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September 28, 2010 @ 9:04 am
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Blount Makes Impact Against Pittsburgh

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Bucs rookie running back LeGarrette Blount was a surprise addition to the game day lineup on Sunday and rushed for 27 yards and his first NFL touchdown in limited action. Read more about Blount's pro football debut by clicking here.
There were few bright spots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their 38-13 loss to the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in a battle of two 2-0 teams. Yet one of those bright spots was the play of rookie running back LeGarrette Blount. The Oregon product made a statement on his first NFL carry, which went for 12 yards and picked up a first down.

Blount finished the game with 27 yards on six carries (4.5 avg.) and scored his first NFL touchdown. Read what Bucs head coach Raheem Morris and Blount had to say about his NFL debut in Scott Reynolds' story for FoxSportsFlorida.com by clicking here.
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    JodiKool i agree with you on some parts, but at the same time i think your being a lil harsh haha. its easy to second guess coaches after a loss and especially after a loss like this. we are a very young football team all around, including our coach and gm. mistakes are gonna happen. not drafting blount may have been the best thing really. hes had so many issues with his anger, i think he even got in a fight when he was at tennessee this preseason, so getting him off waivers might have been the best thing to do. benn needed time to catch up, morris had already stated that. benn takes more time to learn things but once he gets them down, watch out. he has a killer work ethic and i cant wait to see him when hes just playing rather than thinking. i just think theres too much panick, especialy since were 2-1 heading into the bye week. were young, mistakes will be made, but were getting there. please all of you, just be patient, i know its frustrating, but we are getting there. look at all the young talent we have, its exciting to watch them grow.
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    The Bucs lost 1 game and it sounds are are ready to trade half the team away. defenders have been in the box every week and every one of Caddy's bust out plays have been called back when there were no holds that actually contributed to Caddy breaking out. Every team has a few hole and this team is certainly not going to fill them over night but, the Bucs will be just fine. A lot of fluke plays occurred last game against a very good football team. I feel like some fans are panicking. Just because Blount had more success per carry does not mean that Caddy is playing poor. He has had about 6 beak out plays that have all been called back because of penalties when not one hold actually contributed to Caddy's break out play. Chirs Johnsojn was held top 34 yards and no TD's against Pittsburgh. Does Johnson suck? Caddy will be fine. Olson has decided to call a very conservative play book and this is preventing Tampa from passing much and allows the defenses to focus on stopping Caddy. This is not Caddy;s fault. Caddy has had 75 or 80 yards called back do to penalties. I really am not sure why people are so quick to get rid of a very good RB. Tampa did not loose because of no run game, they lost because of two turnovers and two ridiculous TD's that happened practically by fluke. Beleive me guys, Cadd has a lot left in the tank, he just has not been in the best situation to prove it based how the Bucs offense has game planned and the defenses have game planned against the Bucs..
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    I say they make Lagerrette Blount share carries with Kareem Huggins. As much as I love caddy he just doesn't got it anymore and I really wish he did. Saying that I think that they should trade him for maybe a 1 round draft pick but prob. second round draft pick. With that they can draft a DE like Clayborn in the first round or Mark Ingram if he is still available. Then with the second round draft pick we can get a RB if we get a DE in the first round or we can get a DE if we get a RB in the first round.
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    From the sounds of Rah radio interview, Blount has spent his two weeks with the team acting as the scout RB in practice and really hasn't learned any of the playbook. He basicly said they taught him five plays to be used in the Pittsburgh game, but that's about all he knows right now. I'm sure they'll do thier best to cram as much in his head as possible over the next two weeks before Cincy, but it will probably be awhile before he really has the play book down. That is probably why we didn't see him in the second half last week.
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    When I was at the game, I was suprised I didn't see blount reappear until the 4th quarter. i was thinking maybe he got hurt. They were still running the ball with caddy. why else wouldn't he be out there. And I don't see the logic when people say he hasn't learned the entire play book, and that's why he didn't play more. Just keep running the ball, running the same play until pittsburg stops it.
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    @jdouble, I hear what your saying but if we are going 2 stand pat with the guys we have i think barber would be our best bet. Barbers smarts and great instincts make up for the speed he has lost plus i dont see that Grimm or any other safety are any faster. You need to read and react to play the safety positon.Also im not saying that Blount is the truth right or the answer to our needs but he is stronger and has fresher legs than caddy.TRust me we will be a dominant team in 2 years, right now we are learning 2 win 2gether thats why i say play the young guns.
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    this team has alot of holes second corner, both safeties, both DE's, another receiver, RB, punter, and LG that should about cover it. It;s going to be a long yr, it was digusting to see the Steelers Fans take over Tampa Stadium what a disgrace for the city of Tampa to be be over run by out of towners. Tampa hang your heads in shame.
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    Did you guys not see how slow Barber looked on Sunday? Did you not see him getting beat? He is good when playing nickel, because he gets to roam and play a zone instead of trying to keep up with a WR, but he is getting old and slowing way down. If you think a 35 year old slow man that is 5'10" 180lbs is a good idea for our last line of defense from big passes and runs...you're delusional.
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    I agree JDoub. Tampa has a hard time saying goodbye to its sports heroes.They have become part of our social fabric. Yes, Barber is best utilized exactually the way you stated. I agree with FlyBoy as well. Call them as you see them. There needs to be change, but most of that change may already be on your roster. (Rotate those ends and RBs). I am encouraged by the Bucs play and athletic talent. Caddie, baby, we appreciate your hard work and determination. One helluva player. Having said that, Blount will now be getting the majority of game snaps. I really believe that this troubled kid Blount may be quite a punishing RB and will soon be our #1 Back. Raheem is the best Defensive Coordinator in the NFL today. He troubles me with his logic sometimes. Is he more worried about hurting some Veteran Players Pride or maybe even losing that player's friendship. I don't know, but some player decisions are right in front of your eyes! Make a move already and deal with the aftermath. I'm just saying...
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    I think they are constantly trying to get the best 53 on the field and they are not afraid to bench and/or cut someone. Watch for the roles of Blount, Huggins & Benn to increase to give us a spark on offense. I love the value of our two young running backs. I mean, it looks like we have our backs of the future and we didn't even have to use a draft pick. That's what I like about Dominik. Knows how to find good players without giving up too much. Now we can use the draft pick we would've used on a RB on another position of need like DE, G, SS, FS or maybe even TE ('cause who knows how long Winslow will be able to keep getting mileage out of his ruined knee, plus Stevens & Gilmore are at the end of their careers as well).
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    I think Morris is struggling to retain some continuity on the team and still find the real playmakers, so he hesitates to fully commit to anyone new and instead just gives them a few touches. He seems like he is getting scared.
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    Steve White actually get credit for the Barber at FS idea, and frankly, it's a damn good one.
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    what is it going to matter? all coach morris is going to say" i have to go and look at the film to see what Blount did" He is afraid to bench caddy, give huggins and Blount the bulk of the carries and caddy can get in to spell them. Also start Crowder over Moore, and put barber in at FS and put biggers in at the other CB.We need pass rush and i dont believe that bunch of crap that he didnt want to pressure Batch, thats just him making an excuse for his guys. Work Grimm in slowly by giving him a couple of plays here and there. Thats why we shouldve drafted blount and had him throughout the OTA's. Now we have to wait until he is ready, and Please start benn on the other side, i think we fell in love with stroughter but he is just a slot receiver like welker
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    A lot of truth to what you just said jodikool, a lot of truth.
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