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October 4, 2010 @ 9:55 am
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Bucs Ready To Unleash Huggins And Blount

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers spent their bye week getting running backs Kareem Huggins and LeGarrette Blount up to speed so that they can contribute on offense.
Through the first quarter of the 2010 NFL season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked No. 20 in rushing offense. If you add in the fact that the Bucs have only played three games while most of the NFL has played four, then you might not think that is a bad ranking.

However, things are not always what they appear. Starting running back Cadillac Williams has just 139 yards thus far and is averaging a mere 2.5 yards per carry. Fullback Earnest Graham has just 24 yards on 11 carries (2.2 avg.) and has coughed it up once. Things have been so bad in the backfield that quarterback Josh Freeman appears to be the team’s best weapon in the ground game with 92 yards on 12 carries (7.7 avg.)

During their early bye week the Bucs’ coaching staff tried to rectify the problems with their rushing offense and it starts with getting second-year pro Kareem Huggins healthy and rookie LeGarrette Blount caught up with the playbook.

“Hopefully we get Kareem back this week off the injury bug and LeGarrette has earned the right to have a helmet on at least so that will definitely be a part of the talks this week,” said head coach Raheem Morris. “So we will be fired up to see these guys play. We will be fired up to get them their touches and runs and these guys are forming their roles so to speak.”

While Blount saw his first NFL action and gained 27 yards and one touchdown in Week 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Huggins has been out dealing with injuries. After leading the Bucs in rushing during the preseason with 134 yards on 25 carries (5.4 avg.), Huggins has been inactive the past two games with a groin injury. He saw some action in Week 1 against the Browns, but did not receive a single carry. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson says the Huggins will be used to help keep Williams fresh during games.

“He’s a great change-of-pace back for us,” said Olson. “He’s got great speed – legitimate speed – I think we all witnessed that in preseason, but it will be nice to have him back and get a chance to see what he can do because we have not got the chance to see it in a regular season game… He’ll be able spell Cadillac and give Cadillac that rest that we think he needs.”

While he is anxious to see some of the electric ability that Huggins possesses and the bruising power of Blount, Morris does not want to force those players into any situations. He wants to see what they can do during the course of the game as things unfold.

“We know Kareem showed some dynamic speed that we'd like to see come alive in the season for us that we have not seen yet, which is going to be fun, but we will put those guys out there and let them go,” said Morris. “You don’t want to dictate what they are going to do. Let the game come to those guys.”

Right now, Williams is averaging 18.3 carries per contest. Olson knows that his 28-year-old halfback cannot keep getting that many touches and expect to hold up over a full season. During the bye week, Olson and his staff worked on getting Huggins and Blount up to speed with everything so that they can be ready to help take some of the pressure off Williams during crucial moments.

“Particularly in our case where we have Cadillac Williams who had two major knee surgeries, rehabbed, and has done a tremendous job of coming back as a player, but at this point in his career he is a guy that needs the rest,” said Olson. “I think the younger the player, the easier it is to hand them the ball on a carry. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of trust in Cadillac to get lined up correctly, to know the blitz checks, to know his protection assignment, and so there is some trust factor there as well that Kareem and LeGarrette are earning with us right now. So, we need to get Cadillac a rest and make sure he is fresh when he is in the game.”

Now that Morris has three capable running backs in Williams, Huggins, and Blount, he has to find a way to distribute the ball amongst his backs. One thing what Morris will not be doing is using the 2-2-1 rotation that he started the season with last year for Williams, former running back Derrick Ward, and Graham.

“We dictate the game on what we want to do with our openers then usually somebody steps out the box and becomes the hot guy and we’ll just have to see what is going on with the game, and tempo, and pace of what we want to do,” said Morris. “And who knows, we are still young. Those are still two young players we are talking about in LeGarrette Blount and Kareem Huggins. Neither one of them have played in a full-time aspect for us in game. It’s two young players in two different roles and they are just trying to help their team win.”
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  • avatar

    Big Bad Blount and the Huggy Buc should be running hard this coming weekend....we should park the caddy and see what our young wheels have to offer! Triple B and Huggy B should do their thing!!!!
  • avatar

    O-line does shoddy run blocking. It's that simple.
  • avatar

    Every single ex-RB says a great RB does not need a great line. I thought it was the O-Line last year, but now I am not so sure. I think it is time for "HUGGY BEAR & THE BLOUNT!!!"
  • avatar

    i ready 4 this running game to get off the ground, bring on huggy
  • avatar

    Caddy is the glue that will hold that backfield together. He does a LOT of the intangibles required for a running back, and that includes protecting "5"...and he can teach the young guys the ropes. That being said Huggy and Blount should get more carries on pure running downs. That may tip our hat on passing downs, but if effective in the run game the opposing defense should never know when the pass is coming off effective PA. Huggy would be explosive on screen plays and checkdowns, caddy will eventually get a good run without getting a holding call to negate it, and Blount will take the game over in the 4th quarter. It kind of reminds me of the Dunn/Alstott dynamic (but obviously with three backs). The Earth/Wind/Fire thing is overused and overrated. IF EFFECTIVE, we can't start stealing from past teams, COME 'ON MAN!
  • avatar

    The glue? Yeah his feet are superglued behind the line and gets tackled there. Get real.
  • avatar

    Either the O line isn't blocking or the backs aren't seeing the holes... Miami looked great on the ground last night with Brown and Williams both getting good yards consistently.... Caddy has gotten crushed behind the line more than a few times, long runs get called back...EG isn't getting yards either... Blount had a few carries and got some great yards, let's see what he can do with a full game... need Huggins to get regular touches.... running game looks very stale.... Still trying to identify an identity on offense......
  • avatar

    I would think Hggins is wind to blow past someone.Blount is fire and Williams is earth because hes a balanced back. Whatever, but does anyone know the REAL 40 time for kareem huggins? (combine or proda,ect...). Theres a video on youtube but dont know if its legit. Whatever it is im exited.
  • avatar

    They claim he runs a 4.3.
  • avatar

    I agree Caddy has seen his time. He is still serviceable just not a starter. Let the youngs loose and lets see what they can bring to the table.
  • avatar

    Huggins and blount.. the fast and the furious
  • avatar

    l don't think much will change. Raheem is full of hot air. Im a fan, but he talks a heck of a lot without saying much. I really hope im wrong but for some reason i dont think we'll get much other than excuses after the game of why he was unable to get these guys in...
  • avatar

    JDouble: Are you suggesting that we keep any planned changes a secret? I guess you don't think like a lot of our fellow posters who seem to think the Bucs should post the practice sessions on Youtube, announce the starting lineup in tomorrows newspaper and list the first 20 plays we plan to run on the Pewter Report message board just so they can stay informed and make critical remarks. While their at it why not send Mel Kiper their player evaluations for the 2011 draft.
  • avatar

    I think this is all talk so the Bengals have no idea what to expect. In reality, I think Blount and huggins get more carries than Caddie this Sunday. I think Moore will be inactive, with Crowder and Bennett taking his snaps. I think Price will be in on more than 50% of the defensive plays, and i think Benn will be too.
  • avatar

    Coach Morris, how would you characterizer your coaching philosophy? "Well I will never force players into SITUATIONS (God forbid), but let them develop and see what they can do as the game unfolds." Oh so to paraphrase, you just wing it and put players in the game on a whim, while never really committing to anything and hope that you'll get lucky?
  • avatar

    Hey Morris, Next time you unleash someone, remember to unmuzzle them too.
  • avatar

    Hey Morris, Don't hurt anybody's feelings ok?
  • avatar

    "Well we're not starting Benn and we're not starting Price and we're not starting Bennett and we're not starting Blount and we're not starting Huggins, but we're really shaking things up and making changes that will be exciting!"
  • avatar

    Well, what I heard is that Morris isn't really shaking things up the way it first sounded. K&B will see a few plays and maybe a few touches, but it's still the Caddy logging the highway miles. Crap.
  • avatar

    I think if used right these 3 can be our version of what the Giants used to have: Earth, Wind and Fire. I hate to use another team's term (especially the Giants) but that was one of the cooler nicknames either for an individual or group that I've heard in recent years. In our case Blount would be Earth, Caddy would be wind and Huggins would be fire. Huggins would get fire over wind because Huggins is the most likely to burn somebody in the open field.
  • avatar

    I hope this goes better than when Morris, "unleashed" the Bucs in the second half of the Pittsburgh game.
  • avatar

    You are exactly right, the unleashing will be similar.
  • avatar

    Sounds like a cop show - Huggins and Blount. Kind of like Tango and Cash. LOL Looking forward to it...
  • avatar

    It's time to move away from Caddy and to the new blood. It's admirable what Caddy has done in his comeback but less than three yards a carry simply can't get it done in this league.
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