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October 4, 2010 @ 10:17 am
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Talib, Bucs Preparing For Double Trouble

Written by Scott
Bucs CB Aqib Talib had his second INT vs. Pittsburgh. Photo by Cliff Welch/PR
Bucs CB Aqib Talib had his second INT vs. Pittsburgh. Photo by Cliff Welch/PR
Scott Reynolds


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The dynamic duo of Bengals WRs Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco will present problems for the Bucs secondary. Tampa Bay's biggest concern? Star CB Aqib Talib can only cover one of them at a time.
Although the presence of running back Cedric Benson has given Cincinnati's offense balance, the Bengals still have a dangerous passing game that features quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, who was signed as a free agent this year. Owens exploded for 10 catches for 222 yards, including a 78-yard touchdown in Cincinnati's 23-20 loss to Cleveland on Sunday.

Faced with the prospects of playing two top-notch receivers, Bucs head coach Raheem Morris has a dilemma. Which receiver will he assign cornerback Aqib Talib, who is tied for the team lead with two interceptions this year, to cover on Sunday as the 2-1 Bucs travel to face the Bengals?

Read what Morris said about Talib, Owens and Ochocinco on Monday in Scott Reynolds' story on FoxSportsFlorida.com by clicking here.
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    Hey Morris, please, please do not "UNLEASH" the defense, we have seen what that accomplishes...ha ha ha. With a defense as young as this, how about having everyone stay in their position and play their position correctly without shifting them all over the place (e.g. McCoy is the Undertackle, not the DE, or NT...get it?). Maybe if they get experience at one position then they'll actually get better at playing it, instead of trying to make everyone a jack of all trades and master of none. Dumb*ss.
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    Buctebow this is a 2-1 team and the one loss came against what is widely considered to be the best team in football. What are you so upset about? Why doesn't it feel like we're winners around here?
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    You can only do so much with matchups, we have the players we have. If the DB's can finally decide to really stay in position (e.g. Safetys actually stay over the top!), then the damage will be moderate and not catastrophic. The Bengals are not that good, that we can't beat them with fundamental bend but not break football. Just do your job and don't try to be a freaking hero on every play.
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    I think if the Browns was able to pull out a win against the Bengals....why can't we! Our young DBs have got to get the experience and build confidence for these types of games. Let'em do what they do!
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    I also like the idea of putting Talib on T.O. The guy is inches away from being the 2nd most productive WR of all time stat wise. That's who you put your best CB on. However, I say we put Barber on Ochocinco. I've been paying attention and he's never really been productive against Barber. The first time I noticed it was the last time Barber made the Pro Bowl he was matched up against Ocho. Barber made some amazing deflections against him and basically shut him down. -----------The next time was in 2006. Ocho was talking a lot of smack every week before a game, but he was really humble before the Bucs. I remember reading him saying before that week, "I've been watching film on Barber...he's smart, real smart". That game Barber shut down Ocho and it was one of the few games we one that year. If Biggers can stay glued to Shipley's hip (he may be pissed we didn't draft him afters showing so much interest) we should pull out a win.
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    barber cannot play fs
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    I wonder why the possibility of Barber playing FS is not being discussed at all. I kind of like the notion of starting Biggers and having Barber play FS. We know Barber can ball hawk back there and we certainly know he can come into the box and stop the run. That's more than we can say for Lynch, Grimm and Sabby who are 1 dimensional, too green and no dimensional respectively. In nickel situations, we put Barber in his customary nickel spot and bring in the best cover safety we have, Lynch, to play FS. I don't necessarily fault Morris for starting Grimm last game. Seemed like the best option given that Batch was QB. But this is a different game, requiring some different moves in the secondary to go along with the changes in the d-line.
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    belucid, I am going to guess that Barber only has so much in him at this stage of his career and it is a long season. Also he has to be a big banger at safety and his body may not be able to take it. Another reason might be is that we want the younger guys to play and gain that experience for the next season when we might be more competitive.
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    I would be less concerned about getting two medicore RB's that nobody but us wanted ready, and be alot more concerned about putting a real rush on Palmer or we will be chewed up and spit out just like what happened to us with the Steelers. I am more than anoyed that this bye week was taken so lightly to try to get some new team members ready to play. Why didn't we play with pads on? You know right now this is giving me flash backs to Williamson when he was the head coach for a short time in the 1980's? Every week we have a new face that all of a sudden is going to be our star performer and take us to a win. It's all done in the trenches and right now all we have on the DL and OL is mountains in front of us! Go BucS! Play hader!
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    Horse: I didn't read anything that said they didn't wear pads in a few of the practices. I think the reference to being like OTA was the teaching aspect with the young players.
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    This is a horrible match up for the Bucs. Our secondary can not hang with these guys, especially with a d line that can't get to the qb quickly. Does Ochocinco still send gifts to the db's he is about to face? Remember, like pepto bismol? I want the Bucs to do well but Chad has to be licking his chops. How about a bottle of geritol for Barber (still great but only in the short range) , stick of butter for Toast Talib (burned for td's in each game he's played), dime bag for Tanard, some lube for Grimm. Nothing for the other safety because he is forgotten by all. What's his name, the guy on his 3rd or 4th team but an instant starter on the bargain basement squad? You know, doesn't really cover well but disguises it with poor tackling. Jones or something. This would be a Great game to establish a running game to keep our D off the field.
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    I agree Jdouble.
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    Talib on Owens, Biggers on Ocho, and have barber play FS for this game so they have some real help. I'm not hating on Grimm, but this isn't the team to go thru growing pains with. 10 catches for 222 yards scares the *censored* out of me.
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