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September 27, 2010 @ 2:54 pm
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Bucs To Look At Free Agent Safeties

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Bucs head coach Raheem Morris said the team would look at free agent safeties over the bye week. Tampa Bay has an open roster spot after starting free safety Tanard Jackson was suspended for the season last week. Replacing Jackson in the starting lineup was rookie seventh-round pick Cody Grimm.

Against the Steelers on Sunday Grimm allowed a 46-yard touchdown reception to Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace. Grimm had six tackles in his first NFL start. Morris said that after watching the game tape of the Bucs 38-13 loss that Grimm played well aside from the catch by Wallace.

“We continually evaluate the market and what’s there and we’ll bring people in for workouts,” said Morris. “We’ll look at free safety as far as workout things of that nature. We got to get it going with Cody. I’m telling you if you go watch the tape after that first play which is probably rookie jitters. I’m not going to give any excuse and Cody wouldn’t want one, but he played really well. He tackled well. He got that guy out of bounds on that last play of a long run, which could have been disastrous as a touchdown. It was a good job by him. He had no busts. He played as sharp a game for a rookie as I’ve seen. That’s saying a lot. He played better than Tanard played in his first game out in Seattle. He’s promising. I’m not saying he’s Tanard Jackson yet, but we’ll just have to go out there and play football.”

One available veteran to sign is former Buccaneer safety Kalvin Pearson. He played for Morris in Tampa Bay, and for defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake with the Detroit Lions in 2008.

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    I think we need to give Grimm move than one game to show what he can do.
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    Kalvin Pearson really, he's 31, never had an interception in his career and has only 7 passes defensed. Cripes put me out there.
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    Lions released S Kalvin Pearson. Pearson, 31, was due just over $600,000 in salary, but offered no upside and limited ability on defense. He may resurface as a gunner elsewhere. Rotoworld.com
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    Maybe Grimm will be ok at supporting the run, but I see no reason for Lynch, or Sabby to be in their on passing downs unless they are in nickel. If they aren't put Biggers out there.
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    Don't get the whole Grimm thing. Saw him in camp and couldn't believe we drafted him. Dcent special team guy, but that's it. Lynch and Sabby are best we've got. If Raheem won't use Sabby, trade him, cut him, whatever, but putting Grimm in when you've got an experienced guy doesn't make sense. The whole "Dog House " crap is old school. Can see it raining TD's against Cinci with TO and Ocho going over the top of this secondary..... Need someone to be a head hunter the way J. Lynch was and at least have the athleticism to keep up with top WR's in the league. Grimm isn't that guy.
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    Completely agree. Grimm is a guy you start at the end of the year when you know you won't make the playoffs to see what he's got. He's a 7th rounder for a reason, no offense to him. SabbyLynch rotation. If Sabby is the best we have, then he needs to play. If nothing else, he can improve his stock for another team.
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    I don't think it's necessary or wise to bring in another safety. I like our group as it is and agree with Coach Morris that Grimm will get better. Morris and Lake are damn good DB coaches and ought to know.
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    Sabby had the last quarter of 2008 and all of 2009 to impress as a safety. Grimm had one game. I think the best solution is continue to start Grimm and sprinkle in Lynch occasionally throughout the game. Maybe give Lynch 25% of the snaps. If Morris believes in Grimm that much he deserves more games to prove himself. Grimm looked like a superb player from what I saw in training camp. I think Lynch can be good too, but I think Grimm has good instincts while Lynch has better athletism. Sabby still sucks and is best left on special teams.------Oh, and the available FA's suck, including Pearson. He is another guy that is best left on special teams. He was part of the reason the Lions never won a game that year.
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    Leaving in Grimm against the Bengals and Saints is a HUGE mistake. They will find ways to take advantage of him. I agree sometimes you have to learn on the fly, but damn, that's rough. Morris is going to have to rotate that position with Sabby and Lynch.
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    I don't think UFL players can sign with the NFL while under contract.
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    jermaine phillips isnt a bad idea he is in the ufl right now - http://football.blogdig.net/archives/articles/September2010/26/Kevin_Jones__Jermaine_Phillips_Join_The_UFL.html
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    I agree with a Sabby and Lynch rotation. Sabby has size and speed, but lacks instincts. Lynch has instincts at least. Grimm just looked lost a lot of the time.
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    I'm confused about Raheem's evaluation of Grimm's play. Outside of grossly misplaying the first touchdown, he went on to miss several tackles especially in the first half. Batch ran right by him on his CAREER LONG 24 yard scramble and he was caught in no man's land on Ward's TD reception. To say he "forced" Mendenhall out of bounds on that one run is pretty generous as well. Grimm did make some plays and did have a better second half but as a former linebacker he clearly lacks the ball skills you need to be a free safety in this league. Sabby showed last year that he doesn't have much ball skills either though his experience would help him out there. Kalvin Pearson doesn't excite me much if we were to bring him in. I'd rather see a rotation with Lynch being brought in on passing downs. After all, he had 24 ints in college and led us in the preseason with two. There isn't one player who will be able to fulfill Tanard's shoes and we shouldn't try to. A rotation makes the most sense, at the very least until a consistent player emerges.
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