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December 28, 2012 @ 11:49 pm
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Jackson and Nicks Restructure Deals; Big Cap Savings For 2013

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers have reportedly cleared $23 million in cap space for 2013 with the restructuring of the contracts of wide receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks. CB Eric Wright's contract apparently was not reworked, which could be a clue to his future with the club.
General manager Mark Dominik has been lauded for several on-the-field moves in 2012, but on Friday the Bucs front office boss made an off-the-field move that could prove to be just as important.

Wide receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks, two prized free agent acquisitions by Dominik in the offseason, agreed to restructure their contracts which will save the Buccaneers approximately $23 million towards next season’s salary cap.

Jackson and Nicks will receive a large part of their 2013 salaries as roster bonuses immediately as opposed to waiting until the next year. According to ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas, Jackson will count just $3.472 million against the cap next season, and Nicks cap hit will be reduced to $3.072 million. 

With the cap relief it is believed the Buccaneers are gearing up to once again be big-time players in the upcoming free agency period, and also have additional money to attempt to re-sign some of their own free agents that include defensive standouts Michael Bennett and Roy Miller.

One interesting note – cornerback Eric Wright who was also part of the 2012 free agency bonanza along with Jackson and Nicks evidently wasn’t part of the salary cap reshuffling, perhaps a sign that the recently suspended cornerback may not be part of the Buccaneers long-term plans.

The Buccaneers can cut ties with Wright after the season and not be responsible for any of the guaranteed money that was due him from his $37.5 million free agent deal signed last March. The first two years of the deal were guaranteed, but with a behavioral clause it appears the Buccaneers have an out of they choose to exercise it after Wright’s four-game suspension for test positive for Adderall, which violated the NFL’s ban on performance enhancing substances.

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    Great team players. Team first, maybe they will get a ring if the team spends the money!
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    Everybody is talking about our D-line. I do agree that we need more sacks. BUT, you can not for get that we were terrible against the run in 2011. Now we are #1 against the run. Yes i know we need sacks and we need them bad. But you can not let the WR beat the CB off the line so the QB gets the ball and just fire as soon as he gets the ball. If we had a split sec. longer we would have had more sacks, and alot more. Rebuilding through the draft takes some time and we are getting closer. We have some good young talent at CB but i think there alot better # 2s and nickels than starters. It would be nice to get Bennetts brother TE, Jake long RT, a back up to R Miller and McCoy , a WR in FA then go DEFENCE in the draft. We are getting closer. GO BUCS.
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    NEWSFLASH: Bucs have activated Eric Wright and released LeQuan Lewis. There goes my 7.75mil I was going to use to get a legit RCB in FA! Dang!
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    Wow, we gained $23 million in cap space next year and we're most likely getting rid of Wright? You just made my day MC. I guess now we can start talking about FA and the draft. Brent Grimes is who I want as a FA CB. It always puzzles me when someone says they want an experienced player, even at QB. Screw that...I want a talented player, which is not synonymous with an experienced player. I also don't mind re-signing Bennett and Miller if we have that much space available. We also need to sign a FA TE like Cook, F. Davis or like someone else brought up, Bennett's brother. As for the draft, our hand is absolutely forced to take a CB with our 1st pick. I'm not a fan of Milliner, Banks or Rhodes but our hands are tied. With the 2nd pick we should take a RT (there are tons of good OT's in this year's draft) or DT S. Floyd if he's still there.
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    Just give us Margus Hunt. He is truly destructive and dominates with speed and power
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    Thank you Macabee for doing the math for me. BTW I agree with his formatting request. Obviously we desperately need huge upgrades at CB. If available I still prefer a really good veteran that his current team can't afford. Few rookies turn into excellent starters as CBs. Need an upgrade at DT. Miller played better this year, but if that is the level of our 2nd DT we will still be in trouble. Hard to know what our DEs will be like with a healthy DeQuan Bowers added to the mix with a healthy Adrian Claybourn. IMO they could be awesome. IMO we missed the boat by drafting Mark Baron instead of Luke Kuechly to pair up with Lavonte David and Mason Foster! Let's hope Baron with time becomes the second coming of John Lynch! Give the offense a real Buc defense, and even with its problems we are in the playoffs. Winning the Super Bowl requires getting hot at the end of the season. In the Buc's case it also required being almost injury free. Booger McFarland was our ONLY IR, and he was no big deal anyway.
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    There is a lot more that can be cleared for cap space if the Bucs so desire. Freeman and McCoy can also be restructured – Freeman via extension. By my estimate, we were already 11.7mil under the cap before the 18mil was added via the Jackson/Nicks restructure. With Eric Wright and Quincy Black there is another 13mil if they choose to. There’s another 5 or 6mil out there for guys who could be traded or released like Rejus Benn, Sammie Stroughter, Cody Grimm, Myron Lewis etc. Cap space could go to approx 44mil. Go to the link provided and see for yourself. While you’re there, check out the Buc 2013 FAs. Mark Cook, my new year’s wish is that we get formatting for our comments – at least the ability to make a paragraph. Every other website has this feature, just sayin’! http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/tampa-bay-buccaneers/cap-hit/
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    The Bucs don't have to win this game, but they eve to look like the Bucs from 5-6 games ago. I am wondering if they will spend some of that money on a big TE? Perhaps Bennett's brother? Why is everybody talking how great our DL has become? I guess they think drafting 3CB' will solve the problem. To me we need a speed pass rusher and a CB.
  • avatar

    Horse, I agree with you on our D-Line needs. I'm not getting the vibe that our D-Line is getting a lot of praise. Perhaps you are referring to McCoy's selection to the Pro Bowl. That aside, I think our pass rush is atrocius - the return of Clayborn does not solve that problem. My opinion - I think we must get a an experienced CB in FA, preferably a LCB, one that play man or press coverage. We need a top-rated CB in the draft at minimum. We need a pure edge rusher like Dion Jordan, Sam Montgomery or Alex Okafor. I love Ronde Barber, but I would love to have a big FS like Eric Reid, Kenny Vaccaro, Phillip Thomas or TJ McDonald. Somewhere along the line we need an answer at ROT, because Dotson is not it. The problem is everybody else wants these guys and we dont have enough draft picks to do it all in the draft. Let's let Dominik work his magic in FA and the draft. Bottom line we need a pass rusher!
  • avatar

    Horse, I agree that we need more pass rush. I would spend our first round pick on a DT to play the nose ahead of Miller...to replace the departed Brian Price. Then I would spend our second round pick on a back up 3-technique to back up McCoy. Only then would I bolster the secondary.
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