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September 21, 2010 @ 5:54 am
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Expect To See Lumpkin And Blount After Bye Week

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
There is not much to complain about during the Buccaneers 2-0 start. Quarterback Josh Freeman has looked great and has cutback on the turnovers that plagued him last season as a rookie. The defense has been flying to the ball and has not allowed a second half point thus far.

But if you were to nag about one aspect it has to be the production of the halfbacks. In the first two weeks, Cadillac Williams has 49 carries for just 126 yards (2.6 avg.). Meanwhile, Earnest Graham has struggled even more when he gotten the ball and has 11 yards on nine carries (1.2 avg.). If not for the scrambling of Freeman, who has 77 rushing yards through the first two games, the running game would be ranked near the bottom of the NFL.

With the bye week fast approaching in Week 4, offensive coordinator Greg Olson expects to use that time to get some of his new running backs more involved in the gameplan.

"It's important for everybody. I think it comes at a good time for us," said Olson. "It will be a good time for us to get guys healthy, but also for those players that we got late – the Lumpkins and the Blounts. We got some guys on the offensive line that we brought it in as well that we will try and get up to speed so it comes at a good time."

Kregg Lumpkin and LeGarrette Blount are two running backs that the Bucs acquired just before the start of the regular season. While Blount has been inactive for the first two games, Lumpkin was active against the Panthers but did not receive any carries.

Expect Olson to incorporate those two backs, along with Kareem Huggins, more as the Bucs try to jumpstart their ground game.

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    I, like all of you, would like to see what the other RB's can do, but I will tell you that until they have a hole to hit, it won't make much difference. I don't know whether any of you have paid attention, but in the preseason when Cadillac and Huggens ran to the left side, we gained big yards. The first play of the regular season Caddillac went left for 8 yards. We haven't run left since. We keep going right and gain nothing. I thought we got Vincent to help the run. In the preseason when we went between Penn and Vincent we got yards. I'm not saying that is the answer, I'm just saying we should try it again just once.
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    If Caddy had a hole to hit he would break some 15-20 yarders. With the holes that I see he is getting all he can. His legs never stop. Remember that game at the end of last season where Caddy carried the team on his back for 70 yds? At the end to run out the clock.Our O line is lacking. Go Bucs!!!
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    I think we can all agree that the Oline is in need of some "tweaking". I expect Dom to be scanning the waiver wire/practice squads looking for upgrades. I'm excited to see some new blood at running back too.
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    I love Caddy for his heart and his comeback from devastating injuries. That being said he is nowhere near "average". 1.9 ypc on 27 carries is remarkably poor. Yes he helped run out the clock, and yes it was good to keep trying. Definitely better than taking a knee twenty times. But an NFL running back needs to make some plays given 27 attempts. Everyone wants Huggins and Blount to get carries because of their speed and power respectively. It's just a nice way to say Caddy has neither speed nor power. The over/under in Vegas for him breaking a tackle is oct 24 when the Rams come to town.
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    The common theme here for years is the lack of a quality offensive line. While I expect the unit to improve its performance over the course of the season (not the Pitt game), our RB's are not the big issue. I like the right side more than the left, but we get pushed around too much at center and LG, while our LT seems to only focus on pass pro. To add to this, our TE's were woeful in blocking last game. Sorry, but AP couldn't get much yardage behind this line.
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    The line looks like a pee wee soccer team, every time there is a run all you see is a bumble bee around the ball....bounce it outside!
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    This is a big game here. I can't see us suddenly throwing in twoRB's that have no NFL experience. The Steeler Defense will just run right over them. I am more concern about Faine's condition and no real back up for him. Now that is a problem. Caddy and Graham will do what is expected; run the ball and gain little yardage, but help set up the passing game and spread the defense out. Just my opinion.
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    Caddy is average. We need speed to the hole, get Huggins involved.
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    I think with this same line blocking for us, Huggins and Blount and can so better than 2 yards per carry. Sorry caddie. The downside is can they pass protect? will they fumble? when Freeman changes the play at the line, will they know what they are suppose to do? I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope to see a heavy dose of Huggins and Blount after the bi-week. 25-30 carries per game from Caddie just ain't gonna cut it.
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    The sooner the better. I understand that the OL is a large part of the problem, but we need some young legs in there in a rotation. Huggins has the speed and moves that are lacking now, and Blount and Lumpkin are the power backs we'll need for the eighteen game seasons. The experience Freeman got last year prepared him for this year. Nobody is expecting playoffs right now. Get these young backs involved. Give them some experience and there will be playoff talk for this team in 2011. Get Larson involved too. He's got to be better than Zuttah.
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    IMO that was the plan all along. That gives them four weeks to catch on to the system, get timing etc. And we'll need them both I'm sure. It just gets better.
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    I'm looking forward to watching the development of the RB stable. While it hasn't been as dramatic as the retool on the WR's, Dom appears to have signifigantly improved that room as well. The maturation of the RB's might take the better part of the season, but you have to like the fact that RB is one position on this team with solid vetran leadership. When you add in better audibles and recognition at the line by Freeman, the young QB's mobility, and some better O-line play (pretty please!); they have a better than even chance of strong success.
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    I'm all for using more backs and getting others involved, but I really appreciate the fact that Caddy has not fumbled. We are winning in part because we protect the football on offense. Hopefully Lumpkin, Blount and Huggins can spark the running game without any fumbling problems
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