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October 4, 2010 @ 12:43 pm
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Price, Bennett To Receive More Playing Time

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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After the Buccaneers defense allowed 387 yards and 31 points to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense in Week 3, Bucs head coach and defensive coordinator Raheem Morris is looking to make some changes along the defensive line. While the Bucs defense had a rough game against Pittsburgh, one of the players that stood out for the right reasons was rookie defensive tackle Brian Price. Based on that performance Morris was asked if he sees the second-round pick getting playing time over veteran Ryan Sims and starting nose tackle Roy Miller.

“I really do. I don’t know about over Roy. He’s our starting nose tackle,” said Morris. “Price has a role. He’s kind of that third down rusher. Price goes in there and spells Roy. On first and second down he creates that different type of element of speed. He creates different mismatches for the center. If those two guys can get their snaps somewhat equal, or how the game dictates and how the plays out we’d like to see more of Price, but he is one of those young ascending dynamic players that really got his feet wet at the beginning of the season.

“He fought through the injury all offseason. He’s starting to get healthy. He’s starting to get back to where he can play numerous amounts of plays, and get used to this Tampa heat. All of those things are starting to happen. He is another one of those young exciting players that we like to talk about.”

Another young defensive lineman that Morris envisions using is defensive end Michael Bennett. The second-year pro was inactive for the first three games of the season. Bennett’s two sacks were the only sacks from a Bucs defensive lineman in the preseason.  With Tampa Bay’s front four struggling to rush the passer, Bennett will get a look against Cincinnati. With Bennett suiting up either defensive end Kyle Moore or Sims will be inactive.

“Michael Bennett is certainly looking forward to getting a helmet this week, and he’s certainly going to have an opportunity too. I don’t want to tell the Bengals,” said Morris. “He certainly is looking forward to going out there and practicing very hard this week, like he has the first three weeks of this season.”

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    about time......Bennett needs to be out there....and we need to see a lot more of Price......maybe run Miller,Price and McCoy out there with Benett or Crowder and blitz Hayes or Black......or....those 3 same tackles with Black blitzing late from end.....we could use just Hayes and Rudd along with Talib Barber and Biggers at cb and Lynch and Brown at safty...a 4 -2-5......why not we need something without good pass rushing des.
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    lets get it right boys, put the best in and let da rest watch
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    JBubble- How is your double digit sack prediction for Stlyz White doing?-lol On another note I have said repeatedly that we have the worst pass rush in football and we have to address the DE position with at least 4 picks next yr
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    I think he was saying that Stylez is double jointed, not that he'll get double digit sacks?
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    I really hope they sit Sims before Moore, I think Moore is better against the run than Sims. That's the only upside I see to him though. I have been waiting for them to bring out Bennett every week and every week disappointed that I see him on the bench. I think you will see a hungry team this week after the Batch of whhoop*ss they got last time. I try to be optimistic, I love my team and see them headed in the right direction. Very tired of the fair weather fans! I truly hope they don't hire Cowher. I think that would be a huge setback with the scheme he will want to run "3-4". Also a new coach means more time learning and adjusting. Just give Raheem the time he deserves, if we go 2-14 then heads should roll but it will be a longer process in the end I think. I think this team plays hard for Raheem and they just need time to get on the same page. A win over the Bengals goes a long way towards proving it. I still think Caddi is going to break loose, some holding calls have made his YPC drop. I like the mix of Blount ,Caddi & Huggins though. Caddi in the 4th quarter after Huggins & Blount have the other teams tongue hanging out. I guess we will see what the results are soon enough, Go Bucs!
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    I have no problem with seeing K. Moore benched if the guys behind him have proven to be better, but benching Roy Miller because he's not getting sacks makes no sense. He was drafted to be a run stopping DT when we were planning on running Bates scheme. Outside of that second half against the Steelers Miller has proven to be a great run stopper this year and most of last year. Sacks aren't everything, especially with DT's. Miller had about 50 tackles and 2 sacks as a backup last year. That's phenominal for a rookie DT. I love Price and I want to see him on the field a lot also (maybe he can spell McCoy occasionally) but Miller needs to be in on obvious run situations. I mean, we're 2 weeks removed from basically shutting down the Carolina run game! Let's tweak things a bit as the players develop, but I don't want to see any major changes at DT. I like how the players are performing so far given their experience and how much is being asked of them scheme-wise.
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    And Tim Crowder please. I'm sick of starting two player's in Roy Miller and Kyle Moore who do absolutley nothing. If you are playing DE and the DT is getting double teamed, You gotta get the sack and they just arent doing it.
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    There's likely some type of doghouse issue that kept Bennett down, but now that Moore has proven nothing with plenty of opportunity, Bennett comes out of the doghouse and gets a bone. If twenty thousand fans have noticed it, you would have to think the coaches did too.
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    PR article a few weeks back had an interview the the D-line coach and he basicly said that while Bennett was probably thier most atheltic and exciting DE, he was having a hard time with the play book. It explained how he is out of position quite often and doesn't always hit the gap he is suppose to hit, which makes him a liability. No doghouse. Just a young guy that is trying to learn the game and earn the coaches trust.
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    Not sure why they think Kyle Moore deserves a spot...he must be doing something in practice. But when the game comes on, Moore just disappears. Bennett seems to be a gamer. Time to stop fiddle faddling with non-productive, zero impact players like Moore. Bennet earned the right to play more, IMO. As for Price, well...he needs to go out and dominate. He was a projected 1st round, high first round talent.
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