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October 21, 2012 @ 4:09 pm
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Schiano Says Loss To Saints Falls Back On Coaching

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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A frustrated Greg Schiano met with the media following Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Saints 35-28. Schiano talked out the defensive issues, the inability to score on four downs from the one-yard line and the questionable last play of the game, among other subjects.
An obvious unhappy Greg Schiano took to the podium minutes after the Buccaneers 35-28 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Below is complete transcript from the press conference Sunday afternoon.
Last play, do you guys think he got pushed out of bounds?

“It’s on the other side you know, I really can’t see it. If it was (then it is) illegal touching.”

You could not tell?
“No there is 22 guys between me and the play, I couldn’t see it.”

Can you talk about Blount being the goal line back and what was the thoughts behind running it three times?
“Whether he is or he isn’t certainly we think he is because you know that’s why he is in there at the time. We are doing everything we can to score. You have to constantly evaluate that stuff through our evaluation that was what we believed. I’d have to take a look at it. I can’t tell you why those plays didn’t work down there but that was certainly a big part of the game.”

What doe this game come down it? Does this game come down to those missed opportunities on offense or the fact that your defense couldn’t stop them enough?
“All I think as it always does, it’s a team game. You make one stop or you put the ball in. Look if we score there and kick the PAT, it’s still a tie game someone has got to win. We are still playing football so there are no guarantee you win. We did some really good things and we made enough mistakes today to. We made more mistakes today on “d”, I won’t exaggerate and say combined all year but, certainly the most of any game. We got to do a better job coaching it; we got to do a better job playing it. Unfortunately the combination of those things, missed opportunities. My hats off to New Orleans they found a way to win.”

What were those mistakes on defense?
“Some coverage mistakes, some pass rush things. We weren’t as precise as we needed to be. Again hats off to New Orleans they did some things that stress you a little bit defensively and we didn’t handle it as well as I anticipated. Comes back to coaching, you have to have them ready to do those things. I have to as a head coach I have to get our guys ready to adjust to that more quickly, better, however you want to say it.”

In the first half on third down it seems like you guys rushed three guys a lot:
“It’s a mix. When you have a guy like Drew Brees you have to mix it up. The one thing you can’t do is give him ‘a look’ because he will just pick you apart, and he may pick you apart anyway but he will definitely do it if you have one look.”

They lined up for the field goal and your team got the unsportsmanlike penalty?
“They called unsportsmanlike conduct and you know I’m never going to get into the officiating other than I believe that I know that rule. I will leave it at that.

Did they say you did an illegal shift?
“It was unsportsmanlike conduct is what they called.”

Doug Martin came out of them game it looked like he had some kind of a leg injury is that why he wasn’t in that series of plays down by the one?
“Well again I’m not going to get into who we are going to play and who we are not, but Doug is going to be okay I believe.”

What was your feeling about the last play, and how the game ended?
“Well I was very excited that we scored. Obviously we are going for one and I’m thinking about overtime and whose going to go do the coin toss and how we are going to go and all that. That quickly left my mind when I saw the one official with his hat off. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what that equals.”

Did you have an opportunity to talk to Mike and ask if he got pushed out?
“It really doesn’t matter. What’s called is called, you live with it. There is nothing you can do about it. So whether he did or didn’t we will see it on tape. That’s life.”

Is that the receiver’s job to fight to stay in?
“I don’t know what happened. If someone shoves you out of bounds then fight to stay on well that guys shoving you. I didn’t see what happened. Certainly if you just run out of bounds without anyone forcing you than no doubt. It’s a competitive environment there pushing and shoving I’m sure. I can’t tell you because I didn’t see it but I saw the catch.”

You said earlier you felt confident that your offense could pace with the Saints in a shootout:
“I am really pleased. Our quarterback had tremendous output and production. Again missed opportunities both defensively, offensively, and even in the kicking game. If you make one of those plays who knows. Again we are sitting here 2-4 now and we are saying this old song and dance that’s the way it is until we find a way to change it. Close but no cigar we got to get it better.”

– Lauren Levine contributed to this report

Last modified on Sunday, 21 October 2012 17:24

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    I seriously hate these things where the coach has them do "odd" things. The entire shift got called for unsportsmanlike conduct. His kill the center on the victory formation is another gripe for me. I think Coach has a screw loose, and he thinks he is coaching high school somewhere. What's next? A kick return where the whole team runs into a big bunch of guys and then breaks and the coverage team doesn't know who has the ball. Maybe run the play where the QB fakes like he called a timeout, starts walking to the sidelines, and center it to the halfback when the defense relaxes? I am tired of this gimmicky crap. But then 1st and goal and you run the same play 3 times? Hmmmm. What's Sam Wyche doing these days? At least his weird stuff was funny. Also, why not take the 3 points? Early third quarter not down by twenty. Take the points!
  • avatar

    Curious why pushing a WR out of bounds isn't a penalty but if pushed in the middle of the field might draw a pass interference penalty. We didn't lose because the TEAM couldn't get # 27 in the end zone, not because the playcall was wrong. We lost because the defense got nowhere near Drew Brees and at times our secondary and LB's were nowhere near the receivers. Missing that 42 yard field goal didn't help and neither did that penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for trying to get the Saints to jump. Hmmmmm, seems to me Brees tried to get the Bucs defense to jump on their 4th down play. Perhaps the Commissioner is trying to show the Saints a little favoritism with his case against them unraveling.
  • avatar

    Once again we have a coaching stall who is learning at the games expense. How do you have a penalty like the one on the goal line?
  • avatar

    4 plays inside the 5yd line and they run three in a row in the I formation. What a waste of an opportunity. Bad Coaching was definitely the reason. Bucs have to give different looks when it is an obvious run. They are way too easy to defend against.
  • avatar

    Actually, seat26, I disagree. As a fan, I've always been of the mindset that you have to be who you are first. We are a team that wants to live on a power run game. Right or wrong, that's the philosophy. When you get first and goal from the 1 and consider your O line to be a strength and the other team's run stopping to be a weakness, I'm totally okay with having the attitude that you're going to get off the ball and your line is gonna have to execute to get you one yard. The calls weren't bad; the execution was, and that needs to be addressed. LGB was hit in the backfield on every one of those. Penetration came through the middle of the line AND from the perimeter. Horrible execution, good mindset. Honestly, I almost wanted them to run it again on 4th down, although I totally understand why we passed there. Tough to beat your head against a wall AGAIN after you've been stuffed thrice previously. But I don't blame LGB, and I don't blame the playcalls. If you can't earn one yard on 4 tries running the ball, then you don't deserve to win the game - plain & simple.
  • avatar

    Sucks, that's all I got.... Go Bucs!!! next wk. Pittbullbuc.
  • avatar

    I totally agree with what the Coach said.
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