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November 1, 2013 @ 1:23 pm
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McCoy Sets Record Straight On Controversial Radio Comments

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Gerald McCoy inadvertently made a comment on his weekly radio show last Wednesday that created more headlines the 0-7 Buccaneers didn't need to generate. On Friday, McCoy was still angry about the story and spoke to the media regarding the statements he made.
An angry Gerald McCoy stood in front of his locker on Friday with a scowl on his face, unhappy with a recent story that has gained national interest.

 During his Wednesday weekly radio show, McCoy had a caller who questioned his aggression on the field. McCoy acknowledged the criticism and said that has been the knock on him from former Bucs great Warren Sapp to his new bride.

During his interview on 620 WDAE, the Bucs flagship station, McCoy addressed the caller’s comments.

“I appreciate that,” McCoy said. “I take advice from anybody. A lot of people don’t think I’m evil. Sapp tells me that all the time. My wife has told me that. I don’t have to be angry to play. When I get angry, I can’t play at my best.”

The one part of the interview that generated the articles and news revolved around a supposed dispute between McCoy and some members of the defensive coaching staff.

“I had my D-line coaches get on to me the other day,” McCoy said during his weekly show with his T.J. Rives. “Well, not get on to me, try to get on to me. There’s no way they’re going to get on to me for this. They got upset with me because I helped somebody up. So what? I don’t care. Kiss my butt. Listen, if I want to help somebody, I’m going help somebody up. Because right on the next play I’m going to knock him down again. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.’’

On Friday McCoy was ready to set the record straight.

"So I was asked a question, or somebody made a comment on the radio show, about me not being – he said he didn’t see any dog or any mean or whatever, and my whole reason for bringing anything up was just an example of who I am, which I don’t mind helping people up,” McCoy said.  “I don’t see anything wrong with that. Where it went from there, me saying people can feel how they want about that, that’s fine. But to say that, one, I never said anybody’s name. I never said I was yelled at, and I never said I was bashed for it.

“So where all that came from, I don’t know. If you don’t believe me, there’s audio you can go listen to. So the title that I got yelled at is nonsense. I didn’t like it. I don’t like it, and yes, I’m very upset. Quote that. Go write that. Yes, I’m very angry about being misquoted and saying that my coaches yelled at me.

“None of my coaches are bad guys, and they’ve never done anything negative towards me. So that’s nonsense for someone to go write that I got yelled at, and I never said that. They didn’t get on me. ... They felt one way, and I felt a different way. That’s all it was. You don’t always feel the same way someone else feels. It’s personal preference, that’s what it is. But we didn’t have an argument. There wasn’t any anger when we talked about it. There wasn’t anything negative. It was just talking. It was just an example of who I am.”

McCoy knows that if the Buccaneers were 5-2 as opposed to 0-7 the interview would have probably never even made a blip on the headline radars.

“It wasn’t made to make anything negative, but where we’re at right now, everyone is looking for something negative,” McCoy said. “I’m not afraid to say that. So anything that comes up, they’re going to try to find a story. That’s all this is. I’m upset about it, but I’m going to leave it at that. That’s the bottom line. It’s way over-hyped. There’s nothing going on."

Last modified on Friday, 01 November 2013 15:44

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    Bucwild02 also thinks the Bucs play a 46 man roster. Go figure.
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    BucWild02 - You're pretty stupid, McCoy is a force. Do you even watch the games or know anything about football? Like anything? When Schiano talks about fans not understanding the difference between man-to-man and zone, obviously he has fans like you in mind. McCoy was exploding off the line and getting penetration all day, the rest of the D-line has to do something however. If he pushes the pocket back and the QB just slides to the left or the right then guess what, a DE needs to be there to clean that up. The DE's on the team aren't doing anything this year.

    Anyways back to my point. You're an idiot.
  • avatar

    His D-Line coaches got on him the other day by telling him what? What is he not telling you? "Don't show sportsmanship??" Doubtful. Probably something like, "you missed your assisgnment, they ran right past you and after getting blocked out of the play, you helped one of their guys up..." All he heard was criticism for helping the other teams player. How about making an impact during the game, because I guarantee if his player stat line was 2.5 sacks, 6 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 FF, they wouldn't say jack didley about helping up other players.
  • avatar

    You're pretty stupid - McCoy is a force - do you even watch the games or know anything about football? Like anything? McCoy was exploding off the line and getting penetration all day, the rest of the D-line has to do something however. If he pushes the pocket back and the QB just slides to the left or the right then guess what, a DE needs to be there to clean that up. The DE's on the team aren't doing anything this year. Anyways back to my point. You're an idiot.
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    For the season McCoy has 2.0 sacks and 14 tackles, 3 of which were assisted tackles. Stats aren't everything, but they're not nothing either. Get your focus on the game #93.
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    Nice points all and it wasn't any big issue. But, I agree with the coach, not Gerald. There is a reason for the last rep in the weight room and I agree with the coach that you shouldn't use any strength helping up an opponent unless it's the last play of the game. Also, by helping up that RB or QB you are allowing the other team to get to the huddle slightly faster... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In today's faster then ever NFL, every second should count. Gerald needs to be a leader for this Defense. And as a leader he should be the first one back in the huddle getting teammates pumped or giving tips (like don't jump offside, it's third and 4 or to surferdude's point, reminding the guys that whoever Sheridan makes the spy to be sure they don't get to far up-field and let Cam scramble for the first) while Lavonte David gets the next play from the headset.
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    I agree with the player. He is a class act. The problem is the Head Coach. Lets fire the head coach and the Offense Cord. LETS BUTCH DAVIS RUN THE OFFENSE AND LET HIM BE THE HEAD COACH THIS YEAR. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    @GeorgeHicks - Classy or not, he should be doing a better job. He can high five the opposing players for all I care, so long as he plays hard every play until the whistle blows. As for coaching changes, I am sure the owners will eventually let the coaches go, on their schedule, not yours.
  • avatar

    That just shows how useless these coaches are. When they watch the film the only problem they see is Gerry helping someone up. Never mind the dumb stunt we just ran ( Sheridan goes in at 5:30 am to draw these up) that let Cam scramble away, the biggest problem is McCoy"s helping hand. What a joke this staff is.
  • avatar

    @surferdudes-I am certain the other problem they see when they watch film is that in 7 losses, Mccoy has contributed 2.0 sacks, 11 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles and no forced fumbles. So if my math is correct...carry the one, subtract the remainder...he's not very good this year. Same system as last year when he was voted to the ProBowl. Hmmmm. Yep, must be the coaches and not the player.
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    Word was Lee Roy would actually offer an apology. Sapp, on the other hand (no pun) would probably offer a hand up and let go.
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    Blown out of proportion comments. Not nearly as terrible as the Bucs bloated coaching staff.
  • avatar

    I like this player's class. Reggie White was also a class act that knew when to crack your skull and when to call for an ambulance. Be yourself, Gerald, and Go Bucs!!!
  • avatar

    @Bones-Gerald McCoy will never be confused for Reggie White. Maybe Peria Jerry of Atlanta who has more sacks and tackles, but not the "Minister of Defense". Get real.
  • avatar

    @BucWild02: My comment was not a comparison. Just an acknowledgement of a player who also had a great attitude about the game. I read your comments on this thread as you went through each post. You are a stats hound. There is also a class/sportsmanship side to the game. Perhaps you should have a look at those sides as well. Perhaps it is you that needs to "Get Real."
  • avatar

    Gerald, I encourage and congratulate you on extending a hand in helping your fellow player. Another great defensive lineman did that too. Lee Roy Selmon was a gentleman on and off the field except for when the ball was hiked until the whistle was blown.
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