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August 29, 2014 @ 12:25 am
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Bucs vs. Redskins Postgame Quotebook

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tampa Bay wrapped up the preseason losing to the Washington Redskins in the preseason finale for both teams. Find out what Lovie Smith, select Bucs players and the Redskins and a few of their players had to say following Thursday night's game.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wrapped up their first preseason under Lovie Smith and below are quotes following the game from Smith, select Bucs players and also quotes from the Redskins’ locker room.

(On the Buccaneers’ final preseason game)

“Good to finish out the preseason, as much as anything. We’ve had four games. A lot of practices to evaluate our football team. Of course there’s some tough decisions we have to make, some tough cuts we have to make, starting tomorrow morning, to get down to 53 [players]. As I talked to the team before, I just wanted the guys to try and not have any regrets and let us see your best. Hopefully that was the case. Can’t really talk about an awful lot that we really liked from the sideline tonight, but that’s how it goes sometimes. As much as anything we wanted to get a final look. We do have a couple positions that are pretty close, as we decide which way we need to go.”
(On wide receiver Louis Murphy’s Injury)
“Louis Murphy hurt his back – back contusion, something like that. Of course he didn’t finish. Anytime a player doesn’t finish there’s some concern. Hopefully it’s not too serious.”
(On which Buccaneers players played well enough to make an impression in the final preseason game)
“That would be hard to say right now. I don’t overreact either way, just look at the video and go from there. We didn’t score a whole lot of points, we didn’t really stop them an awful lot so right off the top of my head, can’t think of anyone that really flashed an awful lot.”
(On linebacker Danny Lansanah’s play in the preseason)
“He’s done some good things. We started him last week. He’s had opportunities. There’s been flashes. If you guys have been around training camp, I’ve talked about Danny a few different times. We’re still not where we need to be though, linebacker-wise. We’ve had some players play well, but we’re not quite there yet.”

(On the Buccaneers’ first half play tonight)
“Just sloppy play as much as anything. Offensive line, defensive line, tackling, it just wasn’t great football throughout the night. It’s not like we really played well. Right now, just having to point someone out that really made an impression, that’s just not the case. Normally, when you go back and evaluate the video you see a few more things that you really do like.”
(On Offensive Coordinator Jeff Tedford’s absence)
“Jeff is improving daily, had a chance to talk to him an hour before the game. We’re slowing him up a little bit. Of course we would like to have him out there, but he has time. He’s making progress, I can tell you that and we’ll see how it goes.”
(On running back Jeff Demps’ play)
“We tried to give Jeff as many opportunities as possible. As a returner and of course at the running back position. He’s the fastest guy in the NFL. The fastest guy in the NFL, you’ll want to see him use that speed. We weren’t able to break him so he could really show it, throughout the preseason really. We got a good evaluation of him. We saw him as much as the rest of the players. I think we put him in position to show what he can do. That’s as a running back carrying the ball and as a returner. That’s what we’re going to evaluate him on. “
(On wide reciever Solomon Patton’s play)
“He had a couple drops that didn’t help his case at the end of the game. I was pleased with how Solomon played throughout [the preseason], of course as a returner and as a young player, we’ve seen him make a lot of improvements. “
(On if Patrick Omameh will be the starting right guard)
“It’s a little early for that [to call him the starter at right guard]. What we wanted to do was give him a lot of opportunities. We’ve done that. We’ve seen steady improvement from him, like we’ve seen from some of the other guards at the position.  We have a group of men that we have to choose from.”
WR/KR Solomon Patton
(On possibly being more relaxed now as an established kick returner)
(Laughing) “I actually wasn’t relaxed whatsoever, my heart was racing, and it has been racing ever since I got here. I just go out every down I get and give it my all.”

(On how he assesses preseason as a whole, including training camp this past month)
“It was awesome, I didn’t realize about all the cuts, so I’m just trying to work hard and stand out. Hopefully I made an impact somewhere on this team, and can make this roster.”

(On what the team did in the second half to get things going offensively)
“I think we were just getting some drives going, that was the biggest thin. On third down we were hurting ourselves a little bit, we learned from the first half and we were able to move forward and get a little better in the second half.”
(On the touchdown play to wide receiver Solomon Patton)
“First off, I thought we had great protection up front - the whole game we had great protection up front. Solomon just made a great play on it, got some good yards after the catch and scored for us. It was a really good play.”
(On what it’s like going into the final cut down before the regular season begins)
“All of those decisions are out of my control. You hope the body of work that you put in throughout camp and the preseason is what you rely on. For me, I’m just going to go home and let Coach Smith make the best decisions for the team and he always will.”
(On new Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Logan Mankins)
“The guy is a Pro Bowler. Whenever you get somebody like that around you, you want to get all the pieces you can just to get all of the knowledge and all of the technique stuff. I think it’s great for us.”
(On the play of the offensive line as a unit)
“I think we do some good things. It’s never as good as you think it is and it’s never as bad as you think it is, but we’re just going to continue to work. We have a big week coming up, we’re just going to continue to prepare and do everything that we can to go out there and win next Sunday.”
(On how confident he is with the offensive line)
“We’re confident. We just got a Pro Bowler in and it’s always good to get knowledge from a Pro Bowler. I think it’s great for us and it’s going to help us a lot.”
(On being the defensive line being prepared for the season)
“I feel like we’re very prepared. We got our starting four that can get after the quarterback, with G [Gerald McCoy], Clinton [McDonald], AC [Adrian Clayborn] and Mike [Michael Johnson]. So, those four and then coming in to back those guys up you got me [Akeem Spence], Will [William Gholston] and Da’Quan [Bowers] and guys that can come in and do the same thing. So, I feel like there’s no drop-off.”
(On accomplishing what they needed to during the preseason)
“You don’t get everything you have to during the preseason, so you just see how some things work and then go back to the drawing board. I feel like, for the most part, we got everything accomplished that we wanted to.”
(On being able to play receiver)

“It felt good. Me being a returner, a lot of people look at me just as a special teams guy, but it feels good to go out there and score a touchdown and show them that I can make moves.”
(On scoring a touchdown)
“It felt awesome. I was just waiting on my coach to call my name. He called me and told me to get in and I just took advantage of it. I had family waiting on that all preseason. The offensive line and the quarterback did a great job of throwing that ball.”
(On contributing to the team in multiple roles)
“I go out there every day and try to prove something. It can be a small thing and I definitely went out there today and proved I can make plays at receiver as well.”
(On his 37-yard kickoff return in the third quarter)
“I just need to kind of use my speed a little bit and bounce it outside to see if I can get one back to the house.”
(On his overall performance)
“I think I did pretty good. Overall, I think it was just a grind game for me. It’s just me going out and trying to do my best during the last preseason game.”
(On any insight from coaches about the final roster)
“It’s something I didn't really ask about. They didn't really talk about it with me. It’s just kind of day-to-day working hard, and when it’s time to make that decision, hopefully there’s a spot there.”
(On the importance of the last two preseason games)
“I think they were big. You know, just getting out there and getting a feel for things. Just getting the defense down and going against some more quality opponents, going with the ones and twos, and just getting out there and getting my feet wet.”
(On his tipped ball that led to an interception)
“It’s something we practice each day in the red zone. I saw [wide receivers] two and three were in a slant, and I’m taught to bite on the three, and that’s what I did and I tipped it. I wish I got the interception, but I let the little rookie [linebacker Nate Askew] get it. That’s my little guy, so I Iet him take it.”
(On tackles from last game)
“I like to play downhill. You know, I like to run fast —that’s what I do. I shot the gap like our coaches teach us.”

(On his young running backs)
“Silas [Redd] had some nice runs, some tough runs between the tackles. Lache [Seastrunk] had the splash play, that’s what he’s known for.  Chris Thompson did some good things out of the backfield.  So it’s going to be very tough.  It’s a tough decision for us, but one that will be made tomorrow or Saturday.”
(On Chris Neild’s injury)
“It looks like an ACL, we’re not sure, we’re getting him tested. Akeem [Jordan] looked like another ACL, sprained MCL maybe, but we’re going to get him tested.”
(On seeing enough to make team cuts)
“I think so. I think guys had ample opportunity to show what they can do and that’s what the preseason is about. We really worked hard with the young guys to try and get them ready to play so when their numbers were called they were prepared.  I felt like they were.  I think everybody had the chance to touch the ball on offense and defensively guys were flying around and making plays with ample opportunity to show what they can do. We’re going to have good film to watch, which is good.  We ran a lot of plays on offense.  Defense did some good things and we’ll have to make some choices.”
(On the kicker competition)
“[Zach Hocker] missed a great opportunity.  He kicked off well, made a couple PAT’s and we will have to see.  It’ll be tough.”
(On quarterback Colt McCoy)
“Colt did good. He read his own interception. He told me after the game he threw one red zone interception in his career he threw two today unfortunately. He underthrew the deep ball and he tried to force one in there on the third down-and-five in the red zone.  Other than that, I think he played very good. Not only in the passing game, but also in the run game. He got out of the pocket, made some plays and showed us he can run and he’s another great option for us at the position.”
(On defensive lineman Clinton Geathers)
“Two sacks and he was a force in the running game.  He did a good job.  Another big body inside, [Kedric] Golston had a good game again. [Chris] Neild played well until the injury. [Frank] Kearse had a sack, he did well.”
(On linebacker Gabe Miller)
“Gabe did some good things too. There are some guys who really showed up and showed what they can do. Defensively, I think we held them to twelve yards in the first half, so it wasn’t just one guy, it was a combination of a lot of guys flying around and making plays against the run and defending the pass and getting pressure.  It was good to see.”
(On the performance of the running backs)
“It’s been like that the whole training camp. Each running back, when they get their number called they produce pretty well and we’re just going to have to evaluate the whole process from training camp to OTAs and the games that they played. We will go back and look at all of their pass protection pick ups in practice and routes and runs, evaluate them and make a sound decision.”
(On the transitioning to coaching NFL)
“It’s a lot more people that you have to deal with. It’s a totally different deal, a lot more at stake.  Everything you do is under a microscope.  In the Arena League you can get away with some stuff, here you can’t.  You have to be sound with your decision-making, you have to be good to your players and try to get the most out of them and be a good motivator and teacher and win.  That’s the bottom line: win or you’re done.”
(On the performance of the running backs)

“We’ve got a lot of depth at running back. All those guys came out and put their best foot forward. So that’s why we play and don’t make those decisions. Coach has to make those. But I thought it was a great effort by everybody all around. The vets that weren’t playing were into the game, helping other guys out. That’s what you really need because this game means a lot.”
(On the performance of the offensive line)
“I thought they played great. Ran the ball well, gave Colt [McCoy] some time to throw the ball. So all around, I thought it was a good effort. We won the game and that’s all that matters.”
(On the performance of the wide receivers)
“Ryan Grant, Aldrick [Robinson], Nick Williams, Lee Doss, all those guys played extremely well. Just showing how explosive they can be. So it was a showcase game for them to come out and put their best foot forward, getting yards after the catch, running great routes, and I thought they did that as well.”
(On how he feels now that the preseason has ended)
“I feel great. It’s Houston week now. The end of this game means it’s Houston week, so we’re all ready to go, we’re all pumped up. Everything we do now is geared toward Houston. That’s coach’s message to us and we’ll be ready to go.”
(On how he played)

“As a competitor I’d like to have that pick before halftime back.  Offensively, we were real efficient.  The offensive line did a great job up front, I felt like I was able to get out of the pocket for a little bit and make some plays on my feet and throw on the run.  I am mostly proud that when we were on the field we sustained traps, converted on third downs and moved the ball pretty well.”
(On the offensive line)
“When those guys are clicking up front, I try to up-tempo and try to get them to play fast and I think when we do that, we start wearing the down the d-line.  And again hats off to them.  The receivers also made some really nice plays, and we were just efficient and that was the goal coming in.  We didn’t practice for them, we just wanted to go out there and move the ball and play.”
(On chances of grabbing a roster spot and sticking with the club)
“For me, I hope it works out because this is my fifth offense in five years, and it fits me the best of many offenses that I’ve been in before.  I don’t know how else to say it. I just like what we do.  It fits my skill set, and you know, I feel like I could help this team.”
(On how he has improved this preseason)

“I watched tape all week and I just continued to do what I did all preseason. I continued to grow, taking from Coach Burney, Jason Hatcher, [Barry] Cofield and some of the other guys. They coach me up very well, starting to teach me how be a little faster.”
(On what has led to his improvement this preseason)
“Starting to use basically what I always had and have done it all preseason. Those guys coach me up, we have a good group of guys here; first string, second string, everybody here. I like the way they’re coaching me.”
(On how he has created opportunities to make plays)
“I think God presented the opportunities honestly. He put me in those situations and I just had to capitalize on them. That’s how I feel about it. Other than preparing and doing the same thing I was doing for the last three games it was no difference.”
(On if he will make the final roster cut)
“I hope I did. I always try my best and always give it 120 percent. It’s their decision, it’s out of my hands.”
(On what the next 48 hours will feel like for him)
“The next 48 hours [are] nerve wracking. If something happens I just have to leave with my head held high.”
(On his overall evaluation of the game)
“I’m thankful for the running, the catching and all of those things. [Coach Gruden] putting me in all the third-down situations pretty much through the first half. Just thankful to be out there and get the opportunity.”
(On what the next few days are going to be like)
“It’s a blessing. I’m happy for all the opportunities I’ve had. I’m just happy that I achieved my goal, and my grandma was able to see me achieve that goal.”
(On his 80-yard touchdown reception)
“I feel my grandma was with me the whole way. My momma told me yesterday, right before I laid my head down, ‘It’s time to claim it down in the name of Jesus.’ I said, ‘OK. I claim it too.’ All of a sudden, I felt the catch and I felt the crease. I felt my grandma running with me the whole way and it was the coolest feeling in the world. I felt her with my the whole way. I had to wave and say thank you.”
(On making a big statement tonight)
“You can say that [I did]. I was just playing ball. You’re going to get big plays, you’re not going to make big plays. It’s just how the game is. I was just fortunate that it was my play.”
(On his pass catching)
“I worked really hard. I always felt I could catch the ball pretty well, I just never had the opportunity. Coach Gruden has seen that I can catch the ball very, very well, so he trusts me catching the ball. I just kept improving every single day just doing what I can to improve my hands.”
(On how he’ll be feeling the next 48 hours before rosters are trimmed to 53)
“Antsy, man, antsy. I’ll be anxious to get a call on whether I’ll be staying or not. As far as my play - God willing I stay - I got to get better on special teams. We’re pretty solid at running back, so I know I’m going to make my mark, if I make this team, on special teams. I’ve got to be better. I didn’t do that well of a job tonight on special teams and I plan to get better, God willing I get to stay.”
(On the competition at running back)
“I see great players. Any time we all get in there, we make something happen top to bottom. You want that competition and along with the competition, there’s no animosity on the team. We feed off each other, and we make each other better.”
(On what his preseason experience has been like)
“It’s been a blessing, man. It’s been a long road to get here. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of adversity, but I made it here. Hopefully, I made good enough of a mark that they want to keep me.”

– Zach Shapiro contributed to this report

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