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September 21, 2010 @ 9:56 am
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Ruud On Steelers' D: We Have To Match Them

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This Sunday two 2-0 teams will collide when the Pittsburgh Steelers come into town to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even though this game figures to be a smash mouth contest, the Bucs don't know who they will be seeing under center this weekend for the Steelers. With Dennis Dixon being ruled out for a few weeks, it leaves them with Charlie Batch or Byron Leftwich, who started three games for the Bucs last season.

Middle linebacker Barrett Ruud feels like no matter who the quarterback is for Pittsburgh, the Bucs will see something along the lines of what they did last week against the Panthers.

"Honestly, I think it is going to be sort of a similar challenge to what we had this week with Carolina," said Ruud. "They have a good running game so I think we obviously have to prepare first on stopping the run. Then make sure we don't give up big plays. That's probably what they are going to try to do, which is run the ball, run the ball, then hopefully hit us with a big play when we are not ready for it. It's going to be a big challenge because they have done a good job being 2-0 without [Ben Rothlisberger]."

Pittsburgh comes in ranked tied for No. 1 in points allowed, while the Bucs are ranked No. 3. Both teams are playing extremely stout defense and Ruud feels like the Bucs have to duplicate the Steelers' defense, a unit that had seven takeaways last week versus Tennessee.

"I think we have to at least match them," said Ruud. "I think our offense has been pretty opportunistic too and hopefully they can keep that going because you are not just going to smash the Steelers' defense. You have to be smart with the ball, you can't have turnovers, and when you get a chance to make a play you have to make it."


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    CVal76 Ruud is soft and that's it. With him in the middle we get gashed constantly because he's too weak and too soft to get off his blockers. He's great in coverage but a liability against the run . You want to talk about stats what? His 205 tackles? What the stats don't say are how many of those tackles are from behind when the runner went right by him because he's too soft to get of his blocker. Since you want to bring up his race let me tell you a simple observation.Most of the fights in the games are started by black players. Call me racist all you want but check them. When its a black player swinging on a white player the white players NEVER swing back! I saw the Blount punch in Tennessee and the guy didn't even swing back or go after him. I've seen a big *censored* white lineman being swung on by a black lineman and he ran away from it!The only white guy I would say that plays with the meanness that black players do is Brian Urlacher and Ruud doesn't even come close to him. I forgot about Jeremy Troublood. It ain't about his race because Ruud can lead the defense but its the physical part he can't lead because he's too soft! John Lynch was a beast he played with reckless abandon and could lead the defense because he wasn't soft. Football is not a soft man's sport. Why do you thing Dexter Jackson the receiver is no longer in the NFL? Because he was soft!
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    All I know is that Greg Olson had better come up with a super game plan this week to move the chains. I think if they can score 20 points again they should win the game.
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    buctebow, I completely agree with you about Olsen. About Rudd, I think he is doing okay; not great for sure. Go Bucs! Stay Foccused on this game!
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    Horse, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I support the Bucs and consider myself a fan, but reserve the right to have opinions on how various players perform. If I criticize a player I still hope he does well in the game and helps the team win and at the same time some players have weaknesses in their game that are just not acceptable in the long term and need to be addressed with a change for the better. For me that player is Ruud. He is half of a good MLB and half of a bad MLB, very good in coverage and pursuit, poor in sticking his helmet in there, tackling downhill and defeating blocks. He is just not the ideal player when going up against a physical team with big bruising RB's. I think the comment that he would be better suited on the outside may have some validity.
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    Well here we go ago again with some submitters feeling that other submitters are knocking the team. I had hoped with a new format, that would go away. Let's just stay on our comments about the game, the team, the coaches. I don't need anyone to evaluate what i am or anyone else is saying is considered trashing the team. I bet 99.99% of us want the Bucs to do good and win.
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    Hey, I have an idea. The MLB we want is............Barrett Ruud. I'm beginning to think you "fans" don't look at stats or success- or listen to what other players say about him covering for others mistakes. Some of you just can't handle a white guy leading the defense. Get over it.
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    All you so called fans always seem to never be satisfied.Revel in a team so improved that s.i ate crow!yes we have weaknesses but we seem to be adjusting to the challanges and finding ways to exploit others weaknesses instead of the usual other way around .Rudd is stil here and making plays that keep him on the team.Ronde is still a major force to be reckoned with ,you gotta be a defense coordinator.fool enough to underestimate this probowler,and future h.of.famer ,go ahead throw his way.........as we all have seen ,he will burn them!!!!!sure the steelers are coming, so what.they now have our old crappy qb......lets remember that ,a weakness we can use.the o still has work to do as long as they can hold theirown,give freeman time to check off and find the openings,he will!!! what we need to do is keep running the ball and open some holes for caddy...he is awork horse the more he carries the better he gets ..some creative blocking schemes and play calling to get him the ball past the line of scrimmage would be in order.caddy keeps them honest and even 2yrd gains can open up that rocket arm that can burn them!!!!long passes and more tightend use is a possibility that can now be realized. all in all .confidence and leadership along with fan support is strong combination.lets keep it real!!!go bucs,fear none.....it works both ways.
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    I agree with Horse. But, I am still concerned about our imagination on pass routes. We are too vanilla there.
  • avatar

    This game is not our defense we have to worry about; it is our Offensive Line that is the issue. Caddy wasn't the big problem last Sunday; it was the the OL that was the biggest problem. Caddy would get the ball and the defensive players had already pushed back the OL and there was no space for Caddy to run or get away. Now is not the time to try young players who haven't played a game yet. Talk about the Steelers with their hard hitting and know how to punch the ball out of the RB body; we should be focusing on the pass in this game. Is Stovall ready to play yet? The TE's will have to stay put and help block the rush. Better yet, put one in the backfield to help Freeman. We can win this game, but we can't do vanilla; we got to shake things up here to take the Defense out of their norm. There's no way it will come from sudden OL improvement; it has to come from a variety of plays that keep the defense on their heals.
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    I agree and no, I do not see this as knocking the team. Many knocked the team all off season which I did not understand. It is a bunch of young guys who we never saw play... anyway. Ironic that they are pass blocking pretty good but can not run block that well, seeing as how most of them were drafted as big time run blockers (Faine, Joseph, Trueblood, Zuttah ) The needs are clear next year: more O-line and DE and so far, from what I have seen.... a MLB.
  • avatar

    I hope Huggins is healthy and he gets a big dose of the rock. We need speed to the hole and Caddy doesn't have it. The Steelers swarm and blitz. Defensively we should hold up pretty well, but offensively, we're going to have to be spot on. It's a winnable game and descent test for this young Bucs team. I'll be ecstatic if we win, just out of my skin. I'm pumped already!
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    I'll be watching Lamarr Woodley this sunday. He is a free agent in 2011. He is exactly the type of guy we need here in Tampa. He is only in his fourth year, so he is young, but the dude is a beast. The way Rah is running the defense with guys playing multiple roles, Woodley could be that spped rusher we need as well as an outstanding linebacker. I'm not big on free agency, but if he makes it to free agency next, I would absolutely love to see us give this the huge 5 year contract it would take to get him.
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    @Buddhaboy I was thinking the same thing while watching the game last night. "How can we get a LB like Willis"
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    If only Pat Willis grew on trees! Can Quincy Black play middle linebacker? That would make me feel a lot better on Sundays. He is a stud that looks and plays like an NFL linebacker. Put Ruud or Hayward in the "less important" strongside role. This may be crazy, but it is just so painful watching Ruud catching up to plays that went up the middle or just plain getting wiped out of a play by a blocker. Don't get me wrong, the D as a whole is playing quite well. But there have been a lot of 10 yard gashes right up the gut. And Mendenhall wears big boy pants ( so do Pierre Thomas, Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Ray Rice just to name a few of the upcoming rb's)
  • avatar

    I would not be surprised if Black goes to the middle next year and they draft another OLB or Watson gets a shot.
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    Right Ruud. Good player, we need him this year until they find the middle linebacker they want. Someone like pat willis...
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