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July 27, 2012 @ 12:21 pm
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Schiano Touts Miller, Okoye And Gibson To Fill Price's Role

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Friday's opening day of training camp. Schiano touched on the heat, the adjustments the team will be forced to look at with the trade of Brian Price, and the team's conditioning test results.
Greg Schiano’s opening statement:

“It was a good first day. Guys put forth great effort, not only today but yesterday in meetings, and now we get into the grind and just reload and do it again and meet and sleep and practice and eat and practice and meet and that’s training camp. We need to make sure it’s productive and efficient and that we’re getting better every step of the way.”

Did the heat take a higher toll than expected today?

“No, I think with the fact that you’re in a one-a-day practice, the new CBA, it really quite frankly would be better to have two (practices) instead of burning them up, but we have to get the work on so really, you saw we had two five minute breaks, that was our attempt to work through it and we’ll get better at it. We’ll get accustomed to it, and get acclimated again and that’s got to become an advantage of ours as we progress without running ourselves down at the same time.”

What are your thoughts on the defensive tackle position?
“Just as the depth chart, what’s listed on the depth chart with Roy (Miller) and Gary (Gibson) and Amobi (Okoye) and how we mix and match there. It is a little different now, instead of just playing left tackle and right tackle. We have a nose guard and a tackle so there is a difference. Guys are going to have to cross-train, though. With the limited numbers in pro football you have to have cross-over backups, so they will. You always would like to have more depth, but I feel comfortable. I think what we do is going to help both of them (Miller and Okoye) in the scheme. I think Gary is going to be good in the scheme as well.”

Will more fall on Gary Gibson and Roy Miller at nose tackle?

“Amobi is more natural as a three-technique, but guys can play other things. (Wallace) Gilberry is playing all over the place as well. That’s part of what we’re trying to get to in training camp – who fits best where. Again, we still haven’t hit anybody. We’ve been here six months and we haven’t played off a block. I’m interested in seeing that.”

What was the last straw with Brian Price?
“With Brian or anybody else, I look at things as there’s never any one factor unless there’s such a heinous thing that you hope you never have to deal with that. I look at everybody’s body of work and are they a fit for the Buccaneers, what we’re trying to be, who we’re trying to be. Just because you’re not a fit for us, doesn’t mean you’re not a fit for somebody else. Mark and I feel like the best thing for him and the best thing for us was to find a new place and it worked out well.”

How much was on the field and off the field factored into the Price decision?
“When you talk fit, you talk everything. Because we are football coaches and football players, on the field is ultimately what we get judged by. I think what affects on the field is everything – the whole person. So when I talk about body of work, I talk about everything involved.”

What are your thoughts on Roy Miller?
“He’s a very powerful guy. If put in the right kind of position, he can use that power to his advantage. Is he the elongated pass rusher? No. You stand right beside him, you can see that. But I think there’s a lot of things he can do for us in our scheme to be effective.”

Talk about Josh Freeman’s performance today and whether heat was a factor as he had to step out a couple of times.
“Josh was pushing himself really hard and I think he felt a little nauseous, so nothing big. I think he’ll be fine.”

Do you agree that the tempo was at a high level than it would be during a game?
“Maybe. Certainly there’s going to be a lot more resistance during a game than there was too. The other team will be going at it just the same as we are.”

How did the conditioning slackers that didn’t pass the conditioning test do?
“I know what you’re driving at with our conditioning test and the slackers, but we don’t have any slackers. That’s one thing, but I never have and never will go into the specifics of this guy did this and that guy did that because that’s internal stuff. Otherwise you should open it up and let everyone see it, but I do think everybody had a level of conditioning that you can go out and practice football with and not risk injury. Now it’s a matter of can you pass the test and everybody’s in good enough shape to pass the it and have past it at this point, which I’m pleased with.”

Are you okay with the group that didn’t pass the test yesterday?
“Everybody’s past it, so we are moving [forward]. The track team is done and now it’s football. Everybody has passed the conditioning test except for the guys that are injured.”

What kind of progression do you hope to see over the course of training camp?
“It’s another opportunity to install our schemes – offense, defense, and special teams. I think every time you do that guys become more familiar with the little subtleties. So that’s one thing, and installing it in a classroom, that’s nice but you got to go out there and do it. Not talk about it or watch it on video, but go out and do it and put your own video together. That’s really what’s critical now, that, and what I talked about the other day. The most important thing is this thing coming together, as a team, as a family. That’s pressing through two hours and forty minutes in the heat, that’s how it happens. Doing the easy things doesn’t really bring you together, it’s doing the tough stuff.”

Did any particular group excel or stick out in today’s practice?
“Well, as a head coach that’s a trick question, right? Because if one stuck out, then usually one didn’t. So when I saw the deep balls go flying over our head for touchdowns a couple times, that excites me for a second, and then I remember who’s defending it and that gets a little discouraging. So there were some things out there, I thought we hit some big plays offensively which is good. But again, everything is different than a game. There’s no live pass rush. This is purely practice, building repetitions, trying to create habits. The reality of a game is certainly different. So, like a fan, I get excited when a nice flashy bomb lands in the hands [of a receiver]. But the reality is there’s a lot of work to be done, which is fine. That’s where we are, that’s practice one and guys are working their tails off. It’s not very pretty right now, but it’ll get better and that’s why you practice.”

-Mark Cook, Andrew Scavelli and Haley Cornish contributed to this report
Last modified on Friday, 27 July 2012 19:43

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    Miller is a backup only. We need a starter.
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    Miller has shown MUCH less talent AND heart than Price did. So let's keep Miller and get rid of Price. Don't talk about "family" to me Schiano!
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    Miller has not been able to fill the position yet, so one of the New guys will have to but truthfully they need to get a DL if they want to compete defensively this year because there is no Guarantee that McCoy is going to be worthwhile either.
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