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September 17, 2010 @ 11:26 am
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Morris Dodges Talib Questions

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Yesterday, news broke about cornerback Aqib Talib attending the Bucs’ home opener against the Cleveland Browns, even though he was suspended by the NFL for violating their league personal conduct policy. According to the rules, players are not allowed to attend games if they are suspended.

Today, head coach Raheem Morris did not seem interested in talking about the situation when asked.

"I know that stuff is being handled and I know he's covering Steve Smith this week,'' Morris said. "He's fired up about that. We're going to go out there and let him travel with Steve and he'll have an opportunity to play some thirds and play some man and really stand up. You know, you have to do some things on Steve when you've got those kinds of corners and he's that kind of guy, so he'll go out there and follow him around for us.''

When asked if he was aware his third-year corner was watching the game in a suite at Raymond James Stadium, Morris denied knowing.

"Did I know Aqib was at the game? No. No, I didn't,'' Morris said. "But it is what it is. It's being handled by the league. It's being handled by us and that's all I know.

“Really, it’s an understanding that I don’t have an understanding. I just know that he is going to cover Steve Smith this week to be honest with you.”

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    Sad for us, but Talib is going to pay for this with a big fine and another game suspension with no pay if it clearly states that he can not be at the stadium. Not very bright on his part or the people around him. I sure hope the phone records don't say something different that Morris wasn't aware of it. If he was, he should have reported it. He might also get a suspension if he knew about it. I know it sounds silly Talib basically threw pie in the Commissioner's face. Talk about dis-respecting someone.
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    Raheem reminds me of Yogi Bera. Used to love those iconic, whimsical sayings!
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    As far as I know, Rick Stroud didn't see do any of the following: He didn't have a gun in his pocket, he didn't have his posse corner a college girl and lead her to the restroom, he didn't steal a doughnut, he didn't take a "controlled substance", he didn't pass out in his seat from being drunk, he didn't punch his limo driver, he didn't take an over-sized radio, he didn't try to smuggle in a flask, he didn't take off his shirt in front of Betty Castor, he didn't sit in someone else's seat, he didn't use profanity in front of the children, he didn't refuse to remove his hat when the national anthem was played, he didn't get up to get a beer and cross in front of everyone in his row during the play, he didn't use a whizinator when he took a leak, he didn't wear a Brown's hat turned around backwards and make a "woof, woof woof" dog imitation in the face of Bucs fans, he didn't stand in the aisle looking like a complete dumbass trying to find his seat, he didn't get on his cell phone and flail his arms around in a Chris Hovan fashion and ask the person on the other end, " Can you see me, can you see me?" He didn't call on a higher power by yelling J....C....! every time the cannons fired, he didn't spill beer on anyone and he didn't buy a Tampa Tribune to get the free beads.
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    "Really, it’s an understanding that I don’t have an understanding." - now that is funny.
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    “Really, it’s an understanding that I don’t have an understanding." I don't understand
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    If u think about it, they might just fine him. With that money he could have just purchased a bunch of tickets and gave them away so it could have not been blacked out then just watched the game at home
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    It won't happen again!
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    If the Bucs had sold out their home opener, then Talib could've stayed home and watched it on TV. This feels like it is gonna be insult to injury.
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    Inexcusable! Someone must be brought to justice for such a heinous violation of NFL policy! What in the world was he thinking! Wsatching a football game while you are on suspension! Shocking.
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    Stupid issue, should be no big deal. I would also like to find out who the "busy body" is that felt they needed to "break this story". Heard it was the fish rag from way across the bay ... No offense meant to PR, they are keeping us informed.
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    PLEASE let the end result be no further suspension, no loss of draft picks and the absolute certainty of this never happening again. It all sounds so stupid to me, inexcusable.
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