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September 1, 2014 @ 5:52 pm
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Smith Says Tedford Is Improving, But No Timetable For Return

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford underwent a surgical procedure last week according to head coach Lovie Smith, but his timetable for a return is still unknown. Smith told the media on Monday that Tedford is improving and Tampa Bay has a plan to deal with any time he misses.
The mystery cause of Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford’s health problem that caused him to need a “surgical procedure” last week has yet to be answered, but the good news is whatever the ailment, it is improving. Enough so that Tedford was in the building at One Buc Place over the weekend.

However, head coach Lovie Smith told the media on Monday that there is still no timetable for Tedford’s return, and it is possible that he could miss the season opener on Sunday against the Panthers.

“Couple of things going on: of course a lot of you and a lot of people have asked about Jeff Tedford and how he’s doing,” Smith said. “He’s getting better [and he] stopped through this weekend. We’re taking our time with him. Again, he’s getting better each day. When he’ll be back here full-time, I don’t know. When he’ll be available full-time, whether he’ll be able to go this week for the game and all those questions, we don’t have answered right now. Just know he’s getting better and we’ll see how that all plays out. In the meantime, the rest of our offensive staff will pick up for Jeff similar to how we did the last week, with all of the guys really kind of pitching in.”

Smith said the Bucs do have a contingency plan but wasn’t ready to reveal exactly what it is, or who specifically would call plays on Sunday.

“Keep in mind right now, I’m going to give very little information from here on out,” Smith said. “We’re [in] game week. Anything we say, someone is listening. We’re going to show up, we’ll have someone calling plays, we feel good about that person calling plays. So I can hit you with that.

“It’s important, but for all of the staff. Can’t put too much on just one person. I’m talking about a coordinator. It’s a group effort that we have. Of course Quinn [Tedford] and Marcus [QB coach Arroyo] and [assistant offensive line coach] Matt Wiegand of course know a lot more about that offense, but it’s really our offense now. And all of the coaches have really been there from day one installing it with our players. So things have been going as smoothly as they could without Jeff being here right now.”

Last modified on Monday, 01 September 2014 18:01

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    If I had to guess he probably had a clogged artery, and had a stent put in. If I had to guess again, he'll most likely be in the booth calling plays Sunday. If I'm right, don't know what the big deal telling the public would be. However if you think it's a competitive advantage not saying who your starting right guard is, I suppose you want to keep Carolina in the dark about who'll be calling the plays.
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    My guess is that Tedford doesn't yet have a doctor's release to return to work and the organization can't permit him to work without it. Let's hope our OC isn't on any medications that diminish his mental capacity enough to take Owlykat's advice seriously.
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    scubog- what advise and who takes him seriously anyway?
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    Tedford, we are counting on you. If you are not well enough to be at the first game, I hope you will watch it on TV and have a direct line to whomever is calling plays for you. I love Lovie, who is a defensive genius, but his Achilles Heel has been his lack of Offensive good judgment. That means for Lovie to succeed you will be the key to his success. While you have not been an NFL OC you have been a CFL OC and an Offensive Genius at Oregon and Cal. Please don't be just a yes man to Lovie. You need to guide him on his Offensive decisions. Don't let Warhop do that guidance. Anyone who kept Cousins as a starter and on this team lacks good judgment. You also have to know Glennon had worse stats this Preseason than last year. If he becomes a starter he will likely cost you your job and your reputation. I believe in both you and Lovie. Good luck and wish you a speedy recovery!
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    Coach Tedford; health is one of the most important things in life and I know you know what is the best recovery time for you. Wishing you the best.
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    Get well soon Tedford!
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