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September 29, 2010 @ 11:10 am
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Morris: Unfair To Judge Grimm On One Game

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Bucs head coach Raheem Morris defended the play of rookie safety Cody Grimm on Wednesday. Morris said it would be unfair to judge him off one game and that Grimm would get his second NFL start against Cincinnati after the bye week.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris defended the play of rookie free safety Cody Grimm on Wednesday. Morris said that Grimm was assignment sound for the most part outside of the touchdown pass he gave up to Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace in the first quarter of last week's 38-13 loss to the Steelers.

Morris indicated that the team would not sign another safety and that Grimm would get his second NFL start against Cincinnati after the Bucs' bye week. Read what Morris had to say in Scott Reynolds' article for FoxSportsFlorida.com by clicking here.
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    I dont judge Grimm on his first start in the NFL. I do however judge the coaching decision to stark an all out rookie instead of Sabby. Not that Sabby is all that great but he should have been the logical choice.
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    I don’t judge a rookie former college linebacker 7th round pick for one game or bad play(s); I do however, curse out Tanard Jackson for them.
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    I think other than the first TD he gave up, Grimm played decent. He did get that huge 4th and 1 stop which was nice. With that said, I'd like to see him start at SS, not FS. I think he can handle covering RBS and TEs as SS, but at FS he is going to continue to get burnt by WRs like Terrell OWens and Ocho Cinco.
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    That is the GAYEST picture ever PR.
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    You're right, it's not fair to judge Grimm on one game, but it is fair to question the coaching move. Give him spot duty to get acclimated, don't just stick him in the whole time.
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    here's a joke from sabby's girlfriend: when asked why she broke up with him, she said "i really didn't like the angle of the dangle".........................adam from the zoo
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    grimm is just not ready...hence the bottom of the draft before he was picked....he was lucky to even make the team, yet he is prepared to be thrown into the fire versus ultra experienced receivers like ocho and TO??...i think not...they need a heavy mix and rotation out there to cover this season long hole...sabatino piscasmelly would even be a better fit...even though he's the type of guy if asked to tackle the goal post he would miss due to taking a bad angle....adam from ny
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    If Grimm was faster he would be a great player. He got stuck in a bad position on that TD pass, he should of turned his body. But oh well he's a rookie, what do you expect from his first start in the NFL. He got six tackles which is pretty good for a safety. Better then Sean Jones, who need's to step it up.
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    The one play was obviously not the outcome we wanted, but he was in position to make the play and Batch had time to throw the best pass of his entire career. On a few other plays Grimm was just a tad slow to react. All in all, I don't think it was that bad for a 7th rounders first start. Let's see if he improves before writing Grimm off so quickly.
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    Good for Morris on making a decision to stick with the FS he feels gives his team the best chance to win against the Bengals. I would have rathered he made this decision after two more weeks of practice though. However, knowing Morris if he doesn't like what he sees out of Grimm over the next two weeks he will start someone in place of him. I really don't think Morris has favorities. He's under too much scrutiny to just play his favorites. He has to win this year.
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    Gonna rain TD's.......
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    Don't think for a second that the Bengals OC is finding creative ways to get T.O. and Ocho vertical against Grimm. I hope he's a quick study.
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    I didn't think Grimm looked terrible during his first start, I see a lot of fans attacking him just for the loss to the steelers. I watched the entire game sunday and it was the entire defense that looked a little lack luster, he just happened to make a rookie mistake. Talib gave up a massive touchdown that Wallace came up with, but I don't see any comments directed at him, and he's one of the best corners in the South I'd say. The defense and offense, I think, will rebound after the bye. Palmer is washed up, and they refuse to run Bart Scott who has way more potential then Benson.
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    Hmmm. He is going to get a 2nd start ? I wonder what Cincinnatti is thinking right now when looking at tape ? Ithink they might throw his way. I hope he gets some help.
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