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September 27, 2010 @ 8:54 am
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Expect Stroughter In The Slot More

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sammie Stroughter showed enough skills and production his rookie season to help earn him a spot in the starting lineup in 2010. The seventh-round pick caught 31 passes for 334 yards and one touchdown last year. This season as the starting flanker, Stroughter’s production has been severely down. In the first three games Stroughter only has six receptions for just 49 yards.

Head coach Raheem Morris said that Stroughter’s lack of stats could be because he may not be accustomed to playing so many snaps on Sundays.

“When you look at Sammie, he played so hard that he wore down a little bit,” said Morris. “He caught some cramps yesterday and we had to pull him off the field.”

Morris plans rectify the situation by giving Stroughter some breaks during games and putting him in the slot more on passing downs.

“Now with Rejus (Benn) on the come, you have to play him a little bit,” said Morris. “Yesterday we had Preston Parker up and some of those guys that will be able to go in and give Sammie some spells so he can be more effective in the zebra package, which we know he thrives in and makes his most production.”

Since Benn, a 2010 second-round pick, plays the flanker position and Mike Williams is entrenched as the split end, it makes sense to get him more involved in the slot because Stroughter (5’10”/189 lbs) just does not seem built to play on the outside.
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    Just so you know Morris talked on the radio as if Ronde would be around next year, but playing Safety.
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    Well thats what they did with Woodson at the end of his career , and that worked out well.
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    we need to cut loose and throw the young bucs into the deep end for those that can take it (Benn for one) and cut the deadwood. these young players need to grow up fast to mentor the next batch of rookies coming in the door. Ronde looks like this is his last season so start seeing what Myron can do at CB. when rebuilding you cant hold onto those who wont make it
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    Why not put in Benn. He is the future and Stovall is not. If we are going to go with the young guys for the good of the future they need to get Benn on the field to learn as well. The quicker they all know what it takes the quicker our team will be contenders.
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    And it took you 3 weeks to figure this out. Cut Stovall, why are we holding onto him he never healthy. Give the young guys some burn. We all know this is a rebuilding year but its fun to see them growing together like sapp,brooks, barber,and lynch did. Move up briscoe and get parker in the game more in different situations. Olson has be more creative with these guys. Freeman needs time to create, so run with blount and huggins sorry caddy but your a 3rd stringer now not enough pop. It would work out if barber was at Fs and biggers at the other cb spot. Why cant this work? Its also time for us to look for an intimidating Mlb cause Ruud is not it
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    All good thoughts, although I have heard Stovall is an excellent gunner on special teams, so I don't know about cutting him outright.
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    Yea its time for rejus to come onto the feild with the starters. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a larry fitz and anquan boldin combo with rejus as anquan and mike williams as larry fitz and with josh freeman progressing that would be a very deadly combo....anyone agree???
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