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December 20, 2009 @ 2:00 pm
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Bucs-Seahawks Post-Game Quotes

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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What did Bucs head coach Raheem Morris and his players have to say about their 24-7 win over the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday? Read their post-game comment from the locker room at Qwest Field in this article.
Quotes courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers public relations department.


(On the game...)    
"I don't know whatever it is, but that was a nice game. It was a good game for our football team. We ran the football. We were able to open up the passing game with our run. We even used our play action. We were able to win that game as a football team today and I was proud of them. We came out and played well enough on defense to win in the first half and limit them to just seven points. You know they had the yardage on us. We were able to settle down and do some good things there, but on offense we picked it up in the second half to get going. Help from the "D" and special teams and that was a good win."

(On Josh Freeman's bounce back and they way they played...)       
"That's the whole key. We have been talking about that all year. Its how well the players play around Josh that's going to make Josh. Josh came back today and bounced back. He threw the pick early. He was able to calm himself down, which he wasn't able to do last week. He was able to get back and synchronize and we were able to run the football. Whenever you can run the football you help a young quarterback and you can help those guys do what they need to do throughout the day."

(On the team identity...)    
"That is what the whole end of the season is about for us. Its establishment, its uh progressing, its forming, its getting these guys to believe. And they say today it happened. They seen it work today and hopefully that stimulates a little bit more belief in the players, on the coaches, and our organization period. That's what we want to do."

(On the defense...)    
"These guys played well in the first half, I'm talking about Seattle. They came out and had a great plan. Greg Knapp is traditionally a great coordinator in this league and he came out with a nice plan], a hurried up tempo. Got us off balance, got us on our heels a little bit. Played well, was able to move the ball. We were able to tighten up in the red zone a couple times there and stop them. They got the big touchdown there at the end of the half. In the second half, we really came out, went inside, made some adjustments at half time and Barrett Ruud our linebacker were able to get us adjusted, get us where they wanted to go. We had a theme today, no egos. At the end of the game when these guys were getting yards and some of these things like that, the whole deal was no egos, just get the win and not worry about how much yardage you get."

(On the progress of the team...)    
"I'm loving what's going on right now with that football team in general. Those guys are fighting together, you can see it on the sidelines, you can see it with those guys together, you can see how they rally around their players, their peers, their coaches. Its just everything going in the right direction and its what you want to build on for next year."

(On what he learned about the team...)
"I learn something about myself everyday as far as being a head coach. So I definitely learned something about this football team today. You got to have confidence in those guys and they will bring it home for you. If they cant, then we'll get our butts kicked, but we'll get our butts kicked together doing it our way. That's what we learned from our football team today. That's what we learned from an approach standpoint."

(On what he learned about himself...)    
"For me? I just talked about it. Talking about the no ego standpoint. Its easy at the end of that game to start firing blitzes at those guys and giving them the ability to get some big plays, but we didn't. We stayed within ourselves. We didn't panic when they caught a couple balls underneath. We just tackled. That's what you got to do. So its just about being a play caller, managing the football game from a head coach and defensive coordinator standpoint. That's what I learned from myself today and that's what I was able to do today."

(On Josh Freeman's second half...)    
"You know Josh is that kind of guy. I just looked at him and I said ‘go win the game.'  Its that simple for him. He's that kind of guy. He's always going to be calm. He's always going to be composed. He never loses his inner self sort of speak. He was able to come out, just be himself and play well. We got the running game around him. That's always going to be helpful. Kellen got going around him. That's always going to be helpful. He was able to get the ball to some of his wide outs today so...That's always a positive thing. That's always fun to watch."

(On the getting the win...)        
"I didn't think we could win on the west coast there for a minute. Even when we were good we couldn't win on the west coast. It was a lot of fun to come over here, get acclimated, get settled in, be able to get over here and get a walk through, be able to get over here and get the guys in place. How you want those guys to be. How you want them to play. I got them coming out on this field today. They felt great. They felt comfortable. We're able to fight for that thing and get a win. So, just a win period, not apologizing for that. The other thing is to get one on the west coast."

(On the defenses identity...)        
"I hope so you know. We get those things you have a chance to win some football games. I just want us to play fast, hustle, and hit. The turnovers and other stuff, they come. Our job, like I told these guys every week is to score and get the ball back. They were able to get the ball back a couple times and they did a good job."

(On calming down Josh Freeman after an early interception...)        
"It was easy this week. Go right to him, he looks right in the face and says ‘I've got it. I'm comfortable. I messed that up.' He was able to go right back out there with a calm demeanor. We were able to run the football, we were able keep that thing going. I believe Derrick Ward started us off and Cadillac got going. Those two got going. We had a two-headed monster going today. Earnest Graham went of there and played some fullback, Pressley played some fullback for us. We kind of had a four-headed monster so to speak and it was a nice deal. It was fun to do."       


 (On the struggle with third down conversions in the first half... )  
"Those things happen, I waited too long on a receiver, and then when he did come open, I overthrew him, and it was almost an interception, but there was nothing there to hold my head about.  I just went out and continued to do the things that I've been working on with my quarterback coach, and trying to improve my game, and hopefully win it."

(On his attitude...)
"I think our coaches have confidence in me, or they wouldn't be playing me otherwise.  I have confidence in myself.  There was never a moment where that confidence was shaken.  Yeah, I threw a pick and I wasn't happy about it, but there wasn't a whole lot of conversation about it.  I came to the sideline, and I said "I got it, I got it."  He said, "all right, then get it."  

(On what he meant by "I got it, I got it"...)  
"It wasn't an issue where I was nervous, or an issue where I had a bad progression. I just threw a pick, I overthrew him.  What I meant was to not read too much into it.  They didn't confuse me, nothing happened like that; it was just a bad ball, an interception."

(On running the football...)  
"There were a lot of situations where we were saying, are they going to respect the bootleg?  Are we running the ball so well that the end is crashing down every time.  So, every time we ran a bootleg it was successful.  That's hat's off to the O-Line and the running backs for running the ball extremely well."

(On the screen passes...)  
"We work them every week.  They've always been in our back pocket.  They were great calls.  One of them was after a big momentum play; an interception.  A lot of teams, they like to take shots after a big play; you have the momentum, you're ready to go get it.  Coach Olson called a play action, where you set like you're throwing a bomb, and then you just dump it off.  After I peaked around after faking the handoff, I looked and everything was dropping off, and I thought, this is going to be good.  I dumped it off and Cadillac took it all the way."

(On improving on third downs in the second half...)  
"It was getting in a rhythm, and settling down.  Starting out, I wouldn't say I was antsy, but I never really got in a rhythm in the first half.  I made a couple of plays, but I also missed a lot of throws that I would normally make.  In the second half, Coach Olson said we were going to keep doing what we've been doing; running the ball.  I'm going to put it in your hands and make something happen, and I was able to do that."

(On building from the losses earlier in the season...)  
"I always think it is important how people respond.  Today, after playing probably our worst game of the season offensively last week, the guys responded.  Whether it's the O-line, whether it's the running backs, we came out today and found a way to get it done."

(On his own response...)  
"I'm in a routine.  I have a standard operating procedure throughout the week, and that doesn't change regardless of my performance the previous week."

(On the 2 point conversion...)  
"It was a two part play.  If they keep the middle of the field open, the line goes to the Mike; that takes the Will, and there's really nobody on you, and I just faked like I was going to throw it, and I looked up and everybody just cleared out.  It was a good block by Cadillac, and before I got touched I was 3 yards in the end zone."


(On his chemistry with QB Josh Freeman...)  
"It's going OK,. We've got to keep on building and continue to push each other to get better, to be the best.  He's a great guy. Josh has all the talent in the world.  I'd like to ride along, because what he does on and off the field - it's great.  He's a great leader."

(On the impact of the win...)  
"It's relieving. You go back and watch our games and there's no way we should be 2-12. Period. Point blank.  But it is what it is.  The way we won this game (should) give us that confidence and allow us to know that we are progressing. As long as we continue to get better each and every day, we're going to go as far as Freeman takes us.  And the defense is playing real fired up, and they did a heck of a job today.  That was our rock today."

(On his own play...)  
"I've got to get better.  I'm probably the worst critic of myself. The learning curve for myself has to continue to grow, on and off the field, learning how to take care of my body, things like that - just making sure when it's go time, it's go time. We have great leaders here, so I have to just try and learn as much as I can from them and be the besdt professional I can be."

(On his impressions of his punt return..)  
"It was great, but I didn't get to the house."


(On the causes of one of Tampa Bay's interceptions...)  
"Ronde (Barber) was making a good play, forcing him to overthrow it. It played both ways. We had a little pressure, made him (Matt Hasselbeck) get rid of the ball quick, faster than he wanted to, and we just made good plays on the ball."

(On if this was one of Tampa Bay's most complete games...)  B
"y far. By far it was one of the most complete games I've been around - by executing the game plan we had for this team, stopping the run and getting the ball back for our offense."


(On Josh Freeman's play...)  
"He did great. He did everything he was supposed to do. He hit people he needs to hit, and we got a victory.  He limited his mistakes.  He had the pick early but you've got to keep going.  That's the game.  If there wasn't something such as an interception, we wouldn't be talking about it."

(On his chemistry with Freeman...)  
"We have good chemistry. A lot of the times, maybe it's not me not doing enough to get open or something like that.  I've just got to capitalize and make all the catches (I can).  Sometimes you sit on the sidelines and watch other guys and say, ‘That was a hard catch.' Then if it's me out there, it's ‘Aw, you've got to catch that' - the same type of catch. They're probably used to seeing me do a lot of different things with the ball, so it's just a matter of capitalizing on opportunities.  But we did what we needed to do.  We ran the ball well and hopefully we can continue to go out here and run the ball well and win games."


(On the outcome of the game...)  
"We started out slow, but we ran the football good. We had good clock management in the second half and the defense played awesome. "

(On Josh Freeman's progress...)
" It's not all him, man.  It's all of us.  He's doing fine. He's going to be a great player.  It's just he's a rookie.  We have to bring him along.  He has to have the experience."

(On if he is contributing to Freeman's progress...)  
"We all are.  We're all trying to help him.  He helps us.  It takes time to be successful in this league with a quarterback that's new.  We're progressing.  He's got to know everybody's job, the protections, the hots - all that.  He's coming along well."

(On if this might be a turning point for the team...)  
"It is.  This is what we've wanted to do.  We didn't start good, but it's all about how you finish, and today we finished good."


(On his team's game plan today...)
"That is the way we need to play. It is important for us to have that balance and keep on schedule. The only thing that I think I take away from this game that was negative was the short yardage; we were not able to convert on short yardage like we should have, but beyond that I felt like that was the way need to play as an offense."

(On the running game helping Freeman's confidence...)
"It was big today; and that is not just true for a rookie, that is true for any quarterback. But definitely in this situation with a rookie, it is something that have been needing to do all year. Today we had our opportunities to stick with it early on; we took advantage of those and so they never got up big on us. That meant that we were able to stick with the game plan and our regular offense and that turned out to be huge for us today."

(On how fast the rookie QB came back after a bad play...)
"I told him afterward on the side line to just stick with it. I told him that was the way to bounce back and keep the momentum going and finish off strong and lead us into next week and the off season." We needed him to do that and I think he will do a good job."


(On his touchdown...)
"Man, the offensive line did a great job, I got there and got right on by them, and I basically walked into the end zone."

(On how the Bucs' confidence seemed to mount over the course of the game...)
"No doubt. To be honest with you, Raheem came in at halftime like, ‘Offense, [we'll be okay] if we keep on punching in. The defense played game-over, we're going to knock the fight out of them.' I feel like that's what we did. Once we came down and punched it in, man, the game totally changed."

(On whether this is an indication of what the Bucs are really capable of...)
"I mean, first of all, I just think we showed the character of this team, man. I know I've been saying it all year, but I think the coach has been doing a really, really good job preparing us. It's a young group, but these guys, we're gelling together. We just got to learn how to come to work and process the information and put it back out there on the field."

(On whether it seemed like committing to the run game no matter what was a good decision for them...)
"No doubt, man. Just from [the way] the whole was going, the way practice was going, the way the script-the first 15 were scripted, I said, ‘Man, they're going to run the football this week.' To be honest with you, man, I just feel like, I'm an old fashioned guy as a football [player]. I feel like, you get the run game going, to me, it's going to produce. It's going to open up everything. And with the quality of backs we have here, why not?"

(On whether he thought Josh Freeman did a good job today...)
"No doubt I did, man. First of all, finally, the run game gave the young guy some help. We did some good things. To me, if you put a run game with a really, really good quarterback, it's only going to make him better. You know, you have to tip your hat to the offensive line. Those guys came off the ball, gave us seams to run on, and it was totally a team effort."


(On the Buc's ability to get pressure on the quarterback ...)
"I hate to make it sound like I am talking in clichés, but it really is a team sport. When we all play together, the game plan works. There isn't a single part of our team, not offense, not defense, not special teams that is more important than another. When we all execute, good things happen. Today the pressure was a result of everyone doing their jobs and the defense was able to do their and get some pass rush and some pressure that resulted in good things happening."

(On the impact of the turnover/take away ratio today ...)
"Today that went well for us. We are not kidding anybody, we are the kind of defense that needs all of those that we can get. And, if someone is going to give us one, we are not doing to turn it down. And this is a defense playing for some pride; we may be out of the playoff picture, but we are not out of being proud of what we do out there on the field."


(On the defense's strong performance today...)
"We had a couple breakout runs, but the good thing is...guys stood up and said, ‘Hey, that was my fault,' and we got it fixed right away. We didn't panic by any means, and the offense went out and got a score and got us up, and that's what we want. We haven't been up a lot this year, and that's when we play best as a defense, when we're up, when we can play cover-two or cover-four, and dial up blitzes on disguises off that. It was nice to get a lead and play defense that way."

(On Coach Morris' defensive schemes and why they're working well...)
"You know, really, it starts on Wednesday at 8 o'clock in the morning when he presents it to everybody. He does a great job presenting what he wants to get done, about how he wants to attack teams, how he wants to disguise his coverages, how he wants to blitz them, what their strengths and weaknesses are. So, he does a great job presenting it throughout the week, because on Sundays, everybody's good enough when you've prepared well to play well. I mean, we're preparing a lot better."


(On what it means to a young team like the Bucs to win on the road...)
"I'll be honest with you, I can't remember the last time our team won out here. This is a milestone for us, really. This team's definitely got a long way to go still, but we feel like we're building something. There's nothing better than putting together a plan with a young team and going out and executing it. I think we'll feel good about this one. We've got a lot of stuff to pat ourselves on the back about, things we can use to build in the next year."

(On whether it feels as though a dark cloud has lifted...)
"Metaphorically and literally, yes. We've been in a lot of games this year and not found a way to win them. It was nice to have a fourth quarter where the game was soundly in hand. I can't remember the last time we had a game like that, so this is really rewarding."


(On his team's game plan today ...)
"We always have a game plan that we are going to run the ball, but sometimes things happen that make it so that we can't always stick with the plan. Our offense kept us in it and we stayed in close and we didn't have to play catch up and we were able to keep our regular offense. And today our running game was working and so we so stuck to it. We were in balance. And, our backs run their butts off. One thing I hope is that we can keep it up. Too many times we had it going. We had a good one against Dallas going, and we stunk it up. Same thing with the Jets, and we stunk that up too. So we have got a good thing going and I hope we can just keep it up-it's something to build on."


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