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March 12, 2014 @ 2:35 pm
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Tampa Bay Releases Revis To Free Up $16 Million In Cap Room

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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A year after acquiring Darrelle Revis in a blockbuster deal with the Jets, Tampa Bay has released the Pro Bowler to free up $16 million in salary cap space and draft picks. The Bucs have already signed Alterraun Verner and are hosting Charles Tillman.
The Buccaneers made a huge splash last April in the midst of free agency by trading a first-round pick in 2013 and a conditional pick in 2014 (a third- or fourth-rounder) to the New York Jets for Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis, who was coming off a torn ACL and wanted a huge contract extension that the Jets weren't prepared to offer. After another Pro Bowl campaign for Revis, in which he picked off two passes, forced two fumbles and one fumble recovery in Tampa Bay, the Bucs released Revis one year later to rid the team of the $16 million his salary cap space was occupying.

“We would like to thank Darrelle for his time and effort with our organization last year,” said Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht. “Darrelle showed a lot of heart last year as he worked extremely hard to get himself back on the field following his knee injury sustained the previous season. We have specific ideas regarding the best way to build this defense and, while you never like to lose a good player, we believe this is in the best interests of our team moving forward. Darrelle was a true professional here in Tampa Bay and we wish him continued success in his career.”

The Buccaneers made a huge splash last April in the midst of free agency
by trading a first-round pick in 2013 and a conditional pick in 2014 (a
third- or fourth-rounder) to the New York Jets for Pro Bowl cornerback
Darrelle Revis, who was coming off a torn ACL and wanted a huge contract
extension that the Jets weren't prepared to offer. After another Pro
Bowl campaign for Revis, in which he picked off two passes, forced two
fumbles and one fumble recovery in Tampa Bay, the Bucs decided to release Revis ion base salary he was scheduled to receive. The Bucs attempted to reduce his salary and trade him – with Cleveland and Oakland reportedly interested – but no deal was able to be reached.

Revis, who will turn 29 in July, was due a $16 million base salary, including $3 million in bonus money on Thursday if he was still on the roster. The Bucs decided that was too much cap space allocated to anyone – even a five-time Pro Bowler. Revis is getting paid just over $6 million more per year than the second-highest paid cornerback. The team couldn’t trade Revis, so the Bucs released him after 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday to avoid paying him a $1.5 million roster bonus and a $1.5 million workout bonus that he was due.

Parting ways with Revis also resulted in sending the Bucs’ 2014 fourth-round pick to the New York Jets as part of the trade deal that led to his acquisition last year, instead of a third-round pick, which would be more beneficial to Tampa Bay. The Bucs only have five draft picks this year – selections in the first, second, third, fifth and seventh rounds.

Making the departure of Revis, who was the Sporting News’ 2013 Comeback Player of the Year, possible was the acquisition of Titans Pro Bowler corner Alterraun Verner. Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, who played several years for Smith in Chicago, in also in the mix, and is reportedly heading to Tampa Bay for a visit with the Buccaneers on Wednesday.

Facing the prospects of losing him after the 2013 season and getting nothing in return for him, the Jets traded Revis, who had 19 interceptions in his six-year career, to Tampa Bay last April. After the trade, former Bucs general manager Mark Dominik signed Revis to a six-year, $96-million deal that is really a series of six individual deals worth $16-million.

The $16 million salary made it difficult to trade Revis because very few teams were in position to absorb such a cap hit. The Raiders, Jaguars and Browns were really the only clubs that had the flexibility to take on Revis' massive base salary.

Revis' deal featured no guaranteed money and no signing bonus, and that creates no dead salary cap space for the Buccaneers.
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    Well this is George Hicks from East Texas-All I can say is WOW. Lovie has already gone beyond my dreams.Can you Imagine what going to happen with the rest of the FA period and this year Draft.I say Trade down to example to #10 Detroit pick plus another 2. Then Get DT Aaron Donald at #10 then go after a WR and a another QB. And say Tampa is on its way-Great Free Agency Tampa Bay.
  • avatar

    @Scubog - The Gruden trade was brilliant. Rich McKay blowing every first and second rounder since 1997 and putting the team 130% over the cap was what ended that run.
  • avatar

    Good on surfer dudes! What was I thinking'?! :-)
  • avatar

    Hey Warren, Schiano had a defensive scheme? LOL!
  • avatar

    I'm trying to decide if this is the worst trade in Buccaneer history. Competition for the top disaster is stiff. Perhaps the PR gang could do a feature like a point-counterpoint. Let's see, there's the 1st rounder for Wally Chambers, the one for Jack "Throwin Samoan" Thompson, the one for Chris Chandler, the one traded for the 2nd round choice used to take Booker Reese, the one that would have been Earl Campbell or the no-trade for the one that would have been Bo Jackson. Should we throw in the ones traded for Keyshawn Johnson and Jon Gruden? After listing these, the Buccaneers just might own the top five worst trades in NFL history.
  • avatar

    So, what happens to Revis Island? LOL
  • avatar

    Glad that the 1st round pick we lost was in LAST year's draft and not this year's draft. Happy Revis is in NE so I can watch him on tv every sunday, as opposed to how I have to watch almost every TB game online. Really glad I didn't buy a Revis jersey this year. Revis is smart, but him going to Clev would've been great for the browns, and the Bucs. Lovie is crafting the team he wants and this is how it goes. I hope that Tampa can secure Ted Ginn and drop Mike Williams, he's just not worth having in the locker room anymore. No matter what much more excited for 2014 than 2013.
  • avatar

    So this Jag off comes in here and collects 16 mil and plays avg, so the 16 mil is a gift.To show his appreciation he refuses to re -do his contract and gets 11.2 mil on a one year( state tax) so I gotta think the bucs and Jag off were only a mil apart WHAT A JAG OFF, Me Vis is !! On top of it all I gotta believe perhaps there just may have been some behind the seens talking that clearly could have prevented the Bucs from rec compensation in a trade and MeVis not wanting to redo his deal !!!
  • avatar

    Agree with Warren totally. Nothing against Revis...he is a great player BUT one player is not a TEAM. At a more reasonable cost we could ahve kept him. I understand why he wouldn't accept a cut, why should he? He has no loyalty to Tampa or any other team for that matter. Had to be worst trade ever. I couldn't believe it last year but I guess if it had worked..... GO BUCS!!!!!!! A new hope is in the works. May not be any better but it at least seems like they have a vision for the future.
  • avatar

    I give the regime the benefit of the doubt...but I really would have liked to have seen a healthy Revis with a good coaching staff.
  • avatar

    good the rent was to high .
  • avatar

    IMO one of the best minds in football said it best when he was asked about paying Revis 16 mil and he said " 16 mil for a CB, NOT ME " ! We now have finally found a GM and HC that are professional and with BRAINS ! Good job Mr. Licht and Mr. Smith.
  • avatar

    Great first and second day in FA.. let's move on!
  • avatar

    Scott, there were enough teams to absorb the 16 mill cap hit it would've took to land Revis. The plain fact of the matter is no G.M. not named Mark Dominik would ever pay a corner that kind of money. You were on record as saying the Bucs should keep Revis, and pay him the 16 this year. That's one reason why you're editor of PR, not an NFL G.M.. With the money we would've paid Revis added up to what we got McCown, Johnson, and pro bowl corner Verner for. Now that's the way you spend 16 mill on a team with more holes the a slice of Swiss cheese!!
  • avatar

    Exactly; I can't think of a more dumber trade than that, and there are many embarrassing ones in previous trades. It was just dumb and goes to show you how even a Head Coach and a GM couldn't see how badly this would play out. I mean the guy was still in rehab! Dumb, dumb, dumb. I was ready to fire Schiano after that Revis move.
  • avatar

    I didn't think it would happen nor did I think it would make sense. Wrong and wrong, it appears.
  • avatar

    Good, I'm tired of all of speculation and debate. I will have to endure the "what if" references alluding to him all year long while watching games, but this part is at least over. Let's move on.....Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Single best move to date!
  • avatar

    We couldn't even get a 6th or 7th round pick? The Jaguars got a 6th round pick for B. Gabbert! Like I said when this story broke, very embarrassing. The 3rd round pick and gaining $16 million dollars is of little consolation to me. Getting Verner and Tilliman helps I suppose. I'm just glad I didn't already get a Revis jersey like I was considering doing. I guess another bright side is that the potential is there for us to use a high draft pick on a CB that will eventually take over for Tillman. I love the top 3 CB's in this draft class and I think they can all be shutdown CB's: Dennard, Gilbert and Verrett.
  • avatar

    Last year's trade for Revis will go down as the worst trade in Bucs history. Forget the fact the Bucs paid $16M ($6M higher than any other DB) for a DB at 80% healthy; and forget the fact Revis didn't fit into Schiano's defensive scheme; the Bucs lost their 1st round pick last year and (only) their 4th rounder this year. Most of us posted before the Revis trade that it was not a good move with so many holes to fill. Soooooo glad Dom and Schiano are gone! The current GM and coach are filling holes left and right, and to this point deserve an A+ for their effort.
  • avatar

    Warren, Exactly.
  • avatar

    Great post Warren, said it just right.
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