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September 13, 2010 @ 7:45 am
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Freeman Had Gritty Performance Despite Thumb - And Car Accident

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
There was some doubt early last week as to whether or not quarterback Josh Freeman would start against the Cleveland Browns. Well, Freeman got the start and played pretty well despite his thumb still not being fully healed. However, it was not just thumb that was bothering him. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson revealed to the media on Monday that Freeman was involved in a car accident just days before the season opener.

"I'll just say that it was a real gutsy performance in my opinion by Josh Freeman," said Olson. "Everybody's body reacts differently – it was a clean break, but it was a break – but he wasn't healthy. He came out and played with pain. On top of it, everyone made big deal about Tom Brady being involved in a car accident, I got a phone call from Todd (Toriscelli – the Bucs' Director of Sports Medicine and Performance) saying that (Freeman) was rear ended on Friday. So, he too was involved in something on Friday afternoon. So the guy played – on top of a broken thumb – after being involved in an accident."

Freeman finished the game 17-of-28 (61 percent) for 182 yards with two touchdowns and one interception, while compiling a QB rating of 88.7. The second-year quarterback was inconsistent in 10th NFL start, but Olson feels like Freeman performed well despite the injury.

"Certainly there were some throws there that he would say he wished he had back," said Olson. "He left some hidden yardage on the field, but the fact that he did go in and play after very limited practice, he didn't really take a snap until Sunday morning – we gave him some snaps earlier in the week that caused the thumb to flare up a bit so we waited to 'til Sunday – so I thought he played well under the circumstances."

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    JayBucs - what are you smoking? 62% completion percentage, 2 TDs, 1 INT with a jacked up thumb on the throwing hand in adverse conditions for half of the game and to you it was an awful performance? YES, I was at the game but clearly it is you who had the awful performance in analyzing Freeman's outing. Did he miss some throws? Sure he did. But did he make the ones that counted? Damn straight. He is already better than Sanchez and Stafford in my opinion and will show haters like you what a real franchise QB looks like very shortly.
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    HuH? Were any of you at the game? That was the worst performance by a quarterback in years. He had three good passes the entire game. I will give him credit, the second touchdown was a good pass, but the first one should have been intercepted. He stared down recievers and threw late all game. He better step up him game or May have been our last win this year.
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    I thought he had a good performance despite his thumb but since he was also in a car accident, I'd say he did very well. Glad he's ok, hope his thumb continues to heal, and gotta love his toughness. Go Josh and GO BUCS!
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    Gotta love his COMPOSURE. You can't teach that. Things looked bleak for a while but he came through and did what his team needed him to do to pull out a win. Ugly, sure, but a win. Can't explain how he missed the td on the 4th down to seal the deal, but he can learn from the tape.
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    I posted here when he was drafted (under much ridicule) that Freeman by year four or five would prove out to be a better pro QB than classmates Stafford and Sanchez. I stand by the prognostication stronger than ever.
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    I too did the same thing, so I'm with you in believing that the Bucs ended up with the better QB out of last years class. Look, the kid has poise and quite a bit of moxie, despite his errors, he still fought back and made a beautiful, CLUTCH throw on 3rd down, that made a perennial back up receiver look like a well polished starter, it's those kind of plays that build a great QB, and I firmly believe that he will very soon be amongst the elite 8 - 10 in the league.
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    I'll admit, I wasn't crazy about the pick at first (good thing I don't work for the Bucs' FO), but I accepted him as a part of our team and have been more than willing to give him a chance. From what I've seen, he gives me a ton of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we have a franchise QB. I think he's already better than Sanchez and will be better than Stafford in another year or two, especially if Matty keeps getting injured.
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    Amazing performance by JF under the circumstances, IMO!! Hurt thumb, can't take snaps until Sunday morning, in a car accident on Friday, then goes out and completes 61% of his passes. Misses a wide open MW for a td, then comes back on his NEXT pass to Spurlock on the other side of the field for a 33 yard td!! Now THAT'S "shaking off" a mistake and performing. And WHAT a throw!! He is going to be a really good one, IMO!!
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    Tires ain't pretty and neither are the Bucs this year, but any win even if ugly is great.
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    Freeman just had proven that he is a long term franchise QB.
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    Tom Brady had a breaking news ticker bulletin on most news outlets when he had his accident...this is the 1st I heard of this! Great game Josh! GO BUCS!
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    Damn right im glad josh is our qb of the future. He didnt have the lights out game we may have wanted but the point is he's young and steadily gettin the job done. Cant ask for more from a half season startin rookie esentially. Go Josh and 4 sure GO BUCSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Josh Freeman IS tough, smart and a natural born leader. I'm proud of the kid and look forward to him being our QB for many years to come. He's only going to get better. Remember that there will be setbacks though. Thing is that Josh learns from them, doesn't let them get him down and comes back just as determined. What's NOT to like?
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    I've always been impressed with Freeman's toughness, I mean c'mon, he's a big guy, and surprisingly mobile. I believe we only got a taste of what he is capable of. I'm waiting til around week 8, he should be very much improved as a quarterback by then. I've always liked this pick. He's going to be something special. On a side note, I wanted to introduce myself to everyone here on pewter report, I've been coming on this site for news for around a year and a half now, but i felt that I wanted to get involved and communicate with you guys. I'm probably one of the younger posters here, I'm just out of high school, but the Bucs have been part of my life since I was a child, so I'd be more than happy to discuss topics, past or present. Hope to hear from y'all sometime.
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