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September 28, 2010 @ 6:44 am
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Morris Talks Bye Week

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got shellacked 38-13 by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, the team is still 2-1 and that is better than most people predicted.

The Bucs will have to wait a little longer for a shot at their third win because Week 4 is a bye week for them. Head coach Raheem Morris is going to use the time to bring his team closer together.

“This week, the bye week, is about us,” said Morris. “It’s just us getting together and doing what we need to do as far as us playing on the same page. Not that we haven’t been on the same page, but we need to get speed back and get these guys back out here and going with some nice, live bullets against each other with helmets on. It’ll be like an OTA day format.”

Morris also said that his main concern is getting his players healthy enough so that they can play on game days.

“Anybody who has any [injuries] you hold them and take it easy on those guys and let those guys make it through,” said Morris. “It’s about getting these guys to Sundays and as many Sundays as you can get them to. We want to condition this week so we can be in the best shape of our lives and maintain that throughout. You want to lift weights and stay strong and fit, but we will get those guys ready to go and we will get ready for this long stretch that we do have after the bye.”
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    This is not a team in contention for the SB.......yet. This is a team competing for respect, and sorting out the players. There is no reason for panic. The Pittsburgh game won't be the last loss, and the Carolina game won't be the last win. Freeman is impressive. Caddy isn't, but Huggins and Blount upgrade the position. This is a team in transition, and there is a lot of talent waiting in the wings. Watch and enjoy the progress being made. It might even be enough to get a wild card. Better teams are going to beat us. By the end of the season, fewer teams will fit that description.
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    "THis week will be like OTA's" Please no! Practice today and thursday in pads. You don't have pound each other, but do things in pads. Give them Friday, Saturday, Sunday off; then it's back to work. How long do we have to wait for some of these guys to get healthy? Our next three games are going to be rough. Cincinnati will pass on us big time. Why put Sabyy in because we know he is slow. We better blitz Palmer. Send Hayeson the pass rush because he is to small to stop a runner head on. Go Bucs! Play Harder! You have to if you want to be competitive.
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    Hey, I don't understand why K. Moore is still starting either, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a good reason to start him the first 3 games of the season. The same goes for Cadillac, Barber and some of these other guys. When other guys like Crowder, Bennett, Blount and others consistently outperform the starters on Wednesday through Friday, Morris will start to play them on Sundays. Bennett still doesn't know the playbook and perhaps Moore is better against the run than Crowder. Nobody tracks how many tackles DE's make, just sacks. I bet nobody here even has a number in their head how many tackles is good enough for DE: 25, 45, 65?-------My only point is Morris has shown more than any coach in the league in my opinion, to dump what isn't working and go with what he thinks will lead to more wins. I think we'll see who the best players really are against the Bengals. Another way to say this is if you saw Grimm give up 2 or 3 big plays last Sunday, Lynch or Sabby would have given up 3 or 4 in one way or another.
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    Geez guys one loss and everybody is scared now. It seems like some of you guys are more afraid for Raheem than he is for himself. This is the NFL and teams are gonna have good weeks and bad weeks. On this occasion the steelers looked like the better team but I also believe we played bad. When Mike Williams fumbled and then on the very nex play they score from a fluke TD that should be have been pick #2 in the game for Talib. Yes, Barber is old and has lost a step but he is still our most experienced DB and he has played pretty damn good the past 3 games. However I do believe he should be a 3rd corner all the time on nickel defense.. Cody Grimm had his 1st game as a rookie and didn't look that bad to me. As far as I'm concerned Sabby looked WAY WORSE on his first start against Dallas last year. Talk about blown coverage!! And yes our team has weaknesses but what team usally doesn't have a weakness. We are trying to build but at the moment, I think our biggest weaknesses on the team are at C, OG, and DE primarily. WE don't have the good pass rush on the outside and Faine and Davin Joseph never show me anything impressive from the O-line stand point. Never once was I ever like ooh Faine or Joseph go a piece of that guy!! It just sucks. This O-line should be at its best but apparently thats not the case and it needs to change next year in order to build for our 23 yr old quarterback who is and will be a stud in the nfl for years to come.
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    Maybe he's afraid to lose the lockeroom if he pulls out the favorites.
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    Use it to put Sabby back in and get Blount and Huggins more carries. Oh, and remember how to call a blitz again.
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    After the kumbaya, maybe Morris should look at playing the best players, instead of "his guys" like Caddilac, Kyle Moore, Barber and Grimm. If these are the best we have their respective positions, God help us!
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    I don't get starting Moore at all, Crowder should start and put Bennett in there too, Moore has done nothing. Caddy hasn't gotten it done, so he needs to be demoted and Sammie is a slot receiver, put him where he belongs and put Benn in there. While we are at it, why not platoon the MLB position and take "How does my a** taste" Ruud out on running plays. I swear on every tackle he's got his nose buried in the runners a**hole. I should call him "Brown Nose".
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    Morris, Maybe you should form a circle, hold hands and sing Kumbaya, that would probably bring you together as a team? What are you talking about? Crazy comments like this make me think that you are starting to panic and don't know what to do....why don't you practice more punting from the 36 yard line on 4th down? You said you wanted them to gain experience in forcing a 3 and out and getting the ball back? Isn't that their job on every series? Sometimes you are just full of crap....did you learn that from Gruden?
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    Huh? You guys definately earn your money at PR trying to decifer the Morris Code. I bet you guys clean up the quotes before posting them.
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