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October 30, 2010 @ 12:39 am
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From the Cheap Seats: Morris – Master Psychologist

Written by Jason
Jason DeLaTorre


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Fan bloggers Jason De La Torre and Romando Williams will be regularly offering up their insight into their favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in their blog titled From The Cheap Seats. De La Torre is a Bucs Blogger for NFL.com’s Blog Blitz, both are long-time Pewter Report subscribers, active participants on the PewterReport.com message boards and die-hard fans that are extremely knowledgeable about the game of football. In this edition of From The Cheap Seats, De La Torre talks about coach Morris as a master football psychologist.

You almost got me, Coach Morris. I have to admit, following the Bucs thrilling 14 point comeback against the St. Louis Rams, when you said “We’re the best in the NFC, yeah, I said it,” I was right there with Deion Sanders of the NFL Network.

Deion, after seeing the clip of your postgame press conference said, “Raheem, you must have lost your dang mind.”

I was in agreement with the local fishwrap guys who were falling all over themselves to challenge you with statistical rankings and opponent records.

Then, like the flaming bush to Moses, an epiphany hit and I instantly realized what you were doing.

You are one sly devil, Raheem Morris.

For those still bewildered, let me clue you in on what I think I know. I think Coach Rah knew exactly what he was doing when he proclaimed his Buccaneers the best in the NFC.

He knew for the first time this season, the NFL media would take notice of what’s going on down here in Tampa. He knew it would get those talking heads mentioning Tampa Bay in the same breath as the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons, even if it had a negative connotation.

He knew his young team was starting to feel pretty good about itself and needed a big time dose of what the rest of the world truly thinks of them.

Like a master psychologist, he threw the comment out there because he knew it would be challenged. He knew the wags would fight among each other for who would be the first to call Raheem a dreamer.

He knew he’d be able to go to his football team and say, “You see – even after all you’ve already accomplished this season they still don’t believe in you. Let’s shove our success down their throats and make them eat their words.”

He also knew this football team may not quite know what to make of themselves. He knew they needed a belief that this isn’t some kind of fluke. This hasn’t been done with smoke and mirrors and yes, they just might be the best team in the NFC. If you want to get to that level you first have to get the belief that you can achieve it.

At the same time, you’re also letting a skeptical fanbase that masqueraded as 30,000 empty seats at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday know that while they may not have been happy with the move to rebuild, you better jump on board or you might miss something pretty darn special this year.

Whether the Bucs finish as the best team in the NFC, falter and fade, or simply round out a decent season a year or two ahead of the rebuilding schedule – Morris chose this moment to get his message across to the media, the fans, and his young football team.

I like it.

You got the rest of them, coach Rah, but you didn’t get me.

Stay thirsty for Bucs football, my friends.
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    I posted something similar a day or so after the comment was made... (pasted below). I think what people miss in Morris's communications is the content and tend to just focus on the delivery. Which, in the end makes the listener/poster sound foolish - because they often miss the point. (Here's the previous post) Coach Morris is clearly all about the Buccaneers. No excuses. Everyone else does not matter. and the Bottom line (IMO) If you don’t believe in what you do, you will eventually fail. Pretty simple overall. Coach Morris believes in his team and it’s pretty obvious they believe in him too. Fans will eventually come around with wins and a better economic situation. This team plays hard, united and deserve some praise for standing up late in the game on Sunday. Coach Morris gave them that, but also upped the ante. That comment was directed specifically at the players, not for us fans. and a plus is…most talking heads are already all over the comment… and will continue to discuss … (Frankly, I’m tired of the ‘under-the-radar’ routine. I want the Bucs to become that team that no matter what you do, they are going to play their game and smash you in the mouth…) Now the question is … will the team respond and play to their talent (albeit young) level more consistently? We’re going to find out… [b]it’s almost a genius comment… almost, and I would not be surprised if it were premeditated (cleared through Grella, etc.)[/b] Regardless, I’m really looking forward to each and every game this year. Probably a little more now because of the comment @ ARZ. All indicators are pointing upward. Go Bucs.
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    Nice article.
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    This is exactly what I said via a text message to a friend of mine after the game after he texted me what Morris said. I replied, "Morris doesn't really think that. He's just trying to stir up some media attention for the Bucs". The Bucs certainly deserve some attention and respect. I guess they need the attention before they get the respect. The game against Arizona will certainly be heavily scrutinized now. I love it!
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    I didn't analyze it. I just loved the chutzpah. It certainly got attention and started who knows how many threads around the country. In the end, its in your face ballsy and I love it. Thanks Rah. And may all our dreams come true....in the meantime, Eat this NFL!!!
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    Ryan you are right about the faster start. The other thing is - adjustments need do be done before half time. This team could get behind too far to come back if the corrections are not made sooner.
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    I think Coach Rah has done an amazing job with this team. For the most part, his coaches make good adjustments at half time. They just need to learn to start better out of the gate. Hopefully, with Blount, we have found the running game we need. With our schedule, I think this team will finish with a winning record. I'm not ready to say playoffs yet, but what an accomplishment a winning record would be. Go Bucs!
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