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March 25, 2014 @ 2:40 pm
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Licht: Bucs Are Striving To Win A Championship This Year

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs GM Jason Licht spoke to the media, PewterReport.com included, on Tuesday afternoon at the NFL owners meeting in Orlando. Licht touched on a number of subjects, including on why the Buccaneers were so active in free agency. Read the full press conference here.
The NFL owners meetings are taking place in Orlando this year and PewterReport.com is in attendance. On Tuesday general manager Jason Licht spoke to the media and shared his thoughts on a number of subjects. You can read a full transcript below.

(On if the Buccaneers have spoken to Mike Williams)

“Yes Lovie actually caught up with Mike and the good news is Mike is healthy so everything is fine there. We are still gathering the facts on what happened before we address it and talk about it.”

(On if it is tough to blame the victim)
“Yeah, right now until we learn more we are going to give him the benefit of the doubt.”

(On reports that the wound required three stitches)
“That is even more detail than I know. I have been running around with meetings here. I just knew that he was healthy and that our primary concern. So he is fine.”

(On how disappointed the organization is in Williams)
“I think I said earlier, I would like to not see him in the headlines, but we will just take it case by case and see until we find out the full details.”

(On if there will be discipline forthcoming)
“Well like I said as we figure out,  and get all the details then we will make the decisions based after that.”

(On the status of Carl Nicks for 2014)
“Still hopeful. A different case than Mike Williams but, we are gathering all the information we have with the doctors we have sent him to. He has been rehabbing, things look promising, but we are crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.”

(On his first free agency as a general manager)
“It was a real exciting year, Lovie Smith and our staffs and the Glazer family were all onboard, and we came up with a plan. We thought it would be unfair to ask the fans to be patient with us. We wanted to go out and sign as many good players as we could to help our football team be more competitive this year. And strive to win a championship this year. Not go back with a, ‘Hey give us a couple years.’ We want to do it as soon as we can. The fans deserve it. I found out in a two-month period that these fans are so passionate in Tampa.  So we want players that are just as passionate as the fans and think we succeeded with that at least.”

(On the importance of the team's offseason workouts and mini-camps)
“Very important, (in) one week you can install quite a bit of your offense and defense and get things up and running so when we go to training camp, it is a full go.”

(On who the starters are at guard)
"We’ll go with the guys that are on the roster right now and we have them compete and they’re competing for starting spots. So it’s Jamon [Meredith], Oniel [Cousins], and we still have the draft coming up. There’s still a possibility of adding someone down the road here, depends on who becomes available, who’s out there. We’re going to give everybody that’s on the roster right now a chance to win that job."
(On newly signed CB Mike Jenkins role)
"He’s going to compete for a starting job. We do like Johnthan Banks, too. The amount of time that you play nickel, it’s upwards of 60-percent or more at times, so those guys, all three of our corners, are considered starters in our book."
(On if there will be more free agency additions)
"I think we just need to continue to add good football players. The receiver subject comes up a lot. We’d like to add depth at numerous positions, but that’s one of them."
(On how the kick returner position will be addressed)
"I wish we could have addressed everything in free agency. Here we signed all these guys and we’re still getting asked questions even in the building, staff members, 'Hey, what about this. We’re like, OK.' But the pockets are getting sort of empty right now. We’ll still go down every road, turn over every stone at that position as well."
(On reports that safety Dashon Goldson has hired a private tackling coach)
"Hey, if it works, then I’m all for it."
(On his thoughts about proposed rules changes)
"They vote tomorrow. So far, everything that’s been proposed has made sense. This is my first meeting, so I’ll kind of defer to Lovie on those things. But so far, everything has made sense. I’m actually in favor of the review, anything is under review, we’ve been talking about that for a while, that’s the main one. At least for me that would be a good adjustment to me."
(On his first draft
 upcoming in May)
"Same type of feeling I had going into my first free agency. Just really excited. Not nervous at all. The staff has done a great job getting everything prepared and we still have another month to watch tape and finalize everything. We just wish we had more picks."
(On signing free agents who weren’t starters before)
"In some of those cases, they’re coming from a team where there’s established players at that position. You know, it’s not Anthony Collins’ fault that they have Whitworth starting at left tackle and he’s a mainstay there. But when he was asked to play he did a great job, played very well. So you have to give a guy a chance. There is some risk involved, but I’m not afraid to take a risk and neither is Lovie. So we’re rolling to dice maybe a little bit but I think he’s a great player."

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    I love the response "We'll go down every road, turn over every stone..." for each position.. That's the kind of work effort that...after free agency & the draft...finds underrated & undrafted free agents for depth and special teams, as well as "sleepers" who nobody ever heard of that become stars in the NFL. We haven't had that type of commitment for a very long time.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Yeah, I like the win now attitude now too. I think there are two strategies that make sense for us. These strategies assume that Watkins will not be available at 7 and Carr will not be available after the Browns second pick. So either we trade up to take Watkins who is the consensus best offensive play maker in the draft or we trade down to where we can pick either Carr of a WR.
  • avatar

    @scubog....classic....just classic!
  • avatar

    Championship next year. Lol. I'll be thrilled if they just compete and hover around .500 and maybe make late season push to get a wildcard. So far I like his candor and attitude. Hoping for a great draft and injury free season! Go Bucs! New uniforms are hideous though. Lol. Helmet ok, but the jersey....
  • avatar

    Nothing like a hot cup of coffee and little scubog to get your day started! lol
  • avatar

    As Richie McKay often admitted; "Everyone lies during Draft time." Much as I would like to experience the excitement Johnny Manziel would bring to the team, I really think Aaron Donald is a safer pick. I'm with Horse this year and think trading down into the teens (kinda like Roman Polanski) is a viable option.
  • avatar

    I am all for the "win now" approach...but I think a little honest reflection and expectation setting is not a bad thing either..."win now"...really...with Josh McCown the 35 year old journey man who couldn't crack any NFL line up for more than a decade (that's near enough to zero snaps)...the guy who had a few good (not great) games last year...this is the guy that is "win now"...I fail to see how Rob Ryan is shaking in his boots looking at Collins/Meredith/Smith/Cousins/Dotson in front of McCown and Martin with VJax and Williams (maybe?) and some journeyman TE....okay okay, I know this cannot possibly be what we're actually going to start the season with...I mean surely we draft at the very minimum a WR and a OG that can step in to the line-up right away, and maybe if we're really lucky we even end up with Bortles or TB....and maybe Nicks has a miraculous recovery...but at this very moment to claim we are "win now"...with the offensive line-up sitting in 1-Buc...that's just plain delusional....don't get me wrong I am happy, I think we have improved, I think we're on a better course...but "Win now" is only coming with serious new upgrades on offense...
  • avatar

    Right now I am focused on getting better. I believe that we got better just with the coaching change . Their scheme sucked and time management was embarrassing. I believe that we got better on defense; not sure about the offense yet. As much as I like Donald, I think picking either Watkins or Evans is a major need regardless of the Williams situation. We seriously need to trade down and get more picks. We need a WR, OL, DL, WR, TE, LB, RB. OL.
  • avatar

    I love how open Licht was in this interview. I just renewed season tickets that I had let go of two years ago. That's how excited I am. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    IMHO if the Buc's want Carr they will have to take him at 7 if he is there as the Raiders seem to have a man crush on him and he won't last till the 2nd RD. I also would like to get Donald and build a great Tampa D again. Real concerned about starting Meredth or Cousins as the reports I have read says he was the worst OG last year. Sure hope the O-Line coach knows what he is doing as I believe he coached him last year. Still have many holes on this team but Rome was not built in a year.
  • avatar

    Great interview. I thought they were all relevant questions and he gave great answers. At least I know M. Williams has returned their call. We know who they're willing to start at guard. We'd all prefer Nicks over Cousins but I'm fine with Meredith at RG. It sounds like it'll be a competition at the #2 CB spot. I'm fine with that. Lastly, they aren't satisfied with the KR/PR they have now and neither am I. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I don't think there's any denying the Buccaneers are playing to win NOW! So far they have made that very clear what with the many FA signings and I am glad to see it. I always worry about mortgaging the future to win now but thus far I have not seen that happening. Still very little if any dead money being "spent." I think we can compete to win the South with a solid draft and a little luck on the injury front. That's all I can ask and so far the Buccaneers are delivering this winter.
  • avatar

    I sure hope the Bucs take a long hard look at Aaron Donald in the first round. I like him more than any WR, QB, or OT that will be there at 7. That is to say he will be a better fit than Taylor Lewan, Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Sammy Watkins, or Mike Evans.
  • avatar

    My favorite quote "...unfair to ask the fans to be patient with us." I like this win now attitude of Mr. Licht and Coach Smith. Go Bucs!
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