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December 6, 2009 @ 10:59 am
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Bucs-Panthers Post-Game Quotes

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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What did Bucs head coach Raheem Morris and his players say after their 16-6 loss to the Panthers in Carolina on Sunday. Find out by reading their post-game comments in this article.
Post-game quotes courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers public relations staff and Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Raheem Morris

(on Josh Freemans performance)
"It was a tough loss and a tough day for the young man in the Red Zone. Up until this point, hes been really great in the Red Zone. Today, he just made some bad decisions, which he knows he cant make. He was trying to squeeze some in to Bryant, or I think one was to Kellen or who ever he was trying to squeeze them into. Hes got to make better decisions in the Red Zone. Weve got to come out of there with points somehow. Today, we were not able to do that. So its back to the lab. Its all about that trust factor that you have. You stand back there. Youre the quarterback. You think that guy can make every play. Hes hot. You force some things to him. It wasnt just Antonio. He forced in some other places. Thats just the confidence the kid has in his arm. Hell get better. Hell make better decisions in some of those situations. Youve got to put a little bit on me too. Maybe I should start running the ball a little bit and not have so much confidence in him. Well get better and better at that situation. Well be good. I have a lot of confidence."

(on the team's fullbacks)
"Ive got two fullbacks. Ive got one guy that goes in there and runs heavy. Hes down there in the five. It was a good move by my young personnel guy to just send in [Chris] Pressley thinking pound the rock, pound the rock. He called one run to Pressley. Thats fine. Then Pressley runs that 1-2 as a fullback. Its not a problem. Its the same run Hoover runs. Its the same run all the big-time fullbacks in this league run. Its not a big deal as far as who was in there."

(on K Connor Barth's misses)
"I didnt see the actual misses. I just knew they were misses. Well go back and evaluate the tape and see what the problem was and get with him and find out what the problem was. They didnt kick the ball off well either, so well find out whats going on there."

(on Clifton Smiths injury)
"Clifton obviously I believe that was a concussion at the beginning of the game. I dont have an update on him. I just know hes out for this game. Ill be able to get more information to you after we get back on Wednesday, or after we meet again as far as Sunday."

(on how much of winning is knowing how to do it)
"You know, a lot of us know how to do it. A lot of us are learning how to do it. A lot of us have an opportunity to do it. Defensively in that second half, they played well enough to give us a chance to win, and we didnt. Offensively, we had some opportunities to go down there and score and we didnt. Winning is a habit."

(on if this team have to learn how to win)
"This team has got to learn how to get better. Weve got to go out there and weve got to put this thing together, and give ourselves a better opportunity to win. Were in the Red Zone, and weve got that many times down there, weve got to capitalize. Weve been great down there all year. I believe we were second in the NFL. Today, weve got to give the Carolina Panthers credit for their Red Zone defense. They stepped it up and played big-time football and kept us out of the End Zone, and actually got some turnovers."

(on his conversations with Freeman after interceptions)
"You know with a quarterback, its never conversations. It never goes negative with a quarterback. Its always what can you do better?; whats the look going to be here?; protect the football there. All of those conversations with the quarterbacks are done well in advance before the game. Hell get coached just like everybody else. Hes as hard on himself as anybody. And trust me, youre talking about a guy who threw for 321 yards today and threw 5 picks. Hes got to make better decisions once he gets down there."

(on if he felt like a better team although they didnt win today)
"I hate that excuse. Im never going to say were a better football team when a man just beat us. Thats not my style. That was a mans victory. Ive got so much respect for Coach Fox for his program and what he has been able to do. I would never say that. We played well. We gave ourselves a chance to win, although we were not able to."

(on matching Carolinas physical style)
"We matched it today. We just didnt finish. We werent able to win. Were not making the progress we want to win, obviously we didnt win. The team got better today. We got closer. We were able to go out there and man-up and play with this team. Weve got to be able to go out there and beat this team if we ever want to win this division."

QB Josh Freeman

(on the play in the red zone)
"Greg Olson called a great game and we were able to drive it down, really at will. We had a big offensive game. The offensive line was doing a great job at protection verse number 90, Hollis Thomas, and all those guys. We knew what they were bringing blitz wise. A few of those plays we just didnt put the ball where it needed to be."

(on if he felt he was forcing throws)
"The first one, I was going back to Sammie Stroughter and I was pulling the progression, trying to anticipate but I was a little early on my progression. I drilled it and threw it right where I thought Sammie would be. I've got to slow my foot work down. Sometimes you get rushing a little bit. The second one was Antonio Bryant was the only route, the only route in the progression. It was a full self play action. Jon Beason stepped back. I talked to him about it after the game. Man, I was so glad that I saw you. On the back sweep, you read run, stepped up and he was right behind one of their defensive tackles. Right when I popped up to let it go to Bryant, he just saw it and got his hands on it. It was a remarkable catch for how hard I threw that."

(on the other interceptions)
"Once again it was just a matter of getting the ball up another foot. Full extension, Beason made a great catch and if I got that ball a foot higher and its a touchdown. We would have got the lead and we would have been doing good. Like my coach always said, its a game of inches. Today I was a few inches off."

(on his other options on the fourth-down interception)
"They ended us up on that one. It was a play called progression. It went Antonio Bryant and turn over the ball to Sammie Stroughter, a little white hedge where he stonewalls at the back of the end zone. Started out and they doubled Bryant, came back to Kellen Winslow and Beason locked him up pretty good, holding on to him. I came back to Stroughter, same deal. Maurice Stovall was my last thing. I thought about running but I couldnt really see the seams. It was one of those things it you have the seams, I would of taken it in a heartbeat. But, I didnt see anything so its fourth down and weve got to put the ball into play. Result is interception."

(on how he will shake off five intercceptions)
"Ill be over it by tomorrow afternoon. Im going to obviously go through the game and look at everything, find out the reason why we didnt win the game. Its blatantly obvious that we were inside their 30 yard line eight times and came away with six points the entire game. Thats completely unacceptable. Its going to be finding a way to get back to the red zone offense that we were the previous three or four games."

K Connor Barth

(on missed field goals)
"The one that hit off the upright, didnt feel that bad. I knew, if it did go in, it was probably going to squeak in, but the last one I missed I just left my hips open. You can see, it just kind of shot off to the right a little bit. It was just a bad day for the offense. We just have to get back to work and keep pushing."

(on his rhythm with placeholder Sam Paulescu)
"He came right in and we had a rhythm in practice all week, just stroking the ball. He did a great job holding today. Everything was fine with that; I just wasnt putting them through the uprights."

RB Earnest Graham

(on points left on the field)
"I'd say that we left about 20 points on the field today. That cant happen. We all know that we cant turn the football over. You cant have penalties, and you have to capitalize on field position and we just didnt do that. It is very easy to see why we didnt come away with a victory today."

(on QB Josh Freeman's growing pains)
"It is definitely painful. The talent level is there, and we all know the type of player that Josh [Freeman] is and will be when he comes through. But we are all here to go through those things with him."

(on the team's level of play)
"Its felt like the team has been playing better these last couple of weeks. It actually feels good to put together a couple of drives and good starts, and using a lot of the clock. We played some physical football. Our defense came out, made some adjustments, and settled down. We had to get them off the field and try to score some points. We are starting to play some good football, but we just need to convert on some plays that will give us some points and let us win some football games. I think we could have won this game today, but we left too many points on the field today. That cant happen."

S Sabby Piscitelli

(on the overall defensive effort)
"Ra(heem Morris) had a great play called for us. A couple of times we had them in the backfield, and they got us out of some wrap tackles. We just have to make those tackles. There aint no excuse for that. I think after that we just kind of huddled up and tried to play more physical and try to stop that run. Well go to the film and see what happened, but its totally unacceptable. We have to do a better job."

(on Tampa Bays turnovers)
"You cant win a game with five turnovers, but at the same time, we got a big turnover ourselves. We have to get the ball back for our offense. When you dont win the turnover battle, its hard. The defense has to push back and get turnovers and make plays too, and we didnt do enough of that today."

C Jeff Faine

(on difficulty moving the ball in the red zone)
"Its a part of it. Ive been around long enough to work with quarterbacks and I know this kid is going to be a good player. He needs a whole season to work with his wide receivers to know exactly how to throw in certain situations, defensive coverage, hes going to make mistakes. He has composure and hes really good mentally. Im looking forward to the future with him. Its him growing up, right in front of our eyes."

LB Barrett Ruud

(on the defensive effort in the first quarter)
"The first quarter in general wasnt very good for us. We were a little sloppy with our tackling. Give some credit to Jonathan Stewart. He is a good back. Hes a strong back, but most of all, it was just us kind of missing tackles, but we did a good job after that. In the first quarter, they had 10 points and 115 yards of rushing and after that, they didnt get a whole lot else. So I thought we responded pretty well after that first quarter."

(on the play of quarterback Josh Freeman)
"Its hard, but at the same time, very encouraging, because you see how many good things he does all over the field today, making phenomenal throws. But he had a couple of mistakes in the red zone. When you play quarterback, a little bit too much gets put on you when you win, and a little bit too much gets put on when you lose, too. I thought he did a good job. He just made some mistakes in the red zone, and usually those are magnified."

(on how losing affects the team)
"You start thinking things are against you. You catch a bad break sometime. The good thing about our team is that we have stayed positive. Effort has never lagged, and thats the thing Im most proud of, because you see teams that are out of the playoff hunt quit, and were far from that. We play hard, we have to execute better to get these wins to start to get something positive going."

(on needing a win)
"Sometimes teams win ugly, but they win a lot. Theres nothing wrong with ugly wins in the NFL. We need to win a couple of tough games. Winning sparks that confidence, too. And when you are losing, you think you are going to get bad breaks, and a couple of wins, gets you going the exact opposite way. You think, 'Were going to get a break here; were going to make that happen.'

(on if this team is finding ways to lose)
"I cant say we find ways to lose. Its more were just not putting full games together. Thats our issue right now. We havent played 60 minutes of complete football. The same thing happened even when we won. I know defensively it wasnt 60 minutes of good football, and thats what good teams do. They put 60 minutes together."

DE Stylez G. White

(on adjustments made during the game)
"We really didnt make too many adjustments. What we did is didnt tackle well, and that is what shows at the end of the day. We were in position, but just didnt make the tackles. We came in with a good game plan, but we just missed tackles."

(on Steve Smith's long reception)
"They made a big play with Steve Smith, but we werent going to give up on it. And our team is not going to give up on each other. So we had to go out there and hold them to a field goal and give our team a chance."

(on going back to a Tampa Two type of defense)
"It gives us a chance to win games. It also gives the defensive guys a chance to make plays. When coach sets us up in a eight man front because they are going to run the ball, we have to hold ourselves accountable to make plays and stop them."

(on the turnover battle)
"There is really not much to say about that. We tried to overcome them, but we [the defense] still have to go out there and put our offense in a better position. Even though there were 4 or 5 turnovers, it doesnt matter. We should have played better ball."

RB Carnell Williams

(on the overall play of quarterback Josh Freeman)
"We've got to continue to rally around this young guy, (Josh) Freeman. Hes going to be a good one, but he struggled today. We struggled today as a team, as an offense. All around, we struggled, so we just need to stay together... rally around this guy Freeman because hes going to be good. We have to take the good with the bad, and today was not a very good day for us."

(on his advice to Freeman after loss)
"The main thing is to remember this feeling, because here soon he is going to be playing in big games where he has to come down here and hes definitely going to get the job done. I know how he is. Hes going to keep his head up. Were going to keep our head up as a team."

(on Freeman's growing pains)
"The guy is 21 years old, playing the premier position in football... the face of the franchise. Hes got a lot on him, but the guy is going to be OK."

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