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January 26, 2012 @ 2:12 pm
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Schiano Tries To Buck Trend Of College Coaches That Fail In NFL

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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New Bucs head coach Greg Schiano is trying to do something that very few have been able to do – successfully make the leap from the college ranks to the NFL and be a consistent winner. Pewter Report analyzes a list of some big-name coaches that have tried and failed, with one exception – Jim Harbaugh.
With the Buccaneers hiring Rutgers’ Greg Schiano as the franchise’s ninth head coach, Tampa Bay hopes his path to the NFL goes smoother than other coaches who tried to make the leap from college to the pros, but failed. Former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh has had the most recent success, taking San Francisco to the NFC Championship Game in his first season as an NFL head coach.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent college coaches that have tried to find success in the NFL. Most have not had much luck, and the Bucs are banking on Schiano following in Harbaugh’s footsteps rather than become one of the litany of others that have failed to win in the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh
Stanford Cardinal to San Francisco 49ers in 2011

Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback in Chicago and Indianapolis, left Stanford to make the jump to the pros as a head coach this season where he led the 49ers to a 13-3 record and an appearance in the NFC Championship Game. Harbaugh was 29-21 for the Cardinal and turned the Pac-10 doormat into a top 5 team in just four years.

Pete Carroll
Southern Cal Trojans to Seattle Seahawks in 2010

Carroll compiled a 7-9 record and won the NFC West in his first year as the Seahawks head coach. Carroll has been an NFL head coach two other times in addition to his position in Seattle. He went 6-10 with the New York Jets (1994) and 27-21 with the New England Patriots (1997-99). Carroll is currently 14-18 in two years in Seattle.

Bobby Petrino
Louisville to Atlanta in 2007

Petrino disgracefully quit the Falcons in his first season after compiling a 3-10 record in 13 games. He abruptly left Atlanta to take the head coaching position at Arkansas where he has remained since the 2007 season. Petrino’s 2011 Razorbacks team only lost to national championship game members Alabama and LSU and finished in the top 5.

Lane Kiffin
USC Trojans (offensive coordinator) to Oakland Raiders in 2007-08

Kiffin was a horrible failure with the Raiders, publicly clashing with owner Al Davis and compiling a 5-15 record before being fired during his second season in Oakland. After one year in Tennessee in 2009, Kiffin returned to USC in 2010 to become the school’s head coach where he has been successful.

Nick Saban
LSU Tigers to Miami Dolphins in 2005

Saban left LSU to take over the Dolphins, but went a dismal 15-17 in two seasons before resigning. Saban’s abrasive personality didn’t sit well with NFL players. He took over as Alabama’s head coach in 2007 and has won two national titles, including one this past season.

Dennis Erickson
Oregon State Beavers to San Francisco 49ers in 2003

Erickson is a long-time college coach who dabbled a bit in the NFL with the 49ers, going 9-23 before being fired after just two years. The San Francisco stint was his second NFL job, after a previous stop with Seattle. After leaving the 49ers, Erickson went to Idaho for a year in 2006 before becoming the head coach at Arizona State from 2007-11.

Steve Spurrier
Florida Gators to Washington Redskins in 2002

Spurrier left the University of Florida to replace Marty Schottenheimer as the Redskins coach in 2002. He lasted just two seasons before realizing that the successful passing attack he had with the Gators wouldn’t work in the NFL. Spurrier resigned after going 12-20 in two years. He has since been successful at South Carolina.

Mike Riley
Oregon State Beavers to San Diego Chargers in 1999

Riley left Oregon State after a two-year stint as the Beavers head coach in 1997-98 to lead the Chargers. Riley lasted just three years in San Diego before being fired after compiling a 14-34 record. After one year as an assistant in New Orleans, Riley returned to Oregon State in 2003 where he has led the Beavers to five bowl victories in six opportunities over the past nine years.

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    Enjoyed Bucsguy's long comment, and think this new hire is just what the Dr. ordered. The last Coach of Faith was Dungy and he did wonders in rebuilding the Bucs and making them ready to win a Super Bowl. I like Schiano's emphasis on doing the little things right, the way he ran his team at Rutgers, his enthusiasm, and his discipline and humor. If the owners keep their promise to bring in the free agents we need, and DOM continues to draft great from top to bottom, and especially with our high position this year, and a softer schedule due to our down year last year, this could be just what we need to get the fans back in the stadium again. The young guys need a great teacher and I understand he is equally good at building young leaders on the team, and everyone knows what great defenses he had at the U--and marked improvement at defense is a must for the Bucs. After he watches the film from the Bucs season last year, I bet he can figure out he really needs to make changes at line backer, get a great young CB, teach strong fundamentals and physical play, and get in a talented Offensive Coach, I am already excited about this coming year!!!!
  • avatar

    He had 2 top 11 defenses when he was at the U and the guy comes highly recommended from some respected sources, and when I was in high school Rutgers was seriously one of the worst squads in the nation. Schiano turned them around and competely flipped the culture, am I saying he is gonna be awsome "no" but he might be, but that is the same risk that you take with anybody you hire yeah a lot of coaches that come from college dont turn out to hot, but the same can be said of a allot guys that come from other tams in the NFL where they were coordinators. There are no guarantees, I mean even "the hoodie" was a bust in Cleveland so dont be a hater because allot of us our excited because Schiano fits the Criteria of what we feel the team needs. I think we have talent and with the addition of another LB, a CB maybe a guard, a healthy Grimm and Tanard with a whole off season, a change of pace RB and deep threat wr we can be really good. Now I know this list seems long but really it is pretty attainable here is how- sign Desean Jackson and one of the New Orleans guards( both are FA's and they can only afford one) then draft Claiborne from LSU no.5 rnd 1then L. James from Oregon or Zach Brown LB from NC with the no.4 in rnd 2(if both are there i go Brown) Then in the 3rd go with a speedy back if you went Brown or a LB if you took James. Withe the 5, 6 and 7 add depth to the Spec Teams. We were 10-6 and have guys that needed the off season they missed last year. I watch every game and really believe that we have the players to be competitive it was just a down hill spiral they got caught in last tear but This squad beat the saints and Atlanta last year and beat the Saints the year before and should have beat the Falcons twice but they lacked accountability and focus, How many 3rd down penalties killed us and i mean on both off and def that comes back to coaching, I dont think they will make those mistakes with a disciplinarian like Schiano in charge. This team has the bones to be tight Adrian Clayborn is good and Dequan Bowers really came on when he was given opputunities if Price has a off season to get himself in shape and back down to his playing wieght and McCoy can not tear a biceps then we have a rock hard Dline give the LBs another weapon like a Zach Brown who will slip because of potential attitude problems( that will be fixed by a guy like Schiano) get Clayborn with Talib(hopefully not locked up) and Biggers as the nickel then a healthy Grim and Tanard who is one of the best FS in the league when he is right, and the D is stacked. And if Free has a deep threat and a RB that he can dump too if needed and we add another pro bowl caliber guard we can really get up and down the field so I have a good feeling about what we can be and in a hurry. GO BUCS
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    How was Nick Saban's record "dismal" when it was the best one on here except for Jim H?
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    Your waking up now Glazer boys. And you just realized what happened after you finished that fifth of scotch with your good buddy Doms. It started sort of well. You hit on the moderately hot girl, Kelly something, but she teased and then shot you down... Dom's got you to drink some more and and the beer-goggles got so thick you found the girl alone in the back of the bar. Dom's pushed you over to her; The lonely girl under the bad lighting... We've all been there Glazer boys. You fell for the fat sloppy girl... But it's worse then that... So much worse... Fellas, you've woken up married to her.
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    Has anybody heard if any of these coaches that was interview that has not been hired would come on board to be offensive or defensives coaches!
  • avatar

    GREAT HIRE!!! I love this guy when he was at THE U great defensive mind most if not all of his players that get drafted make in the league players like Dan Morgan,John Vilma,Ed Reed,Ray Rice,K.Britt just to name afew.AGAIN GOOD HIRE GO BUCS!!!!!
  • avatar

    Lets not give Harbaugh alot of credit yet. The by line is consistent winner. This is his first year. Gruden was pretty successful his first year and we know where that went.
  • avatar

    I like that Rutgers was so patient with him. How many Coaches get until their fifth season to get their 5th win? The Bucs will need to give him 4 years at least before we should give him the pressure of 8 and 8 expectations. And I think it's great we are willing to take a shot at a guy who has finished tied for second twice in just 11 years. Schiano would have won the Big East at least once in the next decade so when he struggles for the first few years be patient. We stole a future Big East Conference Champion (probably)! Also, we just have to remember that he did finish one and six in the Big East just two years ago so we can't rush him thinking he's going to win our Division. We don't play in the AFC West! I'm excited that we will at least get to be drafting very high (top 5) for at least 3 more years!
  • avatar

    I may even like the choice of McNulty as the OC. Not sure if that is where they are going, but that might really help our WR's and entire offense. He is the WR coach in Arizona and you should see the list of WR's he has coached. The offense he ran at Rutgers with Schiano was record-breaking. Here is a brief list of the WR's he has coached: Amani Toomer, K. McCardell, Jimmy Smith, K. Britt and, of course, L. Fitzgerald ! ! ! Most reaching all-pro status with him as coach. He even had a stint at a very small school right out of college where his WR was an all-american! Let's go Bucs and hire a quality staff ! ! ! ! !
  • avatar

    I like the hire too ! ! It will be very important for him to get OC and DC's with NFL experience. He can steer the ship and keep it on course, while being stern and demanding, but he needs help with the nuances of the NFL. I do like that he has at least coached at this level, even as a position coach, so he knows what to expect. Hopefully he will assemble a great staff. Maybe the hoodie can help suggest some position coaches for him too. GO BUCS ! ! ! I'm all in and ready to support you guys!!
  • avatar

    Good coach!!Lets Go Bucs!!!!!!! Belichick gave him a good review thats good enough for me .He knows a thing or two about coaching and winning in this league.
  • avatar

    That is then but I believe that this coach is a new breed from the college ranks, He had a strong program up there. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I like his enthusiasm and fire. Will wait and see about a new staff. Hope he can get the Cards Receivers coach for OC.
  • avatar

    "bulldog johnny" sounds like the name of a gay porn star. allegedly.
  • avatar

    I like the hire - they did just about the best they could given the circumstances. I'm cautiously optimistic, and I think this guy can get us headed the right direction.
  • avatar

    Yeah...Zimmer is soooooo good that he was snatched up immediately as a HC wasn't he??.......NO???? Well then shut your pie hole dude. This was a good hire. You didn't get the guy you wanted...too bad tiny tears.
  • avatar

    I SO agree,,Belicheat is such an out going caring humanitarian. I'm sure his only interest is helping the Bucs get a great coach.. lmao And turning a 2nd level suck butt program into the mediocre powerhouse it is WOW another amazing accomplishment....and since he has so many great relationships with current NFL coordinators he shouldn't have any difficulty getting quality coaches and killer OC & DC coordinators .... Unlike Zimmer who has been IN the NFL longer than the Jersey Shore Hero has in college... Looks like the curse is still active..Please Doug forgive us..
  • avatar

    Excellent pick! I'm all in.I heard that Butch Davis, former North Carolina HC may be the DC. If we could get that Robert Quinn/Marvin Austin type of defense, the glory days will be back. The OC will be the most critical piece of the puzzle. If we nail that one, we're gonna be scary and soon!
  • avatar

    Yessss !!!! Really happy with this hire ... Go get a good staff. I'm looking forward to see his Offensif Coordinator and QB coach ... GO BUCS, GET BETTER, FIRE THE CANONS !
  • avatar

    Come On Man ???????????????????? Will See Dog
  • avatar

    I agree with the both of you pinkstob & iabucfan. Lets rebuild this war ship from the ground up with our new head coach.....GO BUCCS 2012!!!!!!
  • avatar

    Schiano will buck the trend. He is an awesome coach. I've been following Rutgers and rooting for them ever since they became nationally ranked in '06. He really knows how to manage his team and his players. One example is during a game at the end of last season his team was really rattled. He huddled them all up on the sideline and made everyone take a deep breath. He took it with them and you could see everyone's shoulder pads rising and falling in unison. I've seen Schiano chew players out before but he knew that's not what his team needed right then. A good coach knows how to check the temperature of his team and get them on the same page. The team went out and played great. So will the Bucs in the near future!
  • avatar

    I wonder if FA Ray Rice would like to play for the Bucs now that his former college HC is now coaching the Bucs. Would be a sweet deal to get Ray Rice and draft Justin Blackmon if he gets the #5 pick. The Bucs might also draft Mohammad Sanu now at WR also since he is from Rutgers.
  • avatar

    YES YES YEAH YES YES!!! This is who I wanted from the very beginning! I called it! Go Bucs! Great pick! I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!
  • avatar

    I agree with you, pinkstob. He turned around a struggling program. Heck, Rutgers was considering dropping the football program before he got there. Belichek gave him a good review. That's good enough for me. Belichek has forgotten more more football than all of us know. Go Bucs!
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