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January 16, 2013 @ 12:23 am
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Dominik And Bucs In No Hurry To Lock Up Freeman

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs GM Mark Dominik attended both East-West Shrine practices on Tuesday and spent a few minutes with the local media, including PewterReport.com, discussing quarterback Josh Freeman's contract situation.
Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik visited Tuesday’s East-West Shrine practice to try and find a hidden gem among the college talent on display. Shortly after arrival Dominik spoke to a few members of the local media, including PewterReport.com, about a player he once thought – and still thinks – is a current gem, quarterback Josh Freeman.

As PewterReport.com reported following the season finale, the Buccaneers are in no hurry to extend Freeman’s current contract, but Dominik said that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen before it expires next season, or that anyone should read anything into the decision by the organization.

"Traditionally, we have always waited to do new deals for guys,'' Dominik said. "That's' just something that we've always done.

"Now, that doesn't mean that that is absolutely what we are going to with Josh. But that's what we have done in the past, and in this case it makes sense for us to stick with that. Nobody is in a hurry to do a deal right now."

Freeman is in the final of year of his original contract that will pay him $8.43 million, and would allow him to become an unrestricted free agency one year from now.

"I don't want to put a parameter around it because I don't think that's healthy for anybody," Dominik said. "There should be no parameter on these kinds of things. They should come together when they should come together.

"I'd say we've discussed that now is not the time to negotiate a new deal for Freeman.

"But we will talk. And when we do, I'd rather it be in person. That could be here, at the East-West Shrine game, or at the Senior Bowl or at the combine. It could be later in the summer. I just like to do those things in person.''

Freeman set several franchise records after throwing for over 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns. The Buccaneers offense was the most prolific in franchise history, yet some still question if Freeman is the long-term answer in Tampa Bay.

Dominik didn’t appear to be one of those however, and looks forward to seeing what the former Kansas State star can do in 2013.

"Having a full year of being around coach (Greg) Schiano and the way we do things will only help Josh going forward, and now we have another opportunity to surround him with more talent, too,'' Dominik said.

Representatives from Freeman’s camp have not responded to Pewter Report’s request for comment.

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    Been here since '92 and old enough to have seen Williams play some in Tampa and more in Washington. Bucs fans rarely have been satisfied with their QB play. From my perspective, after Williams departure, there's been good reason for that. The Organization has been more responsible for that than the limited number of talented QB's or lady luck could ever be. How could any team miss that many times, not build around the ones who might have been, and not develop any of the prospects along the way. Sorry ars history on that. As Scu & AZ Joe stated, it's more the norm now days for the fan bases to be grumbling about QB play. Face it - the game is not the same as it was back in the 70's & early 80's. The hard-to-come-by stud QB's are outright carving up the league with today's offensive schemes & hands-off the skill player rules. Clubs with non-elite QB's are struggling to keep up, and as with the Bucs, it's usually the consistency that suffers most. That's why I'm expecting major improvement out of the guy we now have. He could become "that guy" if he could learn to keep his head up like an authentic leader, and find a way to grasp & embrace the mental aspects (pre-snap reads, pocket awareness, progressions, etc). In Free, I see a guy who is akin to a gymnast that can flawlessly pull off the most complicated routines, but is constantly screwing up the most basic movements & can't stick a landing after a mistake. That said - if defense is not the priority, then this team has no priorities. Bucs have up to 2 yrs to decide on Free's future here and really only need one of those to know.
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    Point well taken Scubog. Big Doug's career was short changed. He was a leader and a winner. I was so happy for him in that Super Bowl with the Redskins. I was fortunate enough to meet him one day, on the Bucs sideline before the Jets game in 09. He was a real gentleman and a class act.
  • avatar

    JackinJersey: I know you're old school like I am. I loved Doug Williams but I was forced to defend his play on a weekly basis because of his less than glowing statistics. Don't forget, when the Bucs went to the playoffs in 1979 and 1981 the defense was ranked in the top 5. The point I was trying to make in the beginning of this article was that, as arizona Joe points out, fans never seem to be satisfied with their QB......at least they aren't satisfied for long. It was JonnyG who brought up Doug Williams. I simply reminded him that many fans couldn't wait to replace him back then.
  • avatar

    I would say Tampa has always been looking for a QB including when they had Doug Williams. Hugh Culverhouse was never enamored with Williams. He really did low-ball his offer to Williams, partially in my opinion because he was black. We had one Hall of Famer QB and that was Steve Young. Tampa has always been about defense first, and I think that is fine. It is surprising how many fans are not happy with their starting QB. Rumblings in Denver now about Manning. Peyton freakin Manning. They always complained about Farve in GB too. I would say the QBs that are the least complained about by their teams are. Brady, Brees, RB3 (honeymoon), Rodgers, and Colin Rand Kaepernick (honeymoon). Big Ben, Culter, Flacco, Cam Newton, Stafford, Eli, Romo, etc etc. are all criticized by their local media. Armchair QBs run rampant. QB in the NFL is the most demanding position in all of sports...
  • avatar

    Guys, here's all you need to know about Doug Williams. Throw all the #'s out the window. Before Doug got here the team literally couldn't win a game, while he was here the Bucs went to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years, after he left the team couldn't win more than 3 games. Nuff said!
  • avatar

    He left in 1984
  • avatar

    It's in Josh Freeman's best interest to sign next year, he will only get better in Mike S. offense. instead wavering on, if Josh is QB of the future they need to be committed and build around him. Again not making excuses for him he is inconsistent but so is Flacco and Eli....... Give him a "real" TE not an old washed down TE who has played sparingly in the last 3 years and does not create any match up problems. I know many might disagree but we need WR help. Mike Williams takes plays off and is inconsistent in routes and effort, Tiquan Underwood is content to be in this league and plays scared and confused. We need speed on offense. We are 2 electric players away from a dangerous offense. It's funny coach Schiano wants time to evaluate Josh. If he fails to establish a top 15 in passing defense or an overall solid defensive team, then he needs to re-evaluated. We lost a lot of games on defense. The league has multiple teams that make an appearance in the playoffs with strong defense and game managers at offense.
  • avatar

    To correct you Jonny G; Doug Williams was gone by the late-80's which is when I said our QB quest began. And, since I know you were young at the time; many said similar, and often worse things,about Doug Williams than they are saying now about Josh Freeman. In 1983 (his 5th year) the Buccaneers thought so little of Doug Williams that they traded a future 1984 first round choice (became first overall) for Jack Thompson. Many thought Jerry Golsteyn should have replaced him after one pre-season game. Doug's career completion % after five years in the league was a whopping 47%. He threw the same number of interceptions as TD's. As much as I loved the old # 12, there were many more naysayers.
  • avatar

    Scu Doug was gone by 83 so that would mean we have been searching for one ever since
  • avatar

    A secondary and a good pass rusher , offensive line stay healthy is all i think we need .
  • avatar

    The only option that might (and I say might) be able to compete with Freeman would be if we could get a trade with the 49ers for Alex Smith and even then im not sure hes any better but he could at least push Freeman to the next level.
  • avatar

    Once the season got over and especially after the last game where Josh looked like his old self and was consistent, I realized that there was not anyone out there any better that was available this year and probably next year too. I think it is better that we sign Josh to a long term contract with only the first two years guaranteed, but an increase per year of salary afte those two years. I'm still off his bus because of his inconsistency and the fact that he has never won a playoff game, much less been in one yet. I think the focus is to find a better back up than Orlovsky because Josh probably will have injuries in seasons ahead that might keep him out of a game or two. I would then draft a QB in the later runs either this year or next that we can bring up slowly to be the next back up in 2014 or maybe even challenge Freeman by 2014 or 2015.
  • avatar

    Freeman will be here for a LONG Time! GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    Get the offence a real slot WR and a sizable TE and the offence will have a chance to be great next year. I see Freeman being the QB for years to come.
  • avatar

    Couldnt have said it better my self accept I would add a solid RT offensive tackel.
  • avatar

    An old bull and a young bull was standing at the top of a hill. The young bull said “why don’t we run down there and get us a couple of heifers”. The old bull said “No son, why don’t we walk down there and get all of them”. I'm sure everybody's heard that story before. Makes sense to me! Patience, Buc fans, Patience!
  • avatar

    Many will twist Mark's "in no hurry" remark the same way one would be "in no hurry" to get their annual digital rectal exam. Dominik doesn't mean he doesn't want and hope to eventually sign # 5 to a long term deal at some point.There's simply more benefit to the organization doing it later. He's under contract for 2013 and can be franchised in 2014. That's two more seasons to see what kind of QB Josh Freeman will be as he enters his prime and for the Buccaneers to prepare if they determine he's not the "face of the franchise" elite QB to win a Superbowl. I'm hoping Josh continues his progression and eliminates the periods when he struggles. It will be a lot better for the Bucs and us fans if Freeman succeeds and we don't have to go on another never-ending QB search like the late 80's and early 90's.
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