Price and Miller were getting gashed. Who else plays DT? The DE's were subbing for them, well who gives the DE's a rest. The Bucs need depth. They get to activate a extra player every week now because of the 3rd QB rule, please use this to your advantage. PS I don't see how we can stop the Texans without Andre Johnson let alone with him. Freeman doesn't have the range of weapons to keep up with them either. This should be a blow out.
  • avatar

    Lynch would make a great D coordinator - he picked up on saints CB problems and other adjustments our staff missed during the game. Get a new O coordinator - Olson running warmed over gruden scheme. Bring in Rhonde once he retires.
  • avatar

    And I forgot to mention Raheem's stupidity saying 'He's got a chance to win the next 8 games.' HEY STUPID FOCUS ON THE NEXT GAME LIKE EVERY OTHER COACH IN THE LEAGUE. Your fans are sick of hearing your hollow impossible optimism. Tell it like it is, not how you wish it was. And Gruden got a lot of crap for saying one thing and doing the other. This guy doesn't stop running his mouth and his team follows suit. Every team is a reflection of their head coach. We have a problem with personal fouls after the whistle and dumb penalties? Maybe it has something to do with our coach never shutting up and the questionable content constantly flowing from his mouth. SHUT UP AND COACH.
  • avatar

    Out-physicaled and out-coached, Raheem. If you're going to criticize the players you better be critical of the guy who chose the players and the people in charge of the players, i.e. the GM and the coaching staff.
  • avatar

    I'm sorry to say it, but we are going to get GASHED by arian foster this week. No McCoy and nobody capable of coming in. I like brian price and I know he's had an extremely tough road coming back from his injury, but he's got to stay on the field. Too many times I saw him with on the sideline gasping for air. Another note, I don't have much confidence in this offense the rest of the season and it's not because we arent talented enough. Olsen has got to go. How many times is he going to run an end around with A. Benn. I think this might be 5 games in a row he did that and I don't think we have gained a single yard. Everytime he comes in motion he gets the ball. He's got to run a counter play off that or something. and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop with the wild cat. what a pathetic play bringing josh johnson in and running a very weak college play. Things need to be figured out in a hurry. Im also getting tired of Raheem taking no accountablilty for anything. He just says we gotta get these penalties cleaned up, yet it gets worse every week. Kellen Winslow is not a team player. He wants his and isn't happy unless he's getting his touches. I SERIOUSLY hope I am wrong, but I can easily see this being a 7-9 season........go bucs
  • avatar

    I previously wrote a comment on the inability of the Bucs coaches to game-plan for differnt opponents, thus we have terrible first halfs.. If you watched the game I'm sure you heard John Lynch durinig a series of plays, mention that the Saints lost a corner and the Bucs should use the opportunity to use a three wide formation, placing pressure on the safeties..Yet the Bucs never reacted and kept running the same old plays. Later lynch stated that evidently the Bucs didn't recognize that the Saints were playing with just one corner.. What does this tell you about the quality of our coaching staff when a commentatot on tv sees it at once and it slips by the attention of the Bucs for about a dozen plays until the injued corner returned to the lineup..
  • avatar

    what a idiot raheem sucks
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