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September 20, 2013 @ 11:20 pm
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Off The Field With DE William Gholston

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Each week PewterReport.com's Mark Cook sits down with a Bucs player and asks them a series of questions about growing up, what they like to do in their spare time and several other questions that have nothing to do with the X's and O's of football. This week's featured player is Bucs rookie defensive end William Gholston.
PewterReport.com is debuting a new weekly feature that will run every Saturday during the regular season called Off The Field. The feature will be a casual Q&A with a Buccaneer player, allowing the readers a look at what makes them tick and how they spend their time when not in uniform.

William Gholston, a fourth-round selection of the Buccaneers from Michigan State, like fellow rookies Steven Means and Akeem Spence, always seems to be smiling. In the locker room, eating in the cafeteria or just walking through the halls of One Buc, you will most likely see Gholston with a grin on his face. Talking to reporters he is humble, a very good quote and always talks about the desire to succeed.

Gholston was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Detroit Southeastern High before turning down scholarship offers from Alabama, Florida and several other schools to eventually sign with the Spartans.

After a solid three-year career at Michigan State, Gholston decided to turn pro after his junior season and ended up as member of the Buccaneers.

Cook sat down with Gholston recently at One Buccaneer Place and talked to the 6-6, 281-pound rookie about life off the football field.

So born and raised in Detroit, you decide to stay in state and play for Michigan State. Did you ever get out of Michigan before becoming a Buccaneer?
“Other than football, basketball tournaments that is the only time I left Michigan. I never really experienced another city, other than this (Tampa). Lansing, Michigan is a city within itself, but it is a college campus. But Michigan is nothing like Florida, and Florida is nothing like Michigan.”

What is the deal with the Michigan State mascot? What is his name? He looks like a Bugs Bunny cartoon character.
“C’mon now, Sparty is the man! He is probably the best mascot in the NCAA.”

Talk to me about sports other than football. What else did you play growing up?
“I played basketball in high school. I was on the golf team, track team, swim team. I was part of a debate team. It wasn’t legit though (laughing). I was on everything.”

If I pick up your iPod in the locker room one day and start scrolling, what am I going to find?
“Everything! You are going to find a whole bunch of Isley Brothers. A whole bunch of Marvin Gaye. Then you are going to go all the way to rap and hip hop. You will find every genre except for country. And heavy metal.”

Your go to song to get pumped up before a game?
“There is one song but I don’t think I can say the name of it! Lots of stuff, but I like the lyrics. I’m a lyrics guy.”

Tell me about your best collegiate game ever. It happened right across the street here in the Outback Bowl (a 33-30 OT win over Georgia) didn’t it?
“Two sacks, five tackles for loss a PBU (pass break up). It was a fun day.”

Was it kind of wild that the stadium you had your best day of football in is the one you now call home as a professional?
“It is actually. I was extremely shocked to be honest. What I found out (after being drafted) is the people I was around a lot, like my mentor and his family, the Buccaneers were his favorite team. It was crazy.”

Football can’t last forever, so where do you see yourself down the road, once the football life is over?
“As long as I finish my degree while I am playing now, I should be able to start a few mentoring programs (after football). I feel like I should have enough money saved up (after playing) where I can live the rest of my life without working. So what I want to do is work with kids. Show them how to be men and show them things I didn’t get to see growing up. There should no kid who hasn’t had the chance to travel around the country and see different cities. Not necessarily at-risk kids. Really anyone who would want to listen and try to become better.”

You find a genie in a bottle and she grants you a chance to have one dinner with any three people – dead or alive – who are your three?
“My grandma. And we would have an extended dessert, so it would last a long time. She has passed away. My uncle Alvin, he just passed away. Wow… the third one is tough. I would be too scared to talk to Jesus or Moses (laughing) Can I say an event? A table with all of the Hall of Fame defensive lineman?

Nope, just three individual people?
“Well if it is just one, I would have to say Ray Lewis. He was my favorite player growing up. I used to be a linebacker. So my grandma, my Uncle and Ray Lewis.”

If you knew your time was up and you had the opportunity for one last meal, what are you sitting down and eating before you check out?
“I don’t think I would want to eat if I knew it was my last meal (laughing). I would have to say my Mom’s macaroni and cheese. And I would be good.”

Before we go, do you care to comment on a significant other in your life?
“I have a girlfriend (laughing). I don’t want to say too much! I do have a girlfriend.”


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    Beautiful guy. And I got him mixed up with the other G guy too. So thanks for letting me get to know this one. Welcome to Tampa!!! Go Bucs.
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    Two of our new players . . . both never left far from where they were born; wow; well, now they have the ability to get around and see the world . . .
  • avatar

    Horse, I fully agree with your assessment. Watching Goldston in that game he had a constant motor and overpowered every opponent. I think he is a talent equivalent to our starting LDE and has a great attitude as well. We can keep Bowers as a situational rusher but with more experience I believe Goldston can surpass even Teo, who is improving and gives solid play right now. Our defense is good enough that in the draft next year we should be able to get a first round QB and a third round TE.
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    @Horse, we only have 1 Gholston. Dashon is not a Gholston, he's a GOLDson..
  • avatar

    I don't get it, but okay. I was referring to William Gholston Defensive End.
  • avatar

    He is just a solid kid. He is my sleeper in the draft and I continue to support that statement. By mid season I expect to see him a lot in games. By next year I expect him to be a DL starter. We can't have enough Gholston's playing for us.
  • avatar

    I grew up with his dad here in Detroit
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