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September 23, 2010 @ 12:59 pm
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Lorig Moves to Tight End

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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The Buccaneers have moved defensive end Erik Lorig to the tight end position. Lorig played some tight end in college at Stanford. At Stanford as a red-shirt freshman Lorig caught three passes for 21 yards at tight end. After he learns the offenses’ playbook, Lorig will now know both the offense and defense.

“I’ll be working on this for awhile,” said Lorig. “There wasn’t any indication, just go in do your work and see where we go.

“I’ve had enough time now to really learn the defense, and with the offense we ran something similar to it. I have a general understanding of the lingo and I think I’ll pick it up in a couple of weeks.”

Right now Lorig said the plan is for him to practice at tight end and not continue to work with the defensive ends. The Buccaneers have three tight ends on the active roster in: Jerramy Stevens, John Gilmore, and Kellen Winslow. Ryan Purvis is on the practice squad with Lorig.

“I just started learning it, so if I have a question I’m always asking the older guys,” said Lorig.

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    Our ''blocking tight end'' is 32 year old John Gilmore who weighs 250lbs and basically sucks. Lorig is 280lbs and 10 years younger. If he can use the aggresive nature he learned from playing defense and turn into great run blocking, then he will replace John Gilmore. Ryan Purvis is a pass catching TE. If he replaces anyone on our active roster it will be Jeremy Stevens. From what I've seen from Purvis, I'd rather him be on the team than Stevens. He must be a horrible blocker, cause he's got great hands and seems to always find the hole in coverage. As far as Lorig goes, I think the deal is he has alot of skill and heart, but they aren't sure what to do with him. Personally I'd like to see him become our 6'4" 280lbs Fullback! Can you imagine that dude in the backfield with Blount? Talk about power running game. :p
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    I'm guessing this means Purvis will take Jackson's spot on the active roster. I can't imagine them keeping 2 TE's on the practice squad.
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    What it really means is this was a wasted draft pick. A jack of all trades, master of none.
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    I think it means he can block and we need to have doiuble tight end sets with two blockers.
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    Wouldn't Purvis be a better TE prospect? I'm confused.
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    Charlie, thanks for updating your Twitter process. This one came through clean. Share with your comrads. Can you piss off one of the D-lineman before the game? We need some mean mofos on our side this weekend.
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    Possibly. I actually expected Purvis to make the team as the fourth TE because of how shaky Winslow's knee seems to be. Don't be surprised if he gets moved to the active roster soon.
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    Does this mean anything about Winslow's knee?
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    He was originally a TE anyway and his athletic abilities seem to fit that position better than DE. I think it's a good move. He should be able to block the hell outta some guys as well as catch the ball.
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    I guess this shows a bit of a weak choice for the scouting / draft department. They thought he could play DE, but have now given up on this in the hopes of becoming a TE? He must be some type of special athlete. Most don't get this type of second chance.
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    Rah said on draft day that he was a versittle guy that can play DE or TE. They thought about cross training him from the get go.
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    We need one that can block and catch - if he can do both, fantastic. We'll see.
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    great.....means we drafted no des when we clearly need one.
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