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September 21, 2010 @ 7:08 am
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Olson Addresses Faine, Left Guard Position

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For those of you unhappy with the play of the offensive line so far, things could be worse. Center Jeff Faine got banged up near the end of the game on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, but offensive coordinator Greg Olson seems to think there is no reason to fret.

"Not at all [worried] right now," said Olson. "He'll be fine going into this week, so it's not a concern."

However, if Faine were not able to play this week against the Steelers it would affect Olson's plans regarding the left guard situation. Olson subbed in Jeremy Zuttah at certain points to keep starter Keydrick Vincent as fresh as possible throughout the Carolina game, and wants to continue to do so on game days.

"We'll look at that again," said Olson. "It depends on how Jeff (Faine) is this week, but we will continue to go with that."

Zuttah would likely take over at center for Faine, and Vincent would just have to suck it up for 60 minutes. While he may not be a starter, Zuttah's ability to play multiple positions along the offensive line makes him very valuable, especially in situations like this.


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    The O line is not getting any push on the D line. We should have the advantage, knowing the snap count. I know we have a couple of good O linemen, we need a couple more- NOT light bodies but BIG gorillas with an attitude. If we can pound the ball some, the rest of our offense will benefit. Brutus Buckeye
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    wolf, you well knw we have never drafted or acquirred any thing resembling an o-line in 30 years!!!! yes it has always been my bone of contention but i think if faine can play and we keep fresh replacing players inserting as they are needed we can continue to gel and keep defenses on thier toes and tired out..play calling is an important key to keep this o-line effective,youth is our strength here,lets use it.olson seems to be a knowledge and crafty coach.lets let him show us what he has under his sleeve.give our guys a chance and i think maybe afew surprises will be in store for the unbelievers.GoBUCS!!!!!
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    I think it all depends how Crowder and Bennett play out the rest of the year as to whether we go DE first. But, no doubt about it, we need to visit the OL in the draft big time.
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    I agree,we need to improve our o-line in the draft next year. The problem is we can't seem to pick any winners for the o-line
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    I disagree. Joseph and Penn are excellent. The entire line has been pass blocking pretty damn good, the run blocking has not been there though. I see a DE and a OG in the top couple of picks. I also see Ruud's replacement getting drafted unless Black moves to MLB and they go after OLB's because so far... Ruud is proving why his contract has not been extended.
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    We already have a strong new O-lineman on the practice squad. Brandon Carter is a beast and can fill a spot when he is up to speed on the playbook. He has played guard and tackle. Gotta believe thats why he was brought here.
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    Does not worry Olson, but sure as hell worries me. Faine HAS no replacement. Surely you don't think Zuttah can sub for him.
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    PederW You forgot about drafting a Mike backer that can actually plug a hole!
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    In next years draft i think we should draft a DE and LG in the first and second round and a RB at latest in the 3rd round. Those three positions in the first 3 rounds in whatever order.....then we'll be set
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    This really bothers me that we already know about Faine and his injuries. (kind of like stovall) and yet we do not have dedicated backup Center. That's scarey.
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    Oh boy do we need to add some O-line depth next draft.... Hopefully Dotson is healthy and continues to develop. Hopefully we're able to get a C/G and perhaps a T, or a C and a G. Zuttah on the field, at any position (particularly Center) leads to a vastly different and ineffective line. Good news I guess is that he's likely not on 'roids, else he'd be stronger.
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