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September 30, 2013 @ 3:48 pm
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Clouds Still Hovering Over Schiano And Freeman Situation

Written by Gil
Gil Arcia


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano should be used to hearing questions about his offense and Josh Freeman. Unfortunately for him, the team puts themselves in similar yet different situations each week. On Monday, Schiano touched on the hot topics that is Freeman and the team's struggling offense.
It was a new week at One Buc Place for head coach Greg Schiano’s day-after-game press conference but the questions – and answers – seem to be the same. 

After placing quarterback Josh Freeman on the inactive list for Sunday’s game, Schiano was asked questions regarding the troubled quarterback that was once the face of the organization as the team’s franchise quarterback. He stated that for now Freeman is part of the team when he was asked about the 25-year old’s status with the Bucs.

“The business part of things, Mark and I talk about it but he handles that,” Schiano said. “As long as he is a Buccaneer he will be a member of this team and be a part of what we do. I’ll let that other stuff be handled by Mark.

“We take it each week as we do with the backups and inactives. I’m not going to comment on down the road. Right now I’m just focusing on today and us getting better. We’ll see how everything plays out.”

Freeman may not be placed in that backup role again this season if in fact he remains on the roster. Schiano answered the question on if Freeman can do anything to get out of being number three on the quarterback depth chart.

“It’s not like that, what he has to do. It’s more like what we think is best going forward,” Schiano said. “We take each thing independently. This week wasn’t what was best. We’ll see when we get into a game week what is best.”

Many have said that the reason for the team deciding to inactivate Freeman for Sunday’s game was as a result of his ESPN interview that was conducted last week and aired Sunday before the game. Among many things, Freeman was asked by ESPN’s Josina Anderson on his feelings of not wanting to be with the Bucs in which he responded by saying it would be best if he was traded. Schiano was asked about Freeman’s interview and him not wanting to be a part of the team.

“I’m not going to be naïve. There are a lot of factors involved,” Schiano said. “This is not high school football. It’s professional football and there (are) salaries and contracts and other things involved. What I do is focus on the things that are going to help us win games and now we’re in a bye week so there are a lot of things, because we don’t have a particular opponent, it’s more us taking an introspective look at the Buccaneers and what we need to do better in all three phases. There won’t be a ton of practice but there will be some. We’ll go out there and get better and then we’ll get back at it next week against the Eagles.

“We don’t instruct people not to talk to the media. You know our policy, everything goes through our public relations department and as long as that happens, that’s our policy. We don’t instruct people not to talk to the media unless it comes through our public relations for whatever reasons.”

Schiano also talked about how Freeman’s replacement, rookie Mike Glennon, performed in his first career start.

“Very much the same of what I said after the game, I thought he handled the operation of the game very well – protections, reading plays out,” Schiano said. “He had a couple of balls I think he would like to have back t the end of the game. Protection is a tricky thing. You have something protected schematically, but sometimes you get licked. But I though he did a good job in identifying and getting us in the right protections which is a big job, a big part of the quarterback’s job.” 

Overall, Schiano was pleased with Glennon but says he can still improve.

“I actually think Mike is a pretty accurate passer,” Schiano said. “But in general when you ask that question (how to improve), that’s where I would , understanding the coverage, understanding the route, the anticipation and then the fundamental part of it, which they work on every single day, so those kind of all fit and make what constitutes an accurate or inaccurate throw.”

He also touched on the offense’s lack of scoring.

“There are a few things that one being self-inflected wounds whether it be a penalty or a mistake and then you have to give your opponent credit,” Schiano said. “They make a play or get you behind the chains or something like that but the combination as always is not just one thing.”

Schiano has the team scheduled to practice the following two days before hitting a four-day span that gives the players the opportunity to get away from football. However, the way the season has gone, all indications appear to have Schiano working vigorously through the bye week.
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  • avatar

    When asked about certain plays/situations after different games, Shiano had repeatetly answered sth. like: I didnt see it. I was doing something different at that moment; etc.. This guy doesn´t even watch his players play till the play is over - i am pretty sure he wants his players to hustle till play is over though.. i got 0 respect for this man.. FIRE THIS DAMN SHAME OF A HC - WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS GUY IS JUST BANANAS!!! GoBucs!
  • avatar

    Did you notice the stands during the game? How on earth did this team get tothe 85% level to avoid a black out? The stands did not look like even 60% of the seats were filled? I think buy up all of the tickets is an NFL rules violation.
  • avatar

    Owlykat, it's not up to Schiano. Since the new CBA took effect, coaches have to give players 4 or 5 consecutive days off during the bye week and completely away from football.
  • avatar

    We hear Schiano saying "we have to improve" and then you learn he is giving the players four days off. That sounds like a great plan to help the team improve, don't you think? You know after the New England loss Schiano said that he had to see the film first when they asked if he could identify any problems. Then after he saw the film they asked him the same question again. He talked in general about the Offense, because they had very low production, and then he said, when pressed for specifics: "It is just a bunch of details, I see details, but we will get them worked out." Gives you a great feeling that he has it all figured out and he is going to fix it, right? N O T ! ! ! Schiano is a loser with no clue on how to improve, so he is just going to let the team take four days off. The Glazers are just going to let him waste this golden opportunity of two weeks to get this team on track, I guess. Perhaps when less than 10,000 start showing up to watch another agonizing loss, maybe they will get engaged and end this stupidity!
  • avatar

    Schiano is a great coach.... for FIU. Go back to college. You're in over your head. Bad hire, Mark. Fix it NOW.
  • avatar

    I listened to Schiano's show tonight and I wanted to throw up; same story over and over.
  • avatar

    @Horse: Totally - everytime i hear this person speak, it makes me sick.. my lord.. how long do we have to suffer?
  • avatar

    I couldn't care less about Josh as a QB for the Bucs. That chapter has been written and he's done here. Wish the best with his personal health and personal issues that seem to be hovering over his head. Hope he can make it as a professional QB with another team - but right now, I'm skeptical about that.
  • avatar

    Have to agree with Blues, four years of reporting on Freeman, and you guy's have no clue as to who is doing what? Adderall is what I was thinking too, the party drug. Guess there was a lot of that going on during the good old Rah days. Scott some scathing commentary on Schiano's handling of Freeman, left out the part about Freeman being in a stage one drug program. Not good unbiased reporting.
  • avatar

    Maybe because Schiano is leaking the story to make Feemam look worse. Not to mention the drug was given as a prescription and he hasn't failed any drug test.
  • avatar

    So now that we know Freeman is in the NFL substance abuse program, who is ruining whose career?
  • avatar

    I have to hear from Chris Mortensen that Freeman is in Stage one of the NFL Drug Treatment program and has a perscription exemption for another drug that is normally a banned substance (going to guess Adderall) not from PR? Dissapointing.
  • avatar

    Gee, he diidn't say that he will get it fixed ! Why isn't Dominik saying anything? Another loss after the bye week and Schiano will lose this team if he hasn't already. Then we need to lose Schiano.
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