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October 11, 2010 @ 11:20 am
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Faine To Miss A Few Games Due To Injury, Jones On The Mend

Written by Charlie
Campbell & Scott Reynolds
Charlie Campbell & Scott Reynolds

Campbell & Scott Reynolds

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The Bucs expect center Jeff Faine (quadriceps) to miss a few games. Strong safety Sean Jones (back) and defensive tackle Brian Price (leg) should be fine for Sunday's game against New Orleans, according to head coach Raheem Morris.

Buccaneers center Jeff Faine is going to be out for a few weeks according to head coach Raheem Morris. Faine injured his quadriceps midway through the second quarter against Cincinnati and was replaced by backup Jeremy Zuttah for the rest of the game.

“Jeff Faine we can expect to miss a few weeks here,” said Morris. “We have to get more information, it is the day after. You can expect him to be out a significant amount of time. I can give you more details as I get them.”

Faine missed four games in the 2009 season after tearing his triceps in the team's Week 1 loss to Dallas. The 6-foot-3, 291-pound center will be evaluated further and Morris said he would have an update later in the week about how many games that Faine was going to be out.

Zuttah started 21 games at guard over this first two NFL seasons in 2008-2009. The 2008 third-round pick out of Rutgers lost his starting spot at left guard to veteran Keydrick Vincent, who was signed late in the offseason. Morris and the Buccaneers went out of their way to praise the play of Zuttah (6-4, 308) against Cincinnati.

“Zuttah came out and helped us out. It was a redemption game for a lot of people,” said Morris. “It was a chance to get Sabby [Piscitelli] back. It was a chance to get Zuttah back. Zuttah was another guy that lost his position in the beginning of the season. He was able to go out there and fight through things, which we talked about last night. He jumped right out there at center and ran our offense, and won a football game for us, so we are really excited about his production and how he was able to go out there. We have a young man on the team named [Ted] Larsen, he’ll have an opportunity to get a helmet on. He’ll have an opportunity to compete. It’ll be a lot of fun to go out there and practice this week with these young guys.”

Larsen, a rookie, was signed just before the season after being cut by New England. The North Carolina State product was a fifth-round pick by the Patriots in the 2010 NFL Draft. The 6-foot-2, 305-pound Larsen is versatile enough to play both guard and center for the Bucs and excels in pass protection. Larsen grew up in the Tampa Bay area and played high school football at Palm Harbor.

Morris said that safety Sean Jones (back), defensive tackle Brian Price (leg injury), and a few other players should be fine heading into the Bucs game against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. Jones played the first snap against Cincinnati, but immediately left the field with a back injury.

“Before the game I stretched and I wasn’t really warmed up yet and I strained a muscle in my lower back, but it was nothing serious,” Jones said. “I’ll be back next week.

“I got an MRI and everything came back good. I’ll be back next week. It was just a minor muscle strain in my lower back. It was tough going out there yesterday. I was feeling stiff.”

Taking Jones place at strong safety was fourth-year pro Sabby Piscitelli. He had seven tackles and a crucial interception late in the fourth quarter to set up the Bucs' game-winning field goal. Fellow starting safety Cody Grimm also excelled against Cincinnati, returning his first career interception 11 yards for a touchdown to tie the game at 7-7 in the second quarter.

“I can’t be more happy for Cody and Sabby,” Jones said. “They went out there and did a great job. They stepped up and made big plays for us. Ultimately, they won the game for us with those big plays.”

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    Zuttah definetly looks better at Center than I thought he would. Not alot of drop off from Faine to Zuttah, except for the obvious protection issues, which we suck at anyway due to our pathetic Oline scheme. I Watched the CIN game closely to find the problems with the Oline, and the problems are more than talent related. Our Oline has fundamental technique and scheme issues which can not be overcome with any amount of talent. If Zuttah can develop and get down with the "protections" he may be a future starter there. SR did an article where he brought up all kinds of stats from the CIN game to conclude Faine is that much better than Zuttah. I've got one stat from the game. Bucs offensive points with Faine in lineup=0 Bucs offensive points with Zuttah in the lineup=17 Faine made a decent block on the 61-yard EG run, but it's obvious the defensive scheme was the catalyst for that run, not Faine's block.
  • avatar

    I thought everyone played a pretty good game. I was in Cincy and came away impressed with the BUCS. What a great finish. I really think if we can stay close in games we are capable of making the plays to win. Something I have NOT been comfortable with in a while. We need Faine, he is stable and dependable when healthy. Until someone shows than can do what he does he has my backing (for what that's worth)LOL. Sabby played a pretty solid game, everyone is talking about the play where he was hanging on, but from my view if he didn't then it was a long long gainer. NO one else was even around the runner, I thought when it happened it was a play saver, yes it looked bad and maybe when I see the play on TV I'll change my mind but if he doesn't slow the guy down....... Cody's INT was a great play. I was talking to my seat mate and said it was time for a pick six and was hoping Rhonde would get it, even better that a young guy made the play. Rhonde made some good plays as well. Several times he had key stops when things were looking grim. GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One game at a time. See you in Atlanta
  • avatar

    Don't worry, Pisspoorasmelly is just auditioning for a new job as a plow for the spring planting in South Dakota.
  • avatar

    how can u say cut faine when we have the lowest payroll and he is a leader in the locker room. we need hit look what happen to our OL last year when we didnt have him. if we cut him who are we goin to replace him with when have other holes we need to draft like running back, cornerback, safety, and defense end
  • avatar

    Wait a minute, don't mess with the Glazer's goal of not paying any player more than the veteran minimum!
  • avatar

    Is it really news when Faine is hurt? I know Pewter Report likes him because he is a quote machine but I sure see a lot of pressure coming over him and I can't remember the last time I saw him plant somebody. To me, he's an average center.
  • avatar

    Yes Faine is hurt a lot and is paid a lot of money and is not a dominating center, and has never made the pro bowl at his position, but what you need to remember is that he brings a veteran leadership to the Bucs line. Take away his leadership on that line and then where will we be? Zuttah does not have the power to really be an effective guard, but he did a decent job filling in for Faine. He was an outstanding left tackle protecting his quarterback's back at Rutgers; so he really is good at pass blocking like Faine is. If he would just bulk up and get stronger in the weight room, Zuttah could have a bright future with the Bucs. He is very bright. And I am glad Larsen will be pushing him. Larsen does not know the playbook yet probably, but otherwise, from reading his writeup in the Sporting News Draft guide whien he was drafted, he seems to have a lot of the same qualities as Zuttah but also has the negative of not having a lot of power at the point of attack. Here is my hope: that either one or the other seizes this opportunity and erases their negative and gets prepared to step up to a starter when the day comes.
  • avatar

    I am amazed that some of you think that Fain should be cut? Yes he is injured a lot, but when he is healthy he is good. The problem the way I see it is that we don't have a backup Center. Zuttah needs to be our LG right now and now has to play Center instead. Larsen seems to me to be not that big. If we draft Pouncey as our LG then Zattah can play Center and Pouncey can be a 3rd string back up at Center.
  • avatar

    It would be nice if Pouncey would learn to hike that ball before we draft him though!
  • avatar

    We should just cut faine after the season, for the amount of $$ he makes he isnt even considered as a top center in the league. The rookie Larsen is going to be a good one, if only for the reason thta the Pats drafted him and they know how to find great linemen in the draft. Also let Ruud go after the season he is not a domint MLB and dont attack the way he should. DE should be our #1 priority in the draft along with SS, RB and MLB.
  • avatar

    cRuud should go after the season, yes!
  • avatar

    I agree Garv. I don't think Faine is much of a run blocker in addition to being injury prone. I think he's good in pass pro though.----------Also, this info about S. Jones back changes everything. I thought he played very well in the Carolina game and only had one blown play against Cleveland. It didn't make since to me that Morris would bench him for ineffective play to start Sabby in his place. Getting S. Jones and Grimm as our starting safties will do a great deal to fix our run stopping problems on defense.
  • avatar

    Frankly, and far be it for ME to be negative, but the Buccaneers need to start looking at other players at C anyway. Faine is hurt too much and will not be around here much longer. It's too bad but this is the NFL and that's the reality IMO.
  • avatar

    Bad news.
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