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September 22, 2010 @ 3:04 pm
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Bucs Focus On Turnovers

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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This Sunday’s game with the Steelers and Bucs will feature two of the NFL’s best teams at protecting the football and causing turnovers. The Steelers are number one in turnover differential at plus-6. The Bucs are tied for fourth in the NFL at plus-4 in the turnover differential. The Buccaneers offense is focused on keeping the ball secure, and taking advantage of any turnovers their defense produces.

“It is huge, they are missing one of their main weapons in their starting quarterback,” said center Jeff Faine. “For us to be able to take care of the ball on offense, and keep it out of their defenses’ hands and create some takeaways on defense is a huge, huge benefit to get us an opportunity to win the game. There definitely is going to be premium on possessions, and preventing turnovers on our end on offense, and creating some turnovers on defense.”

Tampa Bay knows the importance of beating the NFL’s best in the turnover battle to effect the outcome on Sunday.

“I think every game it is important to protect the ball. If you look at the stats from past years the team that turns the ball over the least is the team that wins games,” said left tackle Donald Penn. “In any circumstance you have to protect the ball and keep the ball.” 
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    I would like the oldest post first also. I also had to change my screen name when they changed to a new site...my old one was in use...by me! I do like that you can reply directly to another poster, that's a nice feature.
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    Yeah PR have you guys honestly been up on this site and tried out the features??? You should have taken a poll before you launched the new site. I liked the old site better. All you really had to do was tweak it some. I'm no internet builder myself but it seems you guys are taking a long time to fix the bugs up here. It's been problems from the start from not being able to log in or download my paid subscription to the bugs in the Pewter Poll. Took you guys a while to notice that one. The advertising bar on the side is cutting into the posts. I do like being able to reply directly to certain posts but do we have to chose between oldest and newest? Doesn't chronological order just make sense?
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    PR - HOW do I know which article is the most recent. On the old website it was easy. This new site isn't. In fact there is really little I like about the new site to be honest. In addition to being confusing, it is very slow to load. CAN WE TAKE A VOTE ON THE DEFAULT: I VOTE FOR OLDEST COMMENTS FIRST.
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    Pete Prisco's Power rankings on CBSS Sports has the BUCS at 13. Finally a little respect.
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    Can PR or anyone tell me how I can ask PR about Stovall's injury? I can't figure out if I go to the Message Boards or what to ask a question. It's a little vague for me how to ask PR questions. I could use some help here.
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    hey Charlie, another twitter suggestion. Make sure there is a space between the description and the weblink. The Tweet for this article has them mixed together so I cannot click on the link from my twitter app to open my browser and read this article. I see you're using the URL shortner which mean you can say, go read it now! Bucs Focus On Turnovershttp://tiny.cc/7jp4y works better if Bucs Focus On Turnovers http://tiny.cc/7jp4y
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