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September 13, 2010 @ 9:22 am
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Williams' TD Grab Among NFL's Top 5 Catches

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Buccaneers rookie wide receiver Mike Williams made quite an NFL debut on Sunday with his dramatic, juggling 3-yard touchdown catch against the Browns just seconds before halftime that cut Cleveland's lead to 14-10. Of all the spectacular receptions on the opening Sunday of the 2010 NFL regular season, Williams' grab was rated first overall in NFL.com's Top 5 Catches of the week.

After Tampa Bay's victory, Williams discussed how the play happened.

“It was a simple slant route and he threw it back shoulder and usually I make those plays with two hands, but I couldn’t get my left hand on it” Williams said. “I tipped it in the air and I knew exactly where I tipped it. I knew where the ball was so I looked down at my feet first and the ball just dropped into my hands.”

You can click here to view Williams' amazing catch, as well as four other beautiful receptions on NFL.com.
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    Awesome catch Mike! He's gonna have a great year. I love the young guns, some people complain about our youth I for one love it. In a year or two we will be a serious threat for years to come. Keep the faith, Go Bucs!!
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    He really does have some moves. We are going to need him this year. He looks like the early enthusiasm about him was not over done.
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    Mike has mad skills. We may be looking at the ROY
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    I thought he'd be good from the beginning, but he's got 70-80 catches and 800-1,000 yards written all over him. Just think what he could accomplish with a healthy Freeman. We're ranked 20th on offense as we speak. Let's see if we can keep it there all season.
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    BTW, The first play in the video is NOT a reception (according to the NFL). Lloyd lets the ball go after going to the ground (see Johnson, Calvin).
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    He is a freak of nature!! Not only a great catch, but a great teammate by not mentioning that the pass was way behind him and uncatchable without just taking a stab at it and tipping it up.
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    This kid is a beast! He said "I tipped it in the air and I knew exactly where I tipped it!". Are u serious?! Dude has skills! Plays like this is how the Buccs will get back on primetime. On another note, I love seeing Deangelo Hall and the Redskins jump all over Dez Bryant. All this hype and he didnt do a thang! He got half of his 58 yds when the Skins were in the prevent defense. Loving the new site PR!
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    Williams is a stud.
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    Watching the replay, it was better than I first thought. He might have tipped it away from being an INT. Great catch.
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    The new kid on the block, Mike Williams. I remember him at Syracuse, and he was a man amongst boys then, and it sure looks like that will transcend into the NFL. This years draft may turn out to be one of the best ever by this team, I know I'll get beat up for that statement, but not since the 95 Draft had we ended up with as much talent.
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    He came in and had an excellent game. Very proud of the young man, and I see a bright future ahead of him.
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    It wasn't just among them, it was the #1. Go Bucs!
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    This kid is very talented and plays like a wily veteran WR and is going to be a star sooner than later.
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