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September 27, 2010 @ 8:14 am
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Lack Of Pass Rush By Design

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For the second time in three games this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers failed to record a sack on Sunday against Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the lack of a pass rush was apparently by choice from head coach and defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

“I don’t want to give away too much of the gameplan on what we were trying to do, but that was a plan for us,” said Morris. “We just have to cash in those opportunities. When a guy throws a ball up in three deep and it’s your ball in your hands and you drop it to a receiver, stuff like that happened… when those things happen, it tends to be doom-and-gloom on the ride home.”

Batch, a 13-year veteran who hadn’t started a game in over two seasons, carved up the Bucs’ secondary in the first half going 11-of-14 for 177 yards and three touchdowns. Instead of rushing the 35-year-old quarterback, Morris opted to take his chances in coverage.

“The plan going into the game was when they play with Charlie, they run a lot of screens,” said Morris. “When you blitz, you are not necessarily going to get there during those plays. We wanted to be in a position to tackle and bring them down… But they won that chess match and you have to give them credit for it.”

Morris saw that the Steelers like to use the short passing game with Batch in the lineup and that is what he prepared for.

“Some of that was by design from me. I wanted to do a lot of max drops,” said Morris. “You saw a lot of three-man rushes with people in coverage and Quincy (Black) was able to jump up during one of those last plays and catch that ball. You want to get increased pass rush, but I have to be realistic about it too. A lot of the time we planned max drops.”

It’s nice that Black got the interception, but that came late in the game when the team was down by 32 points. The Steelers built that lead because Batch had all day to throw. It may have been Morris’ gameplan to sit back and make him beat them, but once he started to do that then it is time to change the plan.

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    He sounds more like Gruden with every passing day.
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    Morris, No pass rush by design? That's a bunch of crap you are slinging. You knew the pass rush would suck no matter how many bodies you threw at it, so instead of wasting a player(s) on a futile attempt to rush, you put more players in coverage. You had no other choice and that's the facts Jack.
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    This game was a game of 'what if's'. What if Grimm had turned around and picked the ball...what if Talib doesn't tip the ball right into the receivers hands...what if Sammie doesn't let the ball go through his hands right into an opposing players hands..... It's not an excuse but it's 21 of the 35 points they scored and with Sammie we were in the red zone so it's at least 3 less points we score. What I'm saying is this...I've watched that game over again several times and offensively we moved the ball well against the Steelers. THAT is really encouraging considering our run game was pretty much non-existent. With the addition of Huggins, Blount and Lumpkin I see that really providing a boost to our offense. I really believe we can play with anybody on offense. Defensively?......Well...we certainly had an off day. I don't know if that was just a mental lapse because of the shakeup with Tenard being gone or what but we were not on our game. I don't blame Grimm. He got beat once...so what? So did Aquib. I saw Grimm come up and play some smash mouth football the rest of the game. He put a hat on some Steelers and stuck 'em on their butt going backwards several times. That kid can hit! The D-Line was horrible against the run but I believe they will come back strong against Cincy. I think the Bye comes at a perfect time. When we come back we'll be seeing more of Benn, Blount, Huggins, Lumpkin and a rotation of Grimm and Lynch and probably Sabby as well. I'm not panicking. We're 2-1 and we WILL learn from this and come back stronger.
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    Ummm, huh ? Next quote will be ... We didnt score by design, didnt want to tip anyone off to our super secret awesome plays, we are gonna keep that under wraps for the super bowl. We deliberately didnt get pressure on the QB ?? Unless he means by deliberately not signing or drafting anyone that knows how to rush the QB then he is even dumber than i already thought he was.
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    Don't be foolish. He's not designing a game plan that doesn't want a pass rush, he's designing one for a old quarterback who hasn't played a game in two years. What would you do if you were playing the 3rd string QB? Let him throw.
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    I think Raheems a good coach and is great with the defense, BUT, he out-thought himself this game. He went away from what we did in the first two games, never adjusted, and it hurt. It's not all on him, but the idea of doing "max drops" with a rookie LB converted to safety (Grimm), was a bad idea to begin with. But hey, I might be in the minority.
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    You can't tell me that when we sent 5 or more players in a blitz, that the defense wasn't "designed" to get the QB on the ground... I saw enough blitzes yesterday that failed to get to the QB and we ended-up getting burnt. Explain that Raheem!
  • avatar

    Well, that's a little bit of a misnomer. Of course Morris wanted pressure on the QB, but he wasn't going to send a lot of blitzers to get it. Instead he would have 7 or 8 dropping in coverage to have people in position to rally up to stop the short passing attack.
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    Since when does a defensive coordinator devise a game plan the doesn't want a pass rush by design? Think this is Morris covering for his front 7.
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    That's why I'm having problems liking him as a headcoach. The other issue was free agency. They addressed the DT position, but failed to sign DE's. The ones we have are not good enough. With T-Jack's suspension, this unit is in major trouble.
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    Where was the adjustment? I guess the game was too far out of hand to make adjustments anyway.
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