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August 9, 2013 @ 1:57 pm
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Schiano Reveals QB Roster Plans; Gives Injury Updates

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Fans and the media have speculated on how many quarterbacks the Buccaneers would keep on the 53-man roster heading into 2013. On Friday head coach Greg Schiano revealed the team's plan and also gave updates on the players injured from the previous night's game.
Many assumed when fourth-string quarterback Adam Weber entered the game Thursday night for the Buccaneers against the Ravens, things didn’t bode well for Dan Orlovsky’s future.

But on Friday, during his afternoon past game news conference, head coach Greg Schiano made an interesting revelation about the Bucs plans for the 53-man roster.

“Well first thing, we plan on keeping three quarterbacks,” Schiano said. “You never know what can unfold, but that’s the plan. Obviously Dan Orlovsky is our third quarterback. We wanted to give Adam [Weber] a chance last night because we got him off [a] practice squad, and we never really got to see him play. So we wanted an opportunity to see that.”

Weber’s game on Thursday night was a nightmare for the former Golden Gopher quarterback. Weber’s first pass of the night was intercepted and led to a Ravens touchdown, and on the night Weber finished a disastrous 2-of-6 passing for just seven yards and two interceptions.

Rookie Mike Glennon didn’t wow anyone himself Thursday night (11-for-23, 169 yards and one interception), but Schiano seemed pleased with his backup’s performance.

“He did a good job for his first outing,” Schiano said. “He had a quote, he said ‘I thought my first play might be a safety.’ It got a little dicey there, but that’s one thing he does well, he keeps his cool, and he was able to find [tight end] Tom [Crabtree] open. I thought he did a good job running the operation, a really good job. I thought that we need to continue to work on all of the finer details that go along with playing quarterback in the pass game. There’s just so much that NFL defenses do that college defenses don’t. Mike is only going to get more comfortable. The thing that you can’t teach is that composure. I’m thrilled the way that he handled it.”

In other news form the day-after-game press conference, Schiano spoke about the injuries suffered against Baltimore.

“Danny Gorrer had a groin [injury] and he may have aggravated it a little bit,” Schiano said. “Peyton Hillis, we’re waiting to see. He has kind of a leg bend, [in the] knee and thigh area and we’re going to see what it is, if it’s serious or not, don’t know that yet. I don’t think- but I’d be speculating now, I don’t think it’s that.”

The Buccaneers return to the practice field on Saturday in an open to the public workout at 10:10 a.m. then are off Sunday. The team will practice Monday morning before leaving for New England where they will have joint practices with the Patriots before next Friday’s preseason game at Gillette Stadium.

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    As someone who goes to all the home UConn games I watched Orlovsky a lot before he got to the NFL. He's a solid BACKUP but I wouldn't want him as my starting QB.
  • avatar

    I generally agree with Owlykat's posts, including in response to this article...then he had to go & mention Tebow!! :-)
  • avatar

    Amen owlycat,you are right on about the glennon kid.deffinitely a reach in 3rd.
  • avatar

    Here's what we do know about Glennon. He has the size at 6' 7' that the Bucs seem to like, he has a strong arm, he seems to hold the ball longer than you would like him to do which perhaps could come from the fact that he is scared shitless! We don't need him now and perhaps Josh will stay healthy and he is not needed at all. From the club seats he seem to be really skinny and he needs to gain some "man" weight. Also, when he realizes how much actual time he has in the pocket, I think he may be more able to leave the pocket and improvise a bit. Sorta like he did with Crabtree. Anyway, he needs 2-3 years to evaluate this pick. I'm a little perplexed that Orlovsky was the best QB with experience that we could stable. Perhaps he was one of the more talented veterans out there? Maybe a Rex Grossman type with a little starting experience with perhaps 2-3 years left in the league? Let's give the kid QB Glennon a break and hope Josh throws for 4000 yards and 37 TD's! That would be just fine. Keep the faith Buccaneer faithful!
  • avatar

    If Orlovsky gets into a regular season game.....I'm going to the mall!
  • avatar

    I believe Orlovsky will be here another year at best and like surferdude said if Freeman goes down (especially early) then Glennon may not be ready. To compare Glennon to Freeman or even Orlovsky TODAY is unfair. Glennon needs much more coaching but the organization seems to believe he has very good raw talent. Glennon made several good decisions and was very poised in his first NFL game. I think he did a very good job for his first outing. I definitely see a big upside potential in Glennon.
  • avatar

    Why are so many concerned about 2nd and 3rd string QBs?! If Freeman doesn't perform like we have all hoped all along, this team is in huge trouble. I'm pulling for him...still see him having trouble throwing the short pass (like the overthrow to Williams against Balt.), but does anyone REALLY think Glennon or Orlovski can take thecBucs to the playoffs THIS year?
  • avatar

    Well Pink, the depth chart right now is written in pencil. Should Josh go down who knows who gets to take the reins over. Should it be week two, probably Orly, week six Glennon. Right now being Mike's a rookie the Bucs are wise to keep a vet with one full year in the system. Glennon is listed as the # 2 because he's the future.
  • avatar

    I thought Glennon did good for his first time out. Schiano also said Freeman is way a head of Glennon as an NFL Q.B..If Schiano was so in love with Glennon, why keep Orlovsky? The reason is Schiano knows if Josh goes down, he can't yet trust Glennon to run the show. We also must face the fact that Josh has not taken the step yet to becoming that consistent Q.B. you need to win in the NFL. If he does trip up this year, we'll need both Glen, and Orly.
  • avatar

    Surferdudes, if Schiano can't yet trust Glennon to run the show, why is Orlovsky the 3rd stringer? It still makes no sense.
  • avatar

    Guys, all this game tells us the Crows have guys on their team now who will be selling insurance in two weeks and they beat our guys that will be selling cars in 2 weeks. Schiano is giving Gleeno props to helps his confidence and poke Freeman a little. That's all it is. I saw New England go 0-4 in preseason and win the Supper Bowl.
  • avatar

    Never seen so many people whine and cry so much over an exhibition game. The Bengals will win the Surper Bowl because they samcked the Falcons last night.
  • avatar

    Deacon Blues. the only thing I have read is concerns. No one has said that the team is awful or the sky is falling. Evidently you watched a different game than I did. I am not talking about the score or who started and didn't do a great job; I am discussing the concern that I have about the DL. I have yet seen improvement from last year and I believe we were 31st or 32nd in the pass rush.
  • avatar

    Also, how serious is Gorrer's injury? After the game he had we're all a lot more concerned about his welfare. It's only the preseason so there's no competitive advantage to be gained by not giving more info. At least say whether you think it's serious or not. Maybe Schiano is concerned about giving out bad initial groin information after what happened with Clayborn.
  • avatar

    Schiano, I don't get it. If Glennon is so doggone great why do you need Orvlosky...as a 3rd stringer of all things? Why announce that you're keeping three QB's now? Has Weber already been cut? Why get so giddy about Glennon..."he did a good job...a really good job...I'm thrilled the way he handled it." I really, really hate to say this but the more I listen to Schiano the more I think he's trying to get everyone excited about seeing Glennon on Sundays. Not this year, but in the near future. Don't overvalue your coaching ability Schiano. Glennon is who we thought he were...a great QB above the neck with a strong arm, but holds the ball too long and throws too many INT's. Your career will go down the tubes right along with Glennon's by trying to eliminate those INT's from his game. Some guys are just like that (Cutler).
  • avatar

    pinkstob; I agree with you.
  • avatar

    Pinkstob & Horse - though the coach is also likely trying to motivate Free a bit with his comments, did you not see anything worthy of actual praise out of the rookie's very first on-field action in the NFL? I found myself very pleasantly surprised. I was not familiar with Glennon before the Draft process kicked in & would like to know if the comment regarding holding the ball too long and throwing too many INT's comes from watching him play through his 2 years of starting in college, or just glancing at college stats and his 1 preseason performance. Just seems uncharacteristically negative for you both. Can you really believe this kids' already hit his ceiling right out of the chute? Just curious.
  • avatar

    Glad to hear that Schiano will keep Orlovsky on the roster. Orlovsky has experience and can make the same long passes as both Freeman and Glennon can make, but he is better at analyzing the defenses he is looking at than Freeman or Glennon. I think Schiano is just trying to buoy up Glennon to keep him posiitive after he was holding the ball too long, giving up too many sacks with his lack of mobility, and a low QB rating for the NFL. The thing you noticed about Baltimore's second string QB was that he was super prepared so he could read the Bucs defenses and make decisions lightning quick, was a real leader on the field, was mobile, and had a quick and accurate release and just ate the Bucs alive! That is what we need for our team! If we had brought in Tebo, he has the intelligence to do the reading of the defenses quickly, is a very mobile QB, and there is no better leader in a huddle in the NFL, and unlike any of our QBs he beat the Steelers in a playoff game--an accomplishment Peyton could not duplicate last year who could not even make the playoffs!! Just saying. I know Landry from Oklahoma, taken with a 4th round pick, could have done a much better job than Glennon, who we overreached for with a third round pick.
  • avatar

    well all I can say is if Coach thinks Glennon did "a really good job" "running the operation"....then he must have fallen off his chair with glee at what Freeman did....come on coach, no time like ALWAYS to praise our 25 year old franchise....
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